When Yue Ya opened her eyes, Yue Ya saw a chest in Ye Chen ’s hand.

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As an experienced cultivator Yue Ya naturally knew what was in Ye Chen ’s hand at the moment, it was clear that what was in Ye Chen ’s hand was a chest used to store medicinal herbs that possessed Spirits.

”Ye Chen what is it? ” Yue Ya immediately asked the contents of the chest that was in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Why don ’t you see for yourself, this is a gift for you ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to open the contents of the chest in his hand.

Ye Chen gave the chest to Yue Ya, he wanted Yue Ya to open it and see what was inside.

Yue Ya received the chest from Ye Chen, she immediately opened the chest and saw what was inside.

When Yue Ya opened the chest that Ye Chen had given her, she was shocked to see what was inside.

The contents in this chest turned out to be the Flame Spirit Root that he had been looking for.

”Ye Chen,  How do you .
.? ” Yue Ya immediately asked how Ye Chen got this.

”Hehehe, of course I got it my own way ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya that he got it his own way.

Yue Ya really couldn ’t understand Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen get something like this so easily.

Yue Ya started to think about how Ye Chen got the Flame Spirit Root, most likely Ye Chen took the Flame Spirit Root when he was fighting the Flame Dragon.

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Yue Ya didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would be so smart, He could sneak when she was fighting the Flame Dragon, this was something Yue Ya hadn ’t thought of before.

”I may not be able to help you much in battle, but I can help you obtain the Flame Spirit Root ” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

Ye Chen might not be able to help Yue Ya to fight against the Flame Dragon, but Ye Chen could still help Yue Ya to obtain this Flame Spirit Root.

Yue Ya immediately hugged Ye Chen ’s body, it could be seen that she was happy with what Ye Chen had done for her.

Ye Chen was willing to risk himself to obtain Flame Spirit Root for Yue Yan, how could Yue Ya not feel touched by something like this.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he saw Yue Ya suddenly hugging himself like this, this was something Ye Chen couldn ’t imagine.

This was the first time Ye Chen had seen Yue Ya take the initiative to hug him, it was quite rare to see Goddess Yue Ya would do something like this to a man.

”Ye Chen thank you very much ” Yue Ya thanked Ye Chen, he really owed Ye Chen a lot of things.

”You ’re welcome ” Ye Chen hugged Yue Ya ’s perfect waist, he really enjoyed hugging Yue Ya in this way.

Ye Chen and Yue Ya hugged for a while, after a while, Ye Chen finally let Yue Ya go.

”Yue Ya, you can use the Flame Spirit Root. ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to use the Flame Spirit Root.

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”Alright ” Yue Ya nodded, she would directly use the Flame Spirit Root to destroy the Primordial Ice Spirit.

Yue Ya started to go looking for a suitable place for herself to use the Flame Spirit Root, after feeling that she had found a suitable place to use the Flame Spirit Root, Yue Ya immediately sat down cross-legged and started absorbing the Flame Spirit Root.

In this case Yue Ya had to focus, he shouldn ’t be distracted by other things.

Ye Chen saw that Yue Ya was currently very focused on absorbing the Flame Spirit Root, seeing this Ye Chen decided to go a little further away from Yue Ya.

After feeling quite far from Yue Ya, Ye Chen took out the Red Origin Pearl that he had just obtained from the Flame Dragon nest.

”I will try to use this Red Origin Pearl. ” Ye Chen decided to try using the Red Origin Pearl.

Ye Chen started trying to absorb the pure Energy that was in the Red Origin Pearl, when Ye Chen tried to absorb the pure Energy that was in the Red Origin Pearl, Ye Chen found a very large Energy entering his body.

”Incredible, this is really very rich. ” Ye Chen felt that the Red Origin Pearl had a lot of pure energy, with this pure energy it was enough for Ye Chen to break through several levels at once.

Ye Chen also started to focus on absorbing this Red Origin Pearl, right now Ye Chen couldn ’t be bothered by anyone either.

Both Yue Ya and Ye Chen were currently busy, both were currently focused on their own things.

Ye Chen was currently focused on increasing his strength, meanwhile Yue Ya was currently focused on destroying the Primordial Ice Spirit that was in her body.

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While Ye Chen and Yue Ya were focused on their business, this forest became very chaotic, all the Magical Beasts in this place started to hunt and capture the humans who were near the forest, countless people were caught by the Magical Beasts living in the forest.

All the Magical Beasts had received orders from the master of this forest, the Flame Dragon, so it wouldn ’t be strange for them to go and capture all the humans in this forest.

How many Magical Beasts even kidnapped people outside the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

This chaos sounded by the patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, the patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect immediately raised the alarm, almost all of the Sect ’s powerful cultivators were immediately dispatched to deal with this matter.

This matter could endanger the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, so it was not surprising that the patriarch would take this matter quite seriously.

The Patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect considered this matter quite serious, it was very rare for a Magical Beast to go and capture a human, this was something very strange to happen.

The great cultivators of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect immediately went to the forest and tried to help the people who were captured by the Magical Beasts.

Seeing the arrival of the enemy, the Magical Beasts immediately fought against the powerful cultivators of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, the battle was unavoidable, the interior of the forest became the scene of large-scale battles fought by the Magical Beasts and the great cultivators of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

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The Nine Immortals Peak Sect was currently in quite a gripping situation, countless disciples were frightened and didn ’t dare to leave the Sect, they were all afraid that they would be attacked by extremely ferocious Magical Beasts if they left the Sect.

Magical Beasts that came out of the forest were high-ranking Magical Beasts, high-ranked Magical Beasts were a frightening specter, even core disciples still found it difficult to fight a high-ranked Magical Beast.

So it ’s not strange that Outer Court Disciples and Inner Court Disciples don ’t dare to leave the Sect.

Seeing the current chaos, Mu Xueying  immediately came out of her cultivation room, she immediately saw whether Ye Chen was currently in the Sect or not.

”I hope he doesn ’t get caught up in this matter. ” Mu Xueying could only hope that Ye Chen wouldn ’t be caught up in this kind of mess.

Mu Xueying still didn ’t know that Ye Chen had involved in this matter.

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