If Qin Ci had known this before, Qin Ci would not have turned down Ye Chen ’s offer of wanting to give her some contribution points.

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Unfortunately Qin Ci couldn ’t go back on her words or else she would be embarrassed when she was in front of Ye Chen.

”Congratulations on what you ’ve accomplished, you really are the first person to get such great results. ” The female receptionist praised Ye Chen ’s results.

As long as he worked in this place, no one had ever been able to obtain something like what Ye Chen had at this time.

”Thank you for the compliment ” Ye Chen thanked to female receptionist for the compliment.

The female receptionist smiled towards Ye Chen, The female receptionist respected Ye Chen more and more.

”Now is the time to announce the winner of this month ’s Contribution Ranking ” suddenly a woman appeared at the bottom of the monthly ranking record scoreboard.

Ye Chen, Qin Ci and all the women immediately looked at the woman who had just appeared.

when Ye Chen saw the origin of the voice, Ye Chen saw a Beautiful Milf woman, Ye Chen was really familiar with this woman, this was definitely the beautiful Milf in the Sect hall.

”Beautiful sister ” Ye Chen muttered when he saw this beautiful Milf again.

”What did you just say? ” Qin Ci immediately asked what Ye Chen had just said.

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”Nothing ” Ye Chen shook his head.

”Qin Ci ,do you know that beautiful woman? ” Ye Chen immediately asked Qin Ci about the identity of the beautiful Milf who was the center of attention of all the women in this place.

”How can you not know about her, she is Fairy Zhen in charge of this medicine pavilion ” Qin Ci told Ye Chen that the woman is Fairy Zhen who is the number one person in this medicine pavilion.

”Huh? , are you kidding me? ” Ye Chen was quite surprised when he heard Qin Ci ’s words.

Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that the Beautiful sister he met at the Sect hall was Fairy Zhen.

”Why would I tease you, that woman is indeed Fairy Zhen who is the number one person in this medicine pavilion ” Qin Ci said firmly to Ye Chen.

”Wait a minute, if I remember correctly, the female receptionist reacted in surprise when she saw the stone that beautiful Milf gave me, don ’t tell me that this beautiful Milf was teasing me from the start ” Ye Chen had felt this strange from the start.

If this was true, then from the start this beautiful Milf was not a Receptionist in the Sect hall, this woman was definitely Fairy Zhen who was the number one talent person in the medicine pavilion.

Ye Chen looked at Fairy Zhen, there was a strange look when Ye Chen saw the beautiful Milf far ahead.

Looks like the announcement of this month ’s victory rankings has been confirmed, everyone is curious who will be the winner and occupy the top position.

Whether it was Huang Rong, Wen Liu or Qing Zu, they were extremely curious about this month ’s results.

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Huang Rong, Wen Liu or Qing Zu competed very tightly, the points that the three managed to get were really very thin.

So it is very difficult to know who will be the first winner this month.

”It ’s great if you all are ready, let ’s read this month ’s winner ” Fairy Zhen will announce this month ’s winner

A female receptionist brought a letter for Fairy Zhen, she handed over the list of winners for this month.

Fairy Zhen saw this month ’s list of winners, when she saw the contents of this month ’s winners list, Fairy Zhen was quite surprised, she saw someone who managed to get a very high point score, this has never happened in the history of the establishment of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

”Ye Chen?, isn ’t this the man I met at the Sect hall that time? ” Fairy Zhen began to remember the name of the man who had dared to tease her while at the Sect hall.

Fairy Zhen started to look around this place, when she looked around this hall, Fairy Zhen found the figure of the man who had once teased her.

Fairy Zhen smiled when she saw Ye Chen being in this place, it could be said that Ye Chen was the only male in this place.

Ye Chen could feel Fairy Zhen ’s gaze, this woman ’s smile was very enchanting.

Ye Chen felt something bad was going to happen when he saw Fairy Zhen ’s smile.

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”I think I have to prepare to leave this place as soon as possible. ” Ye Chen felt that he had to prepare for the worst that could happen.

”I will read out the top 3 positions that have managed to get the most points this month ” Fairy Zhen intended to read out the top 3 positions in this month ’s rankings.

Everyone held their breath, they all wanted to know who would get first place.

”The third position is Qing Zu with the contribution points that he managed to get, namely 1156, Qing Zu please come forward ” Fairy Zhen began to read out the person who managed to get the third position.

A woman with a rather good appearance stepped forward, herself standing beside Fairy Zhen, this woman was Qing Zu, in terms of appearance this woman was not bad.

., applause.
., applause.
. ” the female disciples immediately clapped when they heard this, Qing Zu seemed to have secured the third position as before.

”The second position is Huang Rong with the contribution points that he managed to get, namely 1160, Huang Rong please come forward ” Fairy Zhen read out the current second position.

A woman with a cute look came forward, this woman also had a not too bad appearance.

In contrast to Qing Zu, the current Huang Rong looked a little disappointed, she didn ’t manage to get the first place in this month ’s contribution ranking.

Even though Huang Rong had worked very hard, she still didn ’t get first place.

., applause.
., applause.
. ”.

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Two positions have been announced, now only the first place has not been announced, now the only strong participant is Wen Liu, so most of the female students are starting to guess that Wen Liu will be the first winner.

Wen Liu was the only strongest participant Fairy Zhen had yet to name.

Wen Liu herself doubts that she is the winner, if Wen Liu calculates the score she got this month, Wen Liu feels that her score is still quite far when compared with Qing Zu and Huang Rong.

Qing Zu and Huang Rong, Wen Liu begins to wonder who the person who arrived suddenly surpassed Qing Zu and Huang Rong.

”And the first winner is.
. ” Fairy Zhen deliberately didn ’t mention the first winner, this made everyone very curious.

Everyone was very curious about this, everyone really wanted to see who had been the winner.

” The winner is.
Ye Chen, with a total contribution of 27,000 ” Fairy Zhen announced the first winner of the month.

All the female disciples present were silent, they couldn ’t respond to what they had just heard from Fairy Zhen.

They didn ’t know who the Ye Chen that Fairy Zhen was talking about, Ye Chen ’s name was completely foreign to all the female disciples in this place.

Plus the score that this man named Ye Chen got was quite high, 27,000 was a score that the female disciples in this place could never have imagined.

This room is really very quiet at all, almost no sound can be heard around this place, this place is really very quiet.

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