summoned several Magical Beasts in this forest to help himself to find and capture Ye Chen.

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Very quickly dozens of Magical Beasts came in front of the Flame Dragon.

They were all gathered in front of the Flame Dragon, the Magical Beasts looked frightened by the roars emanating from the Flame Dragon.

”All of you quickly go and look for every human in this forest, I want you all to hunt down and bring all the humans in this forest.

All the Magical Beasts nodded to their Flame Dragons and immediately went to look for every human in this forest.

All the Magical Beasts immediately went to all corners of the forest to hunt and capture all the humans around this place.

After giving orders to all the existing Magical Beasts, the Flame Dragon left to recover, he had to recover quickly so he could fight back against Ye Chen and Yue Ya.



Ye Chen and Yue Ya had now fled quite a distance, it was currently quite difficult to find the whereabouts of the two.

Ye Chen decided to find a much better hiding place, he used his God Eyes to find a very safe hiding place.

After observing for a while, Ye Chen finally found a cave that was quite hidden once, this cave was behind thick bushes and was very difficult to see.

It seemed like a suitable place, Ye Chen felt that this Cave was a suitable place for the two of them to hide.

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Ye Chen led Yue Ya through the bushes, he and Yue Ya entered the cave.

Yue Ya didn ’t know what Ye Chen was trying to do at the moment, she just followed Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen and Yue Ya had entered the Cave, Ye Chen found that this Cave had several stalagmites that were shining quite brightly, this made Cave this very bright

”for a while we will stay in this place ” Ye Chen told Yue Yes if the two of them will stay in this place for a while.

. ” Yue Ya nodded to Ye Chen, he had no problem staying in this place.

Ye Chen saw Yue Ya ’s expression, it could be seen that Yue Ya looked annoyed with something.

”Why do you look angry? ” Ye Chen immediately asked why Yue Ya looked angry like this.

”I ’m not angry, it ’s just that I ’m a little displeased that I failed to get what I was looking for ” Yue Ya told Ye Chen why she looked annoyed.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw this, it could be seen that Ye Chen had a strange smile on his face.

Right now Yue Ya still didn ’t know that the Flame Spirit Root she was looking for was in Ye Chen ’s hands.

”Yue Ya, you close your eyes first, I have a surprise for you ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to close her eyes, he prepared a surprise for Yue Ya.

” Surprise ? ” Yue Ya was very curious about what Ye Chen wanted to show her.

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Ye Chen nodded to Yue Ya, he had a special gift for Yue Ya.

”Quickly close your eyes. ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to close her eyes.

Seeing Ye Chen being so mysterious in front of her, Yue Ya had no choice but to close her eyes.

After Yue Ya closed her eyes, Ye Chen immediately took out the chest that contained the Flame Spirit Root.

”Yue Ya you can open your eyes ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to open her eyes.

With Ye Chen ’s command, Yue Ya started to open her own eyes, she opened her own eyes and saw what Ye Chen would show her.

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