Everything that the King Goblin wanted to do was predicted by Ye Chen, Ye Chen had predicted that the King Goblin  would run away from him.

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”One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords ” Ye Chen returned to using One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

A thousand fire swords appeared around Ye Chen ’s body, a thousand fire swords began to gather into one and make one extremely powerful sword.

Ye Chen was currently using the advanced God Fire Sword, this was the ultimate power of the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

Ye Chen aimed at the King Goblin  who was trying to escape from him, after feeling that he had found the right target, Ye Chen immediately shot the God Fire Sword at the King Goblin.

The God Fire Sword shot straight towards the King Goblin  , at an extremely fast speed.

The God Fire Sword immediately caught up with the King Goblin, the God Fire Sword passed through the King Goblin ’s body with great ease.

The King Goblin  ’s body was pierced through by the God Fire Sword with great ease.

The King Goblin  ’s body burned where the God Fire Sword passed.

The King Goblin screamed in pain as this happened, the King Goblin felt an excruciating heat after being hit by the God Fire Sword.

The blood in the King Goblin  ’s body began to boil from the wound inflicted by the God Fire Sword.

The King Goblin  fell to the ground, the King Goblin ’s form also started to return to the way it was before, the King Goblin returned to being a terrifying giant like before.

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The current King Goblin was at his limit, now the Goblin King couldn ’t do anything anymore.

The wounds and pain suffered by the King Goblin made the King Goblin very desperate, there was nothing else the King Goblin could do to him.

Ye Chen floated above the King Goblin ’s body, himself directly using the King Goblin ’s body.

The Goblin King couldn ’t do anything when Ye Chen descended on his body, if the current King Goblin still had his strength, the King Goblin  would definitely pat Ye Chen who was currently on top of his body.

”Tell me, why did you kidnap and make people mine Solar Stone? ” Ye Chen asked the reason why King Goblin kidnapped and made people work to mine Solar Stone.

”Hahaha, I won ’t tell my enemy about that matter. ” The King Goblin  told Ye Chen that he wouldn ’t tell the reason why he captured humans and was put to work in the mines.

”So you want me to use brute force, fine, I will use brute force as you wish. ” Seeing that the King Goblin  didn ’t want to speak, Ye Chen had to use brute force to get the King Goblin  to speak.

From Ye Chen ’s palm came a profound flame, Ye Chen directly threw this flame at the King Goblin  .

”Arghhhh ” King Goblin shouted as his body burned, Ye Chen ’s flames easily scalded King Goblin ’s body.

”Human bastard ” The King Goblin  roared at Ye Chen.

”Are you really sure you don ’t want to say it?, you will be something more terrible than this ” Ye Chen told King Goblin what would happen next.

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”No, I won ’t tell you. ” King Goblin said that he wouldn ’t tell Ye Chen what was done with the Solar Stone.

Since the Goblin King still didn ’t want to speak, Ye Chen continued to torture the King Goblin , until  King Goblin wanted to answer him.

King Goblin felt excruciating pain in his body, Ye Chen really made King Goblin feel tormented.

”Alright, I ’ll tell you ” after a hard struggle, King Goblin finally wanted to tell Ye Chen what he did with the Solar Stone.

”Say it quickly ” Ye Chen told King Goblin to say what to do with the Solar Stone.

”Actually I sold Solar Stones to someone ” King Goblin told Ye Chen that he sold Solar Stones to someone.

”Who did you sell it to? ” Ye Chen was quite curious to whom the King Goblin sold the Solar Stone.

”I sold it to a human, he calls himself Zero ” King Goblin said to Ye Chen.

”Zero? ” Ye Chen didn ’t know who Zero was doing by King Goblin, why did he buy Solar Stone from King Goblin.

”Do you know what that guy did with the Solar Stone? ” Ye Chen asked the Goblin King.

”I don ’t know about the matter, I ’m just selling it, while what was done with the Solar Stone I don ’t know ” King Goblin said to Ye Chen.

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King Goblin only sells it, he doesn ’t know what this man named Zero will do with the Solar Stone.

Too bad the Goblin King ’s answer wasn ’t very useful to Ye Chen, Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought about what this planning man named Zero was.

When Ye Chen was thinking about King Goblin ’s words, King Goblin took this opportunity to attack Ye Chen, King Goblin took out a large sword and intended to kill Ye Chen.

The great sword aimed at Ye Chen ’s body and prepared to defend Ye Chen ’s body into two pieces.

”You die! ” The King Goblin roared at the thinking Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stretched his hand forward, he immediately caught the big sword with his hand.

Ye Chen gripped the great sword that was in his hand.
With a bit of strength Ye Chen started to grip the great sword ’s

, cracks.
, cracks.
”The great sword started to crack and finally broke into pieces.

”You still dare to attack me, it looks like you will die soon ” Ye Chen said to King Goblin  .

Ye Chen summoned the God Fire Sword to attack the King Goblin , the God Fire Sword shot very fast towards the King Goblin  .

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”Boom ” a huge explosion occurred, this explosion instantly burned the entire body of the King Goblin  .

” King Goblin screamed in pain, in a matter of seconds the King Goblin ’s body had disappeared in the fire.

Ye Chen didn ’t react when he saw the King Goblin  had died, now Ye Chen ’s mission had been completely completed.

After defeating the King Goblin  , Ye Chen immediately went to the Solar Stone quarry, he wanted to do something with the Solar Stone.

In just 10 minute Ye Chen arrived at the Solar Stone forging in the mine, in this place there were a lot of Solar Stones that had not yet been mined.

This mine is empty, there are no more people in this mine, it seems that Ye Chen ’s clone has already managed to save the person who was locked up in the Goblin headquarters.

”What am I going to do with this thing? ” Ye Chen started to wonder what he was going to do with this much Solar Stone.

”I will keep it, maybe someday it will be useful for me ” After thinking for a while Ye Chen finally decided to keep this Solar Stone .

Who knew Ye Chen would need it in the future, Ye Chen could sell this, after all, the Solar Stone could become a profound crystal if it was sold.

Ye Chen saw the mine that had been mined, Ye Chen immediately put it into the storage room of the fairy gate.

After that Ye Chen started to mine the remaining Solar Stones in this place, Ye Chen ’s way of mining was an unusual way, Ye Chen used the Divine Yin Yang Sword to cut and split the ground that buried the Solar Stone.

With Ye Chen ’s skilled sword skills, Ye Chen managed to mine the Solar Stones in this place, for that Ye Chen needed several hours to mine all the Solar Stones in this place.

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