Inverted Mordent Industrial God Complex

The Beginning of the Second World\'s Funeral

At the early morning of planet Emmir, Illanoir and the rest 150 of the assigned elvenpower had been gathered within one of the peculiar meeting halls with the interior of the walls coated by metals like it was meant to be a giant bunker.

Most of the elven made buildings in this planet except for the Nests and scattered around tents were actually constructed with nuclear defense in mind.

But because it was still within the manufacturing sector, moving the sound of conveyor belts and pipes could be heard pretty much in all directions.

Illanoir didn really like having to be forced to hold the briefing here, just because the supervising upper echelon wanted a solid air conditioning that was meant to counter an extreme heat for the processing of a certain special special alloy from this planet.

That aforementioned alloy was the reason for the demand of this operation.

Quick fun quiz.

What is the definition of alloy?

A.- Powerful Catalyst of the World

B.- Fancy Sugar.


C – A metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.

The clear and concise one was the obvious answer.

Those damned staffs from the Elven Resource Department, muttered Illanoir within his mind that was clouded with great disappointment. They really did disapprove of my request for extra technicians and more adept machinists. Instead, they gave me these 49 Rats who had only gone for a single tour and two educational briefings just yesterday.

In front of the 149 Lunar Elves with the status of the Rats, Illanoir stood on an improvised podium of the collapsible working platform. There, he led the briefing for the operation that would be conducted.

”To increase the production of our main superalloy. ” Illanoir, with his half-lidded eyes, darted at his pupils as it tried to seek out the upper brass on the third floor railings, watching over from above.. ”The higher ups have issued us a request to claim a mineral deposit that has been prospected for since two months ago. The reason for geological approval is because of the massive amount of Quixinite that is widely concentrated near the surface level. A perfect location for open-pit mining. ”

Quixinite is a strange and extraterrestrial mineral similar to an Uraninite but with an otherworldly touch and traits that were still in its experimentation progress.

Despite that, one of its uses as a great catalyst for superalloys has already been known by the intergalactic world of Elvenkind.

”Of course, it doesn mean that the mother nature of Emmir shall prevent us from hardships and blood that will spill on the floor. ”

This company, Riksa Inc., was one of the sole consistent Aluminum-Quixinite-predominant Alloy providers. Primarily, the mysterious and enigmatic version of the elements composition that makes up an eerie superalloy dubbed by many metallurgists as the Tonitrumin.

”The core of the mineral deposit is directly located beneath an old nest of Dunes Hell Bringers. ”

Tonitrumins potential was still so vast and vague, that even Illanoir began to facepalming time to time because of how naive the company that he was working as they never developed a clear and marketable product from it, nor did they try more variation of isotopes to make a better version of it.

”Some of you will die, but your sacrifice will greatly dictate your worth. ”

Those words were deemed normal to most of the long-time personnel, but to the new recruits, it struck doubt and anxiety because of how different it was than what was promised.

”Regardless. ” Illanoir put on a convincing fake smile. ”I assumed that all of you were rationed with a peculiar product that was distributed by the officials. Those who have the product in their possession are now allowed to consume it. ”

Likewise, Illanoir took out the candy container from his pocket. As he did so, the rest followed blindly.

Illanoir had been informed that they were implored to not open the container without an explanation from the Captain within this briefing. That alone was enough of a cue to tell what Illanoir needs to do.

Without hesitation, Illanoir flicked the yellow convex-shaped candy with his thumb, landing on his tongue as he opened his mouth at the last second before showing a big grin.

”I daresay that one or two of you might be suspicious, but these are nothing but candies to fill your insatiable bad mood. ” Illanoir crunched the hard powdered candy in-between her jaws. ”Courage and knowledge is not the only thing that drives us forward, a great moral is the thing that makes the foundation of this family.

”It wouldn be fair to not work our best, after such benevolent consideration from the top brass upon our troubling predicament, don we? ”

Many followed the cue afterwards, consuming the stimulant. Some of them were still cautious but it was soon dispersed in a single gulp of their throat. They didn have much choice, after all.

”Hmm! It tastes like lemon! ” said one from the crowd.

”Whos idea is this? Its not that shabby. ”

”Aaahh, I missed this flavor from planet Ares. ”

Despite this, Illanoir didn catch a single guilt from every word and action that came from his throat. To him, this scenario would happen sooner or later in the future instead of having the chance of not happening at all.

The three Ancestral Spirits who spectated this have confirmed their suspicion.

Illanoir didn really deem the current Lunar Elves as his own kin.

The briefing was finished faster than the higher up expected. A satisfying one, in fact, thanks to the majestic puppet in the name of Illanoir that there were less shred of doubt from the pawns.

”If only that they would be able to prevent the aforementioned puppet from taking over in the future, ” muttered Elder Kashk, who was watching from the same railing where the supervisor and executive stood, along with Adoras and Ishas.

Immediately after, the assigned 150 Elvenpower were dispatched to the target location.

40 of them, Illanoir included, were equipped with a MK98 Bolt Discharger. Those were old, low military tier equipment that were classified as Energy Discharge Weapon, or EDW for short.

It could barely penetrate a high tech defensive surface, but it was surprisingly effective against a biological organism.

