Ye Chen surveyed all the locations he could see, Ye Chen started to memorize the location of this place, Ye Chen even remembered every guard and every trap that had been prepared in this place.

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” What ’s that ? ” When Ye Chen was surveying this location, Ye Chen found a mine that was quite large, there were thousands of men who were currently forced to work in this mine.

Ye Chen began to see more clearly what these people were mining, Ye Chen discovered that these people were mining a yellow stone that emitted a fairly strong power.

” what ’s that ? ” this is the first time Ye Chen has seen a stone like this, Ye Chen has never seen such a stone in his life.

”It ’s a Solar Stone, the Solar Stone is a stone that has a very strong destructive energy. ” Seeing that Ye Chen didn ’t know what these people were mining, Chu Yuechan decided to tell Ye Chen what people were mining.

People are now forced to mine a Solar Stone, Solar Stone is a stone that is commonly used as explosives, it is usually installed in heavy armor or heavy destroyer weaponry.

Author ’s note: the heavyweight weapon in question is a weapon of destruction that can destroy a city or a country.

”So this is a solar stone ” after being told by Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen remembered that he had read about the Solar Stone that Chu Yuechan was referring to.

”What do the Goblins use this Solar Stone for ? ” Ye Chen started to wonder why the Goblins were telling humans to mine Solar Stones.

”I also find it strange, the Solar Stone shouldn ’t be of much use to Goblins, after all I haven ’t seen a heavy weapon in this place before. ” Chu Yuechan felt that she had not seen a heavyweight weapon in this place.

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”Yeah, you ’re absolutely right, I haven ’t seen any heavyweight weapons in this place since. ” Ye Chen also hasn ’t seen any heavyweight weapons in this place.

”Is there a missing part? ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

It was possible that Ye Chen had missed a part, so they didn ’t see the presence of a heavyweight weapon.

”Wait a minute, let me look for it again ” maybe what Chu Yuechan said was true, Ye Chen might have missed something.

Ye Chen surveyed the Goblin headquarters more seriously, Ye Chen saw very detail, even every corner was explored by Ye Chen. 

Surprisingly until now Ye Chen had not found a heavyweight weapon hidden around this place.

Ye Chen still didn ’t find a heavyweight weapon, what Ye Chen found next was quite surprising, Ye Chen this time found a place where women were being held, all of these women were currently half naked.

Even a fool knows what happened to these women, they must have been harassed by the Goblins.

.., my head hurts. ” Ye Chen felt that his head was very dizzy, most likely it was because he used the God Eyes technique for too long, this made Ye Chen ’s head hurt.

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Having reached his limit, Ye Chen had no choice but to deactivate his God Eyes technique, Ye Chen didn ’t want to take a risk when using God Eyes for a long time.

”I didn ’t find anything related to heavyweight weapons. ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan that he didn ’t find a heavyweight weapon.

”Then what do you think the Goblins will do by telling humans to mine Solar Stones? ” Chu Yuechan started to think about what the Goblin King wanted.

”Let ’s find out after defeating the Goblin King and saving the prisoners. ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to find out about this matter after he defeated the Goblin King.

”Yes, you can do that first ” Chu Yuechan nodded, instead of guessing about this matter, Ye Chen ’s better to find out directly from the source

Ye Chen told his Clone to go to the place where people are being held, Ye Chen told his Clone to save them and take everyone away from this place.

Meanwhile Ye Chen went straight to the deepest part, he started to head towards where the Goblin King was.

Since Ye Chen had memorized this place, Ye Chen would not be lost again, Ye Chen easily found the whereabouts of the Goblin King.

Ye Chen defeated all the traps and Goblins that stood in his way, with great ease, Ye Chen defeated and passed them all.

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After passing through all the obstacles and obstacles, Ye Chen arrived at a very large and very large place, because it was too big, this place was like a very large military base.

When Ye Chen arrived at the King Goblin ’s place, Ye Chen was already waiting for the King Goblin who was currently sitting on a very large throne.

Seeing that Ye Chen had come to this place, the Goblin King immediately opened his eyes, the Goblin King saw Ye Chen standing in front of him.

”Human, you have finally arrived at this place, you are the first to infiltrate this king ’s place ” said the Goblin King to Ye Chen.

This was the first time a human had been able to barge in this far, usually the humans who broke through would be instantly defeated by the troops outside.

”Oh, so you can talk. ” Ye Chen looked at the King Goblin in front of him, not expecting that the King Goblin would speak to him in such a manner.

”Despicable human, you underestimate this king too much, in the eyes of this king you are just a useless lowly being ” said the Goblin King to Ye Chen.

The Goblin King was so arrogant that even Ye Chen couldn ’t get into his eyes.

”I see. ” Ye Chen wasn ’t angry when he listened to the words of the Goblin King, he didn ’t really listen to the words of the ugly monster.

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”You are very calm, it seems this king will give you a gift that will make you very surprised ” King Goblin said to Ye Chen.

The King Goblin started clapping his hands, when the King Goblin did this, suddenly from above dozens of Goblins that were quite large in size came down and stood in front of the King Goblin.

This was an elite Goblin army that possessed strength that could not be compared to ordinary Goblins.

Meanwhile above this place there were several large Goblins aiming large arrows at Ye Chen, Ye Chen was currently surrounded by thousands of archers of enormous size.

Ye Chen looked around himself, Ye Chen could see that there were a lot of Goblins currently surrounding him.

”You have prepared something like this for me, it seems that you are going too far ” Ye Chen said to King Goblin.

King Goblin prepared a pretty great gift for Ye Chen, from the beginning King Goblin had prepared a trap like this for Ye Chen.

”Hahaha, human, do you have any last words before I kill you? ” The Goblin King said if Ye Chen had any last words before he ordered his troops to kill Ye Chen.

”Of course I have it, listen carefully to my last words, I will defeat all of you ” Ye Chen said to all the Goblins in this place.

Ye Chen ’s words were really very crazy, this is the same as Ye Chen ’s calling for war with all the Goblins in this place.

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