”Ye Chen look, the Flame Dragon seems to be going berserk ” Yue Ya told Ye Chen that the Flame Dragon is currently rampaging and destroying the entire forest.

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”Looks like the Flame Dragon is angry with both of us ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya that the Flame Dragon must be angry with the two of them.

”If the Flame Dragon is indeed looking for the whereabouts of the two of us, let ’s meet the Flame Dragon and make a calculation with him ” Yue Ya intended to make a calculation with the Flame Dragon.

”You look very confident, are you sure you can beat him this time? ” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya.

Ye Chen might know that Yue Ya is strong, but he doesn ’t know how strong Yue Ya is right now.

”Defeating the Flame Dragon is a very easy thing for me to do, you can leave it to me ” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

”Alright, then I ’ll help you out a bit. ” Ye Chen said that he would help Yue Ya defeat the Flame Dragon a bit.

”Alright ” This time Yue Ya didn ’t forbid Ye Chen to come along, Yue Ya herself was now able to protect Ye Chen very easily.

Ye Chen and Yue Ya drew closer to the Flame Dragon, both of them hovering behind the Flame Dragon ’s body.

”Hey, ugly dragon, are you looking for the two of us? ” Ye Chen call the Flame Dragon, he told the Flame Dragon that he and Yue Ya were already behind him.

Flame Dragon looked back, when Flame Dragon looked back, he found Ye Chen and Yue Ya already behind him.

Seeing that it was Ye Chen and Yue Ya, the Flame Dragon was really overjoyed, he was happy that Ye Chen and Yue Ya took the initiative to find him.

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”Finally you two dare to come out ” Flame Dragon said in a voice filled with anger it could be seen that the Flame Dragon was currently furious with Ye Chen and Yue Ya who had taken the Flame Spirit Root as well as the Red Origin Pearl that was in the nest.

”Our ugly dragon is out, what ’s your need for looking for us? ” Ye Chen asked Flame Dragon, Ye Chen wanted to know why Flame Dragon was looking for these two.

Ye Chen himself already knew the reason the Flame Dragon was looking for the two of them, Ye Chen just wanted to make the Flame Dragon angry and lose control.

”You bastard, you are still asking what I want? dare to ask again ” said Flame Dragon to Ye Chen.

The Flame Dragon was truly furious, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon was already preparing to kill and destroy Ye Chen and Yue Ya.

”How dare you claim it ’s yours, what ’s inside the mountain belongs to nature, you have no right to say that it ’s yours, if it ’s yours why didn ’t you use it a long time ago ” Ye Chen said to Flame Dragon.

Ye Chen actually said those words that made the Flame Dragon ’s anger rise more and more, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon was already really angry with Ye Chen ’s provocation.

Yue Ya only smiled wryly when she heard what Ye Chen did to the Flame Dragon, it was clear that Ye Chen was currently provoking the Flame Dragon.

”Dammit, I will make you regret for daring to insult this king. ” The Flame Dragon roared at Ye Chen, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon couldn ’t stand Ye Chen ’s chatter anymore.

”Go ahead ” Ye Chen told the Flame Dragon to advance towards him.

”Damn it, I ’ll kill you ” The Flame Dragon shot straight towards Ye Chen and aimed for Ye Chen.

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Seeing the Flame Dragon approaching here, Ye Chen immediately hid behind Yue Ya.

”Yue Ya, let ’s fight the Flame Dragon. ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya to face the Flame Dragon.

”Why did you tell me, weren ’t you the one who challenged him? ” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

”Yue Ya dear, you know that I am not yet comparable to the Flame Dragon, what if I die fighting it ” Ye Chen said with a pitiful face.

Ye Chen might be immune to the Flame Dragon ’s fire attacks, the problem was that if the Flame Dragon attacked Ye Chen using physical force, then Ye Chen would definitely be finished.

”That ’s better, then you won ’t bother me anymore ” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

”-_- ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Yue Ya could also tease Ye Chen, this beautiful Goddess ’s taste was quite high too.

”Yue Ya, he ’s getting closer ” Ye Chen told Yue Ya that the Flame Dragon was getting closer.

The Flame Dragon started to raise its claws, intending to kill Ye Chen with a single strike.

Just as the Flame Dragon was about to attack Ye Chen, suddenly a tremendous force hit the Flame Dragon ’s body.

The Flame Dragon was blown away and smashed into the ground very hard.

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The ground within a radius of tens of thousands of miles was instantly crushed when it was hit by the Flame Dragon ’s body.

”Wow, so strong ” Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that Yue Ya ’s strength would be this strong.

Yue Ya only needed to use one finger to drop the Flame dragon to the ground.

”Looks like I have to be careful not to anger Yue Ya. ” It seemed that from now on Ye Chen had to be careful not to anger Yue Ya.

If Yue Ya got angry with him, then Ye Chen would definitely get into a very big problem.

Yue Ya ’s strength was truly enormous, it was obvious that the gap between Ye Chen ’s and Yue Ya ’s strength was truly enormous.

If Ye Chen messed with Yue Ya, then it was certain that Yue Ya could crush Ye Chen very easily.

”Bastard ” Flame Dragon tried to get up from the ground, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon was already injured from Yue Ya ’s attack.

”You better give up and return to your place, if you continue to fight, then you will suffer more than this ” Yue Ya warned Flame Dragon to return and no longer look for trouble to Yue Ya and Ye Chen.

”I will never return, I will definitely kill both of you ” The Flame Dragon was not at all afraid of the threat that Yue Ya gave, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon had no fear even after seeing Yue Ya ’s strength.

”You stubborn bastard ” Yue Ya felt that the Flame Dragon was extremely stubborn, the Flame Dragon really couldn ’t be ruled by anyone, even if it was Yue Ya who possessed much higher strength than the Flame Dragon.

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”Yue Ya, no need to waste words with this ugly dragon, just beat the ugly dragon straight away ” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya to defeat the Flame Dragon as soon as possible.

According to Ye Chen wasting words with the Flame Dragon was a complete waste of time, there was no point in wasting time talking to the Flame Dragon.

”You bastard, if I can catch you I will make you my food. ” The Flame Dragon was really furious with Ye Chen ’s mouth, Ye Chen ’s mouth really made the Flame Dragon angry.

”If you can just try to catch me ” Ye Chen told Flame Dragon to catch him.

The Flame Dragon gritted its jaws, it could be seen that the Flame Dragon was really provoked by Ye Chen ’s words.

Ye Chen ’s words stabbed into the Flame Dragon ’s heart.
It wasn ’t strange that the Flame Dragon was angry with Ye Chen.

. ” The Flame Dragon summoned the strongest Magical Beast in this forest, the Flame Dragon needed the help of his followers to fight Yue Ya.

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