”Check everything twice or thrice! Don hesitate to request for a quick maintenance if any of you find an irregularity to the vehicles! ”

30 Extraterrestrial Surface Rovers, ESR for short, were supplied on this favorable occasion. 10 of them were large models, and the rest 20 were those of medium size.

The medium model was equipped with a slightly better variant of the Bolt Discharger, while each of the large models were equipped with a Depleted Uranium Cannon.

On paper, it might sound amazing, but it didn change the fact that the ESR models used for this operation were just former commercialized vehicles that got weaponized. There wasn even a consistency for the model of the brand, making it a hassle to do maintenance on all of them.

Aside from the vehicles, Illanoirs crew had access to an Instant Cooling Crystal, somewhat of a limited use, life-easing item that could instantly lower the temperature of an object to a certain threshold.

There was also a Frozen Forcefield Formation. Each set came with five devices imbued with an artificial incantation. When activated, the forcefield would lower the temperature of everything within the forcefield. The shape and radius of the forcefield correspond by the location and the distance of the five devices to each other.

”Captain! Our infrared thermography caught seven approaching lifeforms! Estimation, one minute and sixty seconds before coming into direct contact! ”

”Those are the scouts from the nest. Relay to the left wing that they should let one vehicle advance slower than the rest! Tell them to keep moving forward, regardless of whats happening!

”Tell the pilot team to slow down when they appear. The cannon crew should have prepared the Depleted Uranium Cannon, and aimed them at the slow moving river. Do not discharge until I command so! ”

The exact one minute and sixty second later. One by one, massive worms launched themselves to the air. Having layers of serrated teeth on one end, the slower moving medium sized model from the left wing of the formation was shredded and torn to pieces.

16 casualties, 1 unrepairable medium model rover.

Those heinous creatures were the Parents of the Dunes Hell Bringer. They scout and act as a servant to both the Child and the Elder.

Consequently, they were cautious and opportunistic, but they weren smart. The speed of the formation was threatening them. With one of the rovers moving slower than the rest and falling out of formation, the Parents attacked the weakest prey of the hunt.

”Fire! ”

A single attack from the Depleted Uranium Cannon was enough to puncture a piercing hole against the seven grouped Dunes Hell Bringers. With the first threat out of the way, the party went deeper into the hot yet vibrant location filled with lakes and numerous fauna.

Illanoir noticed that the drugs worked miraculously as expected. In exchange for their lifespan, the crew turned into highly efficient marionettes that would do all of the command with utmost precision.

Illanoir himself didn really feel the effect because of how many stimulants and poison that he drank in order to continuously build up a tolerance. His body was a living panacea, he didn even need to cast an anti-ailment nor a detoxification spell.

Afterwards, the crew needs to deal with the Elder, a gigantic flying wyrm that could control temperature in their vicinity to a certain extent.

The role of an Elder within the society of DunesHell Bringers was that of a guardian of the nest. Keeping away a successful intruder, while also incubating the tribes eggs.

”Reload! Reload! Reload! ”

”Apply the Instant Cooling Crystal! ”

Along with the barrage of Bolt Dischargers, Depleted Uranium Cannon were bombarding the slow moving gargantuan wyrm that were trying to melt the hostile threat that were bothering their kin.

”The heat is unbearable! ”

”Activate the Frozen Forcefield Formation! ”

”Need help with the formation unpacking! ”

Ear piercing shrieks were discharged again and again, until most of the monsters were neutralized.

The chaos had also enticed the attention of a patrolling group of Parents. Using the same strategy, Illanoir commanded one of the medium models to be the bait while preparing one or two heavy model rovers equipped with Depleted Uranium Cannon to finish off the grouping, mangling ground worms.

46 casualties, 3 unrepairable medium model rovers.

After an hour, the conquest eventually bore fruit as they managed to enter the deepest area where the Child resides.

The Child is the foundation of a Dunes Hell Bringers tribe. They were the older phase of transformations after the Parent and the Elder.

The Childs role is to supply the nest with material shedded from their skin, while also bearing offspring. They were dubbed as the Child because scientist who glanced at the Dune Hell Bringers tribe thought that the Child was the youngest because of their smaller size than the rest two forms of role.

It was just like how the universe was made. The star—Parent, would eventually grow bigger into a red giant, the Elder.

And if an Elder lived long enough, it would disperse their materials to the surrounding, becoming a dwarf star—the Child.

The materials would be clumped together, thanks to the gravitation of the giant stars—just like how the Elder took the role of incubating the eggs. Then, the material would eventually form another star, restarting the cycle with the Parent as the youngest.

”You did your best, ” muttered Illanoir, donning an indifferent face as he pointed his Bolt Discharger to one of the Child. ”But you lost in the end. ”

The Child, having a comprehensive humanoid form like that akin to a hybrid of an insect and a human, snuggled in its shedded materials when it was still an Elder.

The trigger was pulled.

The energy projectile might be aimed at the Dunes Hell Bringers, but every malice and discomfort that Illanoir had were directed towards something else.

The water had filled the glass completely. A single shaking on the table was enough to alter the course of the future.

Just like how Illanoir decided to incite a revolution after he could no longer tolerate the humans.

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