”Maybe it ’s just some random grass and herbs that he picked up ” one of the women told the other that this was probably just a random plant that Ye Chen picked up.

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”It could happen, after all he is a beginner, so maybe he picked a random plant ” another woman agreed with what the previous woman said.

It was likely that this was a random plant that Ye Chen picked up.

”Then why don ’t you guys judge and see for yourself ” the female receptionist told all the woman to go and see if this was a random medicinal plant or not.

All the women in this place nodded, they all immediately went to see what Ye Chen had managed to get.

”This ” when the women started to appraise the medicinal herbs that Ye Chen had obtained, they all found some medicinal herbs that were of high value.

”This is a green flower crown, Gong Faa root, Wind spring grass ” One by one the women were shocked when they saw the medicinal plants that Ye Chen had managed to obtain.

It was obvious that the medicinal herbs Ye Chen had obtained far exceeded their expectations.

a lot of medicinal plants were medicinal plants with extremely high value, the contribution value that Ye Chen would get would definitely be extremely high.

”What are you waiting for, hurry up all of you rate all of this, the person who owns this is waiting outside ” the female receptionist ordered all the ladies to quickly assess the medicinal herbs that Ye Chen managed to pick.

All the women nodded, they would all immediately appraise all the medicinal herbs that Ye Chen managed to pick.

All women are not so unemployed, they may need some time to assess all of this.

Outside Ye Chen was waiting for the results he got quite patiently.

This place was getting more and more crowded, the women kept coming and going, this made the place more and more cramped.

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Ye Chen didn ’t mind that this place was getting smaller, he was actually happy when he saw more and more pure women coming to this place, now Ye Chen can absorb the virgin Yin Qi released by the female disciples in this place.

”giggles ” The of these women laughing and giggling, the place was filled with laughter that was fun enough for anyone to hear.

Ye Chen tried to close his eyes, he tried to concentrate on absorbing the Yin Qi that was in this place.

”Hey Ye Chen ” while Ye Chen was concentrating on absorbing Yin Qi, someone tapped Ye Chen ’s shoulder.

Ye Chen immediately opened his eyes, Ye Chen began to see who was the person who patted his shoulder.

when Ye Chen turned his head, he found a familiar female figure.

”Qin Chi? ” Ye Chen said to the woman who patted him on the shoulder.

”So you still remember me, I thought you forgot about me ” Qin Ci said to Ye Chen.

Qin Ci thought Ye Chen had forgotten her, unexpectedly Ye Chen still remembered her.

”Of course, how could I forget the person who helped me. ”

Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly forget the person who had helped him show the way to the forest.

”Ye Chen, what are you doing here? ” Qin Ci asked what Ye Chen was doing in this place.

”I ’m collecting the results I get from picking medicinal plants ” Ye Chen replied that he was collecting medicinal plants for evaluation.

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”Did your search go well? ” asked Qin Ci .

”Fortunately everything went smoothly, only a small problem occurred on the way ” said Ye Chen .

”Thank goodness ” said Qin Ci.

”Oh yeah, by the way where are your friends?, aren ’t you guys here together? ” Ye Chen asked.

”Since they are still not allowed to work now, the three of them went to the Cultivation Cave, ” said Qin Ci.

”Cultivation Cave?, what kind of place is that? ” asked Ye Chen .

”So you still don ’t know what a Cultivation Cave is, well, I ’ll tell you what a Cultivation Cave, a Cultivation Cave is a cave that has Energy a huge amount of pure and is suitable for cultivation, To enter there you have to pay using contribution points , the higher the purity of the Energy, the higher the price you have to pay. ” Qin Ci briefly explained about the Cultivation Cave.

”So Cultivation Cave is such a place ”, Ye Chen just found out that there is such a place in this Sect, it seems that there are still many things that Ye Chen doesn ’t know.

”Then why don ’t you join them? ” Ye Chen asked why Qin Ci didn ’t join his partner to cultivate in the Cultivation Cave.

” That .
., actually I ’m short on contribution points. ” With a bashful expression, Qin Ci told Ye Chen that he was short on contribution points.

Ye Chen couldn ’t help but smile when he found out the reason Qin Ci said, this woman has her own problems.

”Should I give you the contribution points I have? ” Ye Chen intended to help Qin Ci by giving him some contribution points that he would soon get.

”no-no, don ’t do such things ” Qin Ci told Ye Chen not to do such things.

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Seeing Qin Ci rejecting his kindness, Ye Chen had no choice but to not continue this matter.

. ”when Qin Ci was talking to Ye Chen, suddenly someone pushed her from behind.

Ye Chen swiftly grabbed Qin Ci so she wouldn ’t fall to the floor.

”Are you okay? ” Ye Chen asked Qin Ci ’s current condition.

”It ’s okay thank you very much ” Qin Ci thanked Ye Chen for helping her.

”This place is very crowded, you better be careful ” Ye Chen told Qin Ci to be even more careful.

Qin Ci nodded to Ye Chen, he would try to be careful not to happen like before.

”Sorry to keep you waiting ” after a long time the female receptionist returned.

”How is it finished? ” Ye Chen directly asked if the female Receptionist had appraised the medicinal herbs that had been collected.

”Yes, we have successfully assessed everything. ” With a smile full of interest the receptionist answered Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt that there was something different about the female receptionist, it was obvious that the female receptionist looked at Ye Chen with a different look.

The female receptionist started to look at Ye Chen with a look of great admiration.

”Sir, can you give me your token, I will transfer the points to you immediately ” the female receptionist told Ye Chen to take out the token he had.

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Ye Chen took out his token, he showed it to the female receptionist.

The female receptionist directly transferred Ye Chen ’s Token, Ye Chen ’s contribution points that were previously 0, have now become 27,000.

This contribution of points clearly exceeded Ye Chen ’s expectations, Ye Chen did not believe that he would get this many contribution points.

Qin Ci was quite curious about the contribution points that Ye Chen managed to get, Qin Ci decided to take a little peek at the contribution points that Ye Chen managed to get.

When Qin Ci peeked at Ye Chen ’s contribution points, Qin Ci was quite surprised by the contribution points that Ye Chen managed to get.

Qin Ci rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure she didn ’t see Ye Chen ’s contribution points wrong.

”Oh my, this is really 27,000 contribution points, Ye Chen is so rich ” Qin Ci really didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would be rich enough.

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