Later Song Han will find out about this, Song Han will temporarily return to his residence, surely people are currently looking for him.

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Before leaving this place Song Han didn ’t forget to exterminate all the Gu bugs that Ye Chen had killed.

With a little bit of strength used by Song Han, the Gu bugs could be easily annihilated by Song Han.

., Boom.
., Boom.
., ” there was a huge explosion as Song Han exterminated the Gu Insect.

Song Han was quite shocked when he saw this, if only this explosion had been inside his body, Song Han might have been crushed.

Song Han was very lucky that this didn ’t happen, if this were to happen, then Song Han would really die instantly by this explosion.

No matter how strong Song Han ’s external body was, when this explosion occurred inside the body, then Song Han would definitely suffer a serious injury to the point of death.

”I will definitely find the person who has done this ” Song Han promised that he would find the person who had done this to him

After that Song Han also left this place, now this place is completely empty.



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In a place that does not know the location, there is a man playing with some insects in a jar, this man looks very happy when playing with insects in a jar, it can be seen that this man plays with insects like a pet that very obedient.

The insect in the jar was of course a Gu, this man was most likely a Gu expert.

”Someone killed the Gu bug that I had. ” This man could tell immediately when the Gu bug that had been implanted in Song Han ’s body had been killed.

Gu Masters had the ability to control their insects from a great distance, no matter how far away, Gu Masters could still control insects that were on one ’s body.

After learning that his Gu bug that was in Song Han ’s body had been killed, this man immediately left his residence, it could be seen that this man wanted to tell someone that his Gu insect had been killed.



Meanwhile Ye Chen was continuing his journey, this trip was really very peaceful, there were no bandits or anything to disturb Ye Chen ’s journey.

”Master, why did you reject the offer from the old man just now, when he made a very good offer, ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”I don ’t like things like that, I ’d rather find women something of my taste ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan that he didn ’t like that kind of thing.

Ye Chen prefers to pursue and get women with his own abilities, Ye Chen feels he gets satisfaction when getting a wife with his own hands.

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Chu Yuechan looked helpless when she listened to Ye Chen ’s answer, whereas Chu Yuechan hoped that Ye Chen would get many women soon to make the Fairy Gate even more powerful.

Unfortunately Chu Yuechan couldn ’t force something like this, Chu Yuechan knew that Ye Chen would never want to do something he didn ’t like.

Chu Yuechan had better keep quiet and not continue this matter, time was still long, so Chu Yuechan did not need to be in such a hurry.

After a few hours, Ye Chan finally arrived at the quest he was aiming for.

”So this is the Quest forge? ” Ye Chen looked at the village that had been destroyed, it could be seen that this village had been destroyed and burned to the ground.

The house and everything in this village has been destroyed to rubble, all the survivors have fled to other safer places.

Ye Chen decided to go downstairs, he would try to find a clue about what happened to this village.

Ye Chen actually already knew the reason why this village was destroyed, it was likely that this village was destroyed by Goblins.

Even so, Ye Chen wanted to find some clues that could lead him to the Goblin headquarters.

Ye Chen descended into the village, looking for some clues around this place.

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Here Ye Chen could see that there was a lot of blood that had dried up for a long time, it seemed that the village raid had taken place several weeks before.

Judging from this, Ye Chen could tell that if a battle broke out between the villagers and the Goblins, it would be quite fierce seeing this place crumble like this.

Seeing this, Ye Chen began to estimate that the Goblins had enough fighting ability to defeat the villagers who probably some of the villagers living in this place were cultivators.

”Master, it seems there I saw a trace of a Goblin. ” When Ye Chen was observing the battle marks, Chu Yuechan suddenly said that he saw a Goblin ’s footprint.

” where ? ” Ye Chen immediately asked where the trace was Chu Yuechan referring to.

”Over there. ” Chu Yuechan immediately pointed in the direction where she saw the footprints that were most likely Goblin ’s.

Ye Chen immediately went to see what Chu Yuechan had found, when Ye Chen saw what Chu Yuechan had found, Ye Chen found a very large footprint.

From the footprints alone, Ye Chen could tell that this was a monster tens of meters tall.

”So big, is this really a Goblin? ” Seeing the huge footprints, Ye Chen began to doubt that this was a Goblin.

In Ye Chen ’s mind the Goblin was an agile little creature, he didn ’t imagine that a Goblin could have footprints this big.

”Master, judging by these footprints, this is most likely the King of the Goblins, the Goblin King should be the greatest. ” Chu Yuechan tried to explain this to Ye Chen.

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”So guessing that this is the King Goblin ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

”That ’s right, this possibility is the  King Goblin, every Goblin has a King who controls every move they make, they will be very obedient to their King ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Then all I need to do is kill this King Goblin , after that they won ’t have a leader to make a move ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

”It ’s not that easy, if the King Goblin  dies, then the Goblins will choose a new king again ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Goblins are creatures that have intelligence beyond expectations, they can do things even more cruel and barbaric than humans do.

”So I have no choice but to exterminate them all ” it seemed that Ye Chen had no choice but to exterminate all the Goblins in existence.

”That is the only way to eradicate the Goblins, ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

In that case Ye Chen had no other choice but to kill all the existing Goblins.

”Then let ’s find the Goblin ’s hideout. ” Ye Chen decided to look for the Goblin ’s hideout, he would follow these footsteps to go to the Goblin ’s hideout.

Ye Chen started to follow the Goblin ’s footsteps, although some of these traces were a little vague, Ye Chen was still able to follow these trails to go to the Goblin ’s hideout.

After following these footprints, Ye Chen finally arrived in front of a very vast forest.
It just so happened that these footprints also disappeared right in front of this forest.

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