”Who is it, why have I never heard of it? ”

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”Did I not hear wrong, someone managed to hit a score of 27,000? ”.

”Is he a man? ”

”No way, how can someone manage to get that many points ”

The Medicine Pavilion became very noisy when they heard the announcement that Fairy Zhen had just read, they all couldn ’t believe what they had just heard from Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen ’s words were hard to believe, most of the female disciples still couldn ’t believe what they had just heard from Fairy Zhen.

The score of contribution points obtained by Ye Chen was absolutely impossible to do, all the female disciples in this place had never heard of someone being able to collect this much contribution points in 1 month.

Even a senior disciple who was now in the inner court had never had a result like this.

Ye Chen became a little sweaty when he saw the commotion going on in this place, this beautiful Milf was really trying to cause trouble for him.

”Looks like I have to leave this place as soon as possible. ” Ye Chen felt that he should quickly leave this place.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would get into some unwanted trouble.

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With a flash, Ye Chen slipped away from this place, Ye Chen looked for the closest way to get out of this place, and the window was a suitable place to leave this place.

Without anyone noticing, Ye Chen jumped from the window and left the medicine pavilion.
Ye Chen immediately got as far away from this place as possible, the further Ye Chen went, the better it would be.

”Ye Chen quickly come here right now ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen to immediately come forward to get the reward.

All the women in this place immediately looked around, they all wanted to see the person who had managed to get the most contribution points this month.

”Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen is calling for you..
. ” Qin Ci told Ye Chen to hurry to the front.

When Qin Ci looked to the side, Qin Ci found that Ye Chen was no longer by his side.

”Huh, where did Ye Chen go? ” Qin Ci started to get confused when she discovered that Ye Chen was no longer by her side.

”Ye Chen.
.? ” Fairy Zhen again called Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to immediately come forward.

Unfortunately Ye Chen still didn ’t show up or show himself, it could be seen that Ye Chen didn ’t intend to appear in public.

Seeing this, Fairy Zhen immediately looked around, starting to look for Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

After observing for a while, Fairy Zhen found that Ye Chen had already disappeared from this place.

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” Since when? ” Fairy Zhen was a little surprised when she found out that Ye Chen had already left this place.

Fairy Zhen didn ’t notice Ye Chen ’s departure at all, Ye Chen really seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

All the women who were here were still waiting for Ye Chen ’s appearance, they were all very curious about the figure of Ye Chen who had obtained an unreasonable score.

It ’s a shame that everyone ’s expectations won ’t come true, Ye Chen has already left this place.

”Looks like Ye Chen ’s disciple isn ’t here, maybe he busy . ” Fairy Zhen told all the students in this place that maybe Ye Chen was busy and couldn ’t attend this event.

Many female disciples were disappointed when they heard this, even though they wanted to know the figure of Ye Chen who had earned 27,000 contribution points.

Even though they couldn ’t see Ye Chen ’s figure, news of Ye Chen would definitely spread very quickly, something like this would definitely spread very quickly among the outer court disciples.

Women are creatures who like to gossip, surely this will become a hot topic of conversation that will spread very quickly.

Since Ye Chen wasn ’t currently in this place Fairy Zhen decided to continue with the awarding of prizes for the winners.

The third place winner earns 1,000 contribution points and 1 Divine Red Profound Crystal, the second place winner gets 1,500 contribution points and 2 Divine Red Profound Crystals, while the first place winner can get 3,000 as well as 5 Divine Red Profound Crystals.

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Fairy Zhen gave gifts to Qing Zu and Huang Rong, meanwhile for the gifts that were owned by Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen would keep these and hand them over to Ye Chen when she met Ye Chen again.

”Okay, that ’s all for this time, I hope you will work harder so you can get bonus prizes ” before leaving Fairy Zhen didn ’t forget to tell all students to work harder.

”All the female students answered Fairy Zhen ’s words, they will be more serious in this work.

The results that Ye Chen managed to get made all the female disciples excited, they wanted to immediately return to work and collect more medicinal herbs, if the man named Ye Chen could earn 27,000 points in just 1 month, they would also be able to do something like this .

Fairy Zhen looked happy to see the enthusiasm shown by the female students in this place.

After giving words of motivation, Fairy Zhen immediately left this place, she immediately returned to her room to gathering pills.

The female disciples didn ’t immediately disperse, they all started to talk about Ye Chen ’s success in obtaining extraordinary results.

Some women even started looking for information about Ye Chen, they might be able to form a party together with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t know what happened next after he left the medicine pavilion, Ye Chen didn ’t want to know about this matter.

If Ye Chen remained in the medicine pavilion, then Ye Chen would become an object that the female disciples fought over.

After this incident, The female disciples definitely wanted to form a party with Ye Chen, they wanted to form a party with Ye Chen in order to get a large and short amount of contribution points.

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Ye Chen didn ’t want to involve himself in such a troublesome matter, Ye Chen preferred to act low profile and weak like this, at least Ye Chen wouldn ’t get into trouble if he acted like this.

Ye Chen was currently heading to the Sect Hall, he wanted to exchange his contribution points for interesting items.

”I hope there is an item that I can be interested in. ” Ye Chen really hoped that he could get something interesting.

Ye Chen now had a lot of contribution points, with this much contribution, Ye Chen could buy all the things he wanted.

”Hehehe, getting contribution points is much easier than I thought. ” Ye Chen felt that getting contribution points was much easier than he previously imagined.

It could be said that currently in the outer court, Ye Chen was already among the rich people.

Ye Chen quickly went to the Sect Hall, because Ye Chen had previously gone to this place, Ye Chen was able to quickly find the Sect Hall.

The Sect Hall still looked as congested as before, there were countless people in this place.

”The line at this place is still as long as before. ” Ye Chen felt that the queue at this place was still as long as before.

Ye Chen started looking for a queue that looked short, after searching for a while, Ye Chen found a queue that wasn ’t too long.

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