Ye Chen shook his head, he refused to leave this place.

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Ye Chen was really very stubborn, he didn ’t want to leave Yue Ya and run away from this place.

Ye Chen had a desire to protect Yue Ya, so he decided to stay in this place.

Yue Ya couldn ’t help but smile when she saw that Ye Chen remained firm in her stance.

The shield made by Yue Ya cracked even more, sooner or later it would be shattered by the attack launched by the Flame Dragon.

”Seems to have reached the limit ” Yue Ya felt that once this reached her limit, she would no longer be able to endure this.

When Yue Ya ’s shield was about to shatter, from the back, Ye Chen suddenly hugged Yue Ya ’s waist, Ye Chen started to embrace Yue Ya in his arms.

”Ye Chen what do you want to do? ” Yue Ya asked what Ye Chen was going to do.

Ye Chen did not answer the question asked by Yue Ya, Ye Chen at this time started to extend his hand forward towards the burst of fire, no one knew what Ye Chen would do at this time.

Ye Chen wanted to try something crazy, he intended to replace Yue Ya with the flames that the Flame Dragon gave off.

”The shield created by Yue Ya has been completely shattered, now there is nothing to protect Ye Chen and Yue Ya from the Flame Dragon ’s attack.

Ye Chen and Yue Ya ’s bodies were currently covered in flames from the Flame Dragon.

Yue Ya closed her eyes, she had already accepted this defeat, it seemed that she could no longer win against the Flame Dragon.

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When Yue Ya had already accepted her defeat, Yue Ya suddenly felt something strange happening.

Yue Ya didn ’t feel any pain even after being hit by the Flame Dragon ’s attack.

Seeing this strangeness, Yue Ya immediately opened her eyes and saw what was happening.

When Yue Ya opened her eyes to see what was going on, Yue Ya found that the flames around her had stopped moving, as if something was blocking the flames from injuring the two of them.

” What happened ? ” Yue Ya wondered what just happened, why something strange like this could happen to him and Ye Chen.

Yue Ya looked at Ye Chen, when Ye Chen looked at Ye Chen, he found Ye Chen ’s face that looked very serious.

”Is this what Ye Chen did? ” Ye Chen started to wonder if this was Ye Chen ’s doing, Yue Ya was curious as to what Ye Chen was doing at this time.

Ye Chen is currently controlling the Flame Dragon ’s flames, I don ’t know what happened, suddenly Ye Chen felt that he could control the Flame Dragon ’s flames.

Ye Chen did this by chance, nor did he not know what had just happened why he was able to control the flames that the Flame Dragon gave off.

The current Ye Chen still didn ’t realize that he had just awakened the power of the Sage God that he managed to possess.

One of the greatest powers of the Sage God in the entire God Realm is elemental control, where the Sage God can control all the elements that exist and can manipulate all elements even if it belongs to someone else.

This was one of the powers that made the Sage God the most powerful true God of his time, even other true gods did not dare to underestimate the Sage God.

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”Gather up ” Ye Chen started to gather the flames from the Flame Dragon into his palm.

As per the order given by Ye Chen, the fire that was around Ye Chen began to gather in Ye Chen ’s palm.

The flames around this place became very obedient to Ye Chen, it was like Ye Chen was the owner of the fire.

” What ! ! ! ” Yue Ya was shocked when he saw what was happening in front of her eyes.

Ye Chen actually started to collect the flames released by the Flame Dragon, this was something that Yue Ya ’s eyes couldn ’t believe.

Yue Ya didn ’t know what kind of method Ye Chen was currently using, Ye Chen ’s method looked very strange and very foreign to Yue Ya.

This was Yue Ya ’s first time seeing something like this, he had never seen someone control someone else ’s profound fire like Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen looks like the owner of this fire, it ’s really amazing.

The Flame Dragon started to feel that something was wrong, the Flame Dragon felt an immense power gather behind his flames.

Sensing this strangeness, the Flame Dragon immediately strengthened its power, increasing the destructive power of the Super Dragon Flame Burst.

The Flame Dragon aimed to kill Yue Ya and Ye Chen before they managed to fight either.

The current Flame Dragon still didn ’t realize that all the flames he shot were controlled by Ye Chen.

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If the Flame Dragon knew that Ye Chen was currently controlling his flames, perhaps the Flame Dragon would immediately stop attacking Ye Chen.

All the flames released by the Flame Dragon were currently being controlled by Ye Chen, Ye Chen controlled this flame and turned it into a fireball that possessed extremely powerful destructive power.

Because this fireball was kept in place by Ye Chen, its strength was getting bigger and bigger, with this much power, it should be enough to bring down the Flame Dragon.

After feeling that the fire he had gathered was strong enough, Ye Chen immediately shot the flames at the Flame Dragon.

The fireball created by Ye Chen instantly suppressed the Flame Dragon ’s Super Dragon Flame Burst.

The fireball instantly charged towards the Flame Dragon without any hindrance.

The Flame Dragon began to see a ball of fire that shot towards him, from his appearance alone, the Flame Dragon was very familiar, the Flame Dragon knew that this was the fire he had.

” What is this ? ” The Flame Dragon was shocked when he saw this strangeness, how could something like this happen, what actually happened, this was very strange.

It wasn ’t just Yue Ya who was surprised by this, it turned out that the Flame Dragon was also surprised by this.

The fireball is getting closer towards the Flame Dragon, it will crash into the Flame Dragon.

”Boom! ! ! ” a very, very large explosion occurred, this explosion was able to sweep away tens of thousands of miles of forest around this place.

This was a truly enormous explosion, one that ordinary cultivators could not imagine.

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An explosion as powerful as this could naturally be felt by the powerful cultivators in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

An explosion like this would naturally attract the interest of powerful cultivators from the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

”Yue Ya, let ’s get out of this place ” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya to leave this place, this is the right time to run away from this place.

Ye Chen himself knew that the attack just now wasn ’t enough to kill the Flame Dragon, that ’s why Ye Chen asked Yue Ya to leave this place.

”um ” Yue Ya nodded to Ye Chen, willing to come with Ye Chen.

Yue Ya was currently still shocked by what had happened, she was still confused about what Ye Chen had just done.

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