Ye Chen was currently trying to defend against Mu Xueying, he was steeling his resolve not to do anything bad to Mu Xueying.

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Every time Mu Xueying wanted to do more to Ye Chen, every time Ye Chen tried to stop Mu Xueying.

Ye Chen didn ’t want Mu Xueying to do anything more than right now.

Mu Xueying tried several times to take off her clothes, only for Ye Chen to swiftly stop Mu Xueying, otherwise Mu Xueying would have exposed her body in front of him.

It wasn ’t that Ye Chen didn ’t want to see Mu Xueying ’s body, he was trying not to take the opportunity in this kind of situation.

Ye Chen was a good man, he couldn ’t possibly take this chance on Mu Xueying, plus from the start it was a mistake made by Ye Chen, so Ye Chen had to take responsibility for this matter.



After about 1 hour of entangling Ye Chen, Mu Xueying finally stopped and started sleeping on Ye Chen ’s chest, Mu Xueying looked very peaceful when sleeping on Ye Chen ’s chest.

Ye Chen was happy that everything was over, Ye Chen was finally able to win against himself.

If Ye Chen had lost control of his possessions, perhaps Mu Xueying had already been eaten by Ye Chen, luckily Ye Chen had managed to restrain himself and something like that didn ’t happen.

Ye Chen saw Mu Xueying ’s sleeping face, Mu Xueying ’s sleeping face looked very peaceful, this made Ye Chen happy just from looking at it.

Ye Chen kept looking at Mu Xueying face, he was completely mesmerized by Mu Xueying beautiful Charm.

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After doing Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen, Mu Xueying became more and more beautiful, this made Ye Chen more and more attracted to Mu Xueying

Ye Chen tried to lift Mu Xueying who was on top of him, he intended to move Mu Xueying up bed.

When Ye Chen wanted to move Mu Xueying, Mu Xueying ’s eyelashes suddenly trembled slightly, it could be seen that Mu Xueying would soon regain consciousness.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Mu Xueying would come to her senses so quickly, Mu Xueying realized it too soon.

Mu Xueying started to wake up a bit, Mu Xueying started to get confused about what had happened to her.

Mu Xueying started to look around, when she looked around Mu Xueying found that she was still in Ye Chen ’s room.

Mu Xueying looked down, when she looked down, Mu Xueying saw that she was currently riding on Ye Chen ’s body.

”What am I doing? ” Mu Xueying was confused about what she was doing, why she suddenly ride on Ye Chen ’s body.

”Senior Sister, are you all right? ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying who had just regained consciousness.

Mu Xueying had just regained consciousness, so Mu Xueying was still confused about what had just happened.

Mu Xueying was completely confused by what had happened, she didn ’t know anymore what had just happened.

Mu Xueying memory was hazy as she tried to remember what had just happened.

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Mu Xueying looked at the clothes she was wearing, her clothes were still intact and nothing was scratched, so she shouldn ’t have done anything.

., Ye Chen what did you just do to me ? ” Mu Xueying immediately asked what Ye Chen had just done to her.

”What do you mean, I don ’t understand ” Ye Chen tried to dodge what had happened.

If Ye Chen told Mu Xueying what had happened, Mu Xueying might get angry and freeze Ye Chen ’s thing below.

Ye Chen didn ’t want to try something dangerous like that, it was better for Ye Chen to play dumb in front of Mu Xueying.

Ye Chen didn ’t do anything to Mu Xueying from the start, so Ye Chen should be safe from Mu Xueying wrath.

”Don ’t lie to me, I knew something must have happened. ” Mu Xueying felt that something had happened while she was unconscious.

”Actually just now Senior Sister pushed me and intended to do bad things to me ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

Ye Chen told Mu Xueying about what had just happened.

”How could that happen? ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying couldn ’t believe that she had just done something like that to Ye Chen, it was an impossible thing for Mu Xueying to do.

”If you don ’t believe it, you can see for yourself the kiss marks you ’ve done ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

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Even though Mu Xueying was wearing a veil, the traces of Mu Xueying ’s kiss could still be seen on Ye Chen ’s body.

Mu Xueying listened to what Ye Chen said, if Mu Xueying took a closer look, she did find a kiss mark on Ye Chen ’s body, this alone proved what she had just done with Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying ’s face turned red when she saw this, Mu Xueying couldn ’t believe that she would do such a shameless thing.

Ye Chen saw Mu Xueying ’s blushing face, he decided to tease Mu Xueying.

”Senior Sister, you even called me husband before, do you consider me your husband? ” Ye Chen slightly got up from the bed, he whispered what had previously said Mu Xueying to him.

Mu Xueying ’s heart was beating very fast when she listened to what Ye Chen had just said.

Mu Xueying thought that what she had been hiding from Ye Chen had been exposed and known to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Mu Xueying looked embarrassed when she heard this, she didn ’t expect that she could see Mu Xueying embarrassed face like this.

Under normal circumstances, it was quite difficult for Ye Chen to embarrass Mu Xueying like this, this was quite a difficult thing for ordinary people to see.

”Ye Chen, you must have done something to me, right? ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen, obviously this must be Ye Chen ’s doing, she couldn ’t do something like that by herself.

Mu Xueying really looked resentful towards Ye Chen, obviously Mu Xueying didn ’t like what Ye Chen had just done.

”Hahaha, Senior Sister, I was just joking with you, why are you taking this so seriously? ” Ye Chen said that he only wanted to tease Mu Xueying, not expecting Mu Xueying ’s reaction to be like this.

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”You ” Mu Xueying couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was only teasing her, this man was really really annoying, why did Ye Chen tease her like this, Mu Xueying was really afraid that her secret would be found out by Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, you ’re inside right?, I ’ll come inside ” When Ye Chen was teasing Mu Xueying, suddenly from outside there was someone ’s voice saying that he wanted to enter this room.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying immediately looked towards the entrance, Ye Chen wanted to know who was currently outside the door of this room.

. ” Without waiting for Ye Chen to open the door, the person outside forcefully opened the door to Ye Chen ’s room.

The person who opened the door was Mei Yueli.
Without waiting for Ye Chen ’s approval, Mei Yueli directly barged inside.

”Ye Chen, I have something to say.
. ” Mei Yueli was frozen in place when she saw the scene in front of her.

., Sorry for interrupting your fun. ” Mei Yueli screamed when she saw what Mu Xueying and Ye Chen were doing Mei Yueli hurriedly closed the door to Ye Chen ’s room.

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