With a little haste, Illanoir threaded the reinforced platform of the industrial area to reach the other side where hundreds of bigger and complex tents could be seen.

Those types of area that were allocated onto a new colonized planet were referred to as the Nests. Most of the time, the Nests served as either a temporary colony and settlement or a strong foundation for the future development after the owner or the official of the planet decided to seriously dwell on the planet as the haven for a long term civilization.

Such systems were designed because there would be many civilians of lower ranks who got kicked out by their former planet, due to the rich people and the government wanting their so-called land of possession back for its planned use.

Hence why these people who live here were mostly those that were hammered with debt.

”Ah, Garn and Doros have been doing their job, ” said Illanoir with a smile that didn match his deranged gaze. Albeit, the malice itself wasn necessarily directed towards the Nests and its inhabitants.

Once again, because of the corrupt bureaucracy, the Lunar Elves distinguished their worth as the civilian of the federation, with three layers of ranks.

There are ten ranks in total. The aforementioned three layers were Lower Layer, Middle Layer, and the Upper Layer—the only layer that had four lists of ranks in contrast to the lower and middle that only had three. It was made that way to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Likewise, most of the upper section were classified from entering the eyes and ears of the lower ranks.

Starting from the bottom of the Lower Layer, was a rank called Empty, referring mostly to slaves and unemployed in exception to a family member and a person who were still in the state of marriage with a higher ranks.

The middle of the Lower Layer was a rank called Rats, referring to mostly laborers and soldiers who worked under a group or company.

The top of the Lower Layer was called Dogs, they were the lords of the Lower Layer, mostly referring to Security Officers, Executive Officers, and the likes. Although, it mostly depends on the contribution and monetary sacrifices that they made. So some people with those aforementioned positions could be held higher on the Middle Layers ranks.

Illanoir held the rank of the Rats. He could get a higher rank from the beginning but he didn feel the need to do so, mostly because of his weirdly atypical and indifferent mindset. Although he was on the verge of wanting to get a higher rank due to some annoyance, he still reserved himself until he decided to pass the line of no return.

His former peace, the garden with his beloved wood cabin under the skirt of the mountain. The government took over that land to create a heaven for the upper echelon, and leave nothing as a compensation for him as they deemed him as that of a lower life form in society.

Illanoir at that time could only drop his jaw while being dumbfounded.

Since then, he had always been asking himself. Was these Elves still his beloved kin that he once knew? Illanoir didn have a shred of sympathy for foreign races nor creatures, but his loyalty to his own kin was known no bounds. All the time, he wanted to wreak havoc due to his anger, yet his guilt against his oath had been keeping him in an unstable dormant state.

Yes, this world was beyond repair, and Illanoir was disgusted by it 24/7, but he still had his shred of dignity and patience for the ancient Elf. In fact, it was the sole reason for his lack of action to his own kin.

It was only a matter of time until his dignity was broken.

The Nests System was formed in the name of Elvenity. What a joke, these generations of Elves were trying to mimic the stupidity of humankind like there was no tomorrow.

Still trying to contain his dissatisfaction like it was breakfast for him, Illanoir had finally arrived at the front of the Executives Office before he knew it.

”Captain Illanoir, reporting in, ” he said, to the mic beside the closed doors frame.

A voice of an unsurprisingly young male was speaking through the speaker above the recorder. ”You may enter the room. ”

The creak filled the air.

Prominently brown interior and walls, with golden tendrils patterns rarely seen. The smell and the sight of bureaucracy were screaming from every angle from the entrance, and Illanoir wasn particularly fine with it.

Beyond a desk with visible stacks of papers and all sorts of life quality devices, was a male elf with a rather gorgeous appearance. Golden chest-length hair that was braided to the side. Sharp eyes and green pupils, with the same length of eyelashes as the one who was confronting him.

With not much willingness, Illanoir gave a quick salute and rested both his hands behind his waist.

e forty-five minutes late, Captain Illanoir. ”

”Ive already delivered the notice about my possible lateness. ”

”That won do. You know what would happen to the sleepy bird, right? ”

Illanoir sighed. ”Two months of pay cut. ”

”Thats right. ” Executive Zetras extended his fake smile. ”Aside from your misfortune, Ive come to deliver the result of your request. ” He then spread the document on his hand. ”It is said here that your demand to increase more automaton had been rejected. ”

”It is loud and clear like always. ”

”Next time, don do that, won you? ” The Executive rested his head on his shoulder. ”Trying to hinder your kin, wanting them to be jobless, that is really cruel, you know that? ”

Despite the mockery, Illanoir maintained his indifferent half-lidded gaze towards his superior. ”It was simply a personal conclusion that the amount of elvenpower that we possessed was not enough to make the ends meet. ”

”Why do I need to stress? We could just take a portion of the Rats wage as a consolidation for the inability. ”

The Executive stood up, slowly approaching from the detour from the desk and onto the front face of the Captain.

”I don like it. ” Zetras menacingly whispered. ”A mere Rats trying to be ambitious, you could get sued for attempting to be a rebel, you know? ” He slightly backed off, straightening his posture. ”Although, if it is an apology that you want, you can try to rent that from the manager of your department. ”

e really a piece of shit, you know that? ”

”I take that as a compliment. ” Zetras sharpened his gaze. ”Especially from those like the Rats who had an unknown access to magic. It is fun, you know? Watching you trying to teach the youngsters from the Nests about one magic or two lately. ”

”Is there any reason for you to mention such? ”

”I can report this as an act of treason against the company. ”

”Rebel this and rebel that. With all due respect, Executive Zetras Kes Kireton, you
e too paranoid. ”

”Of course Id be, nobody would not be as paranoid with someone like you under their logo. Though, I wonder, is your magic advanced enough for you to reconnect your detached limb? ”

”What if I keep my mouth closed? ”

Immediately right after, a sword of plasma was formed from the wrist of Zetras gloved hand. Thus it was swung, perfectly separating Illanoirs left hand as it toppled the floor and blood spurting from the wound.

Despite that, Illanoir didn flinch, nor did he unmask his indifferent half-lidded gaze that was latched upon his Executive Officer.

”You should be grateful for the seats at the table, a bench thats unstable. Although it dips on one end, at least you are able to pay for your future grave, no? ”

Illanoir darted his pupils to the corner ceiling of the room before sighing. ”So what do you want me to do this time? The fact that I haven been executed on the spot is enough indication that I still need to babysit your command. ”

Zetras took out a small rectangular metal container from one of his waist pouches. ”This is an exotic product that we managed to acquire through laborious paperwork. We thought that it would be proper to reward our wonderful workers with these miracle candies. ”

”Candy? You surely don jest? ”

The Executive gently inserted the candies container into Illanoirs chest pocket. ”Everyone will get their portion delivered directly to them tonight. Such astounding products shall increase the laborers morale and productivity, don you think so? ”

”Why tell me this then? ”

”There will be an excavation order by the higher brass by the next day of this planet rotation. Surely, there will be doubt amongst the fray, but with you as their trusted Captain, it will be easy to convince them of the product, no? ”

”So its just simple marketing. Who knows that the day where our superior even cares for us in the slightest will come. ” Despite the light tone Illanoir speech, he still didn change his unrelenting gaze.

”You surely jest, we
e a family after all, it is normal for one to care for another. ”

Illanoir picked up his amputated hand and carried it by the waist as he exited the room, leaving a messy trail of blood. ”I can see that you
e done yapping, Ill be going back to my post then. ”

The door was slammed with vigor.

”After all. ” Zetras ecstatically grinned. ”Theres no I in team, but theres con in economy. ”

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