dle-aged man that his task was complete.

”Young master, I represent everyone here to thank you. ” The middle-aged man thanked Ye Chen for helping them all.

Ye Chen only nodded lightly, telling the middle aged man to leave him.

The middle-aged man said goodbye, he would return to his duty to help the recovery of these people.

After the middle-aged man left, Ye Chen focused his attention on the female disciples, Ye Chen took them all with him.

With Ye Chen ’s strength, none of these female disciples can resist, they can only be obedient when dealing with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went to take all these women away to the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.



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A few hours after Ye Chen left, a man in a black robe appeared in the forest where the Goblin headquarters was located.

This mysterious person saw the Goblin headquarters which was currently destroyed by Ye Chen ’s actions.

”what happened to this place ” the mysterious man began to ask what happened to this place, why the place could be damaged and destroyed like this.

A mysterious man stepped forward, his main purpose coming here was to meet the King Goblin to discuss a business.

This was Zero, the mysterious man that the King Goblin had previously told Ye Chen.

Zero entered the Goblin territory, when he entered the Goblin territory, Zero found that all the Goblins in this place had died, not a single Goblin was still alive in this place.

”What happened to the Solar Stone? ” Zero didn ’t care about the dead Goblins, what was more worrying was the Solar Stone in this place.

Zero immediately went to the mine, when Zero arrived at the mine, Zero found that the mine was completely empty, all the Solar Stones had been taken away from this place.

”Damn it ” Zero was really very angry when he found out about this, all the Solar Stone supplies in this place were no longer there, what should Zero have to say to his superiors.

Zero is just an errand boy in charge of making transactions, this person is not an important person in his group.

”I will tell this matter to the leader ” because he couldn ’t get the Solar Stone he wanted, Zero decided to go back and report this to the leader.

Let the leader decide this matter, whether it is necessary to find the person who has taken the Solