”They ’re all gone. ” Xing Mei saw the departure of Zhao Yanyan and all the women belonging to Ye Chen, now on earth there was nothing more that could interest Xing Mei.

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Xing Mei had no interest in going along with Zhao Yanyan and the others, if Xing Mei went along with Zhao Yanyan and the others, then Xing Mei would be giving herself up voluntarily.

So Xing Mei had no interest in going along with Zhao Yanyan and the others.

Xing Mei might find a safe place to hide herself, the earth is no longer as safe as before, surely the people sent by her father will soon find out where Xing Mei is.

”Alright, time to go, about where I ’m going, should I catch up with Ye Chen ” Xing Mei started to think about where she would go, most likely Xing Mei would go to Ye Chen ’s place.

When near Ye Chen, Xing Mei ’s cultivation rapidly rose, this made Xing Mei addicted to being around Ye Chen.

The problem was that Xing Mei couldn ’t go directly to Ye Chen ’s place, if Xing Mei went to Ye Chen ’s forge now, she would definitely be found very easily.

That was why Xing Mei had to go to a few places first to erase any traces of hers, it was the only safe way Xing Mei could think of.

All Xing Mei wanted to go to a place she had never been in her life.

Xing Mei started to open a long distance teleportation stone once, Xing Mei had really made her way, she decided to go to a place she had never been to, Xing Mei couldn ’t wait what kind of place she would go next.

After the departure of Zhao Yanyan and the others, Earth will experience a lot of interesting things, there will be countless people from the God Realm who will come and look for talented seeds on Earth to bring back to the God Realm.

On earth there were countless talents that were hard to find in the God Realm, so it wasn ’t surprising that countless people would seek out good seeds on the modern earth.


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Several days passed very quickly.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying were still sitting in their room and doing nothing but cultivating.

Ye Chen was getting a little bored when he had to cultivate like this, Ye Chen was really itching to practice his Sage God power.

Cultivating like this was extremely boring, Ye Chen felt that his cultivation speed was starting to feel very slow.

this was definitely different from when Ye Chen first came to this place, that time Ye Chen felt that his cultivation speed was extremely fast.

However, right now Ye Chen could feel that his cultivation was becoming much slower, it was most likely because his cultivation had become quite high.

Moreover, beside him there was Mu Xueying ’s fragrant smell that tickled his nose, how could Ye Chen be able to endure something like this.

Unable to take it anymore, Ye Chen opened his eyes, Ye Chen started to look at Mu Xueying who was currently cultivating very peacefully.

Unlike Ye Chen, Mu Xueying cultivates very peacefully, it is clear that Mu Xueying can be much calmer than Ye Chen, it is clear that Mu Xueying can cultivate more calmly because Mu Xueying is used to doing things like this.

”Senior Sister ” Ye Chen called out Mu Xueying ’s name.

”Ye Chen, what ’s wrong? ” Mu Xueying answered Ye Chen ’s question.

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Even though Mu Xueying answered Ye Chen ’s question, Mu Xueying still tightly closed her eyes.

”May I leave now? ” Ye Chen asked if he could go out right now.

Ye Chen really wanted to find an opponent to practice the strength he had, he felt bored if he continued to be in this place.

”No, I won ’t let you go. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen that she would not let Ye Chen leave this place.

The situation might still not subside, so for the time being Mu Xueying would not let Ye Chen go.

”Come on Senior Sister ” Ye Chen tried to persuade Mu Xueying, he hoped that Mu Xueying would let him leave this place.

”No, you must obey me. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to stick to her words.

Ye Chen didn ’t give up so easily, he kept trying to persuade Mu Xueying to let himself leave this place.

Mu Xueying still insisted on not letting Ye Chen go, she had not allowed Ye Chen to leave this place.

Ye Chen really couldn ’t persuade Mu Xueying, this woman was very difficult for Ye Chen to persuade.

”Looks like I have to use other means to get Senior Sister to let me go. ” Ye Chen intended to use other means to get Mu Xueying to let herself leave this place.

”I will try to use the Passion Goddess technique on Mu Xueying. ” Ye Chen wanted to see what kind of power the Passion Goddess technique he cultivated was, besides being faster at absorbing Yin Qi, Ye Chen wanted to try other effects of the Passion Goddess technique.

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Ye Chen wanted to see what kind of reaction the Passion Goddess technique would have when it was applied to an indifferent woman like Mu Xueying.

Ye Chen very deftly extended his hand towards Mu Xueying, after Ye Chen managed to touch Mu Xueying, he immediately used the Passion Goddess technique.

Mu Xueying was confused when she saw what Ye Chen was doing, she didn ’t understand what Ye Chen was trying to do right now.

When Ye Chen touched Mu Xueying, Mu Xueying suddenly felt something strange in her body.

For some reason Mu Xueying felt her body become extremely hot and her strength suddenly disappeared.

In addition, Mu Xueying ’s current thoughts only thought of Ye Chen ’s figure.

”what happened to me? ” Mu Xueying was starting to get confused about what had happened to her, this was really very strange for Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying had never experienced anything like this, suddenly her power disappeared for no apparent reason.

Mu Xueying still didn ’t fully know Ye Chen ’s hidden ability, so it wasn ’t strange for Mu Xueying to be confused about something like this.

”Senior Sister ” Ye Chen whispered in Mu Xueying ’s ear, she started to call out to Mu Xueying who was in front of her.

Mu Xueying ’s body trembled when Ye Chen called out to her, it could be seen that Mu Xueying felt a very pleasant feeling in her heart when Ye Chen called out to her.

Mu Xueying ’s mind was so complicated, Mu Xueying couldn ’t even answer Ye Chen ’s question.

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Seeing that Mu Xueying was already helpless, Ye Chen decided to ask Mu Xueying.

”Senior Sister, may I go outside? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying in a soft voice, Ye Chen hoped that this time Mu Xueying would let himself go.

”um ” Mu Xueying nodded to Ye Chen, she allowed Ye Chen to leave.

Mu Xueying really felt that something was wrong with her, for some reason at this moment Mu Xueying couldn ’t refuse Ye Chen ’s request.

Ye Chen was overjoyed when he heard this, it was truly extraordinary, Mu Xueying suddenly couldn ’t refuse Ye Chen ’s request.

The Passion Goddess technique is indeed very formidable, just one touch can make a calm and indifferent woman like Mu Xueying become like this.

This was truly a technique that could make even a cold goddess become attracted to Ye Chen.

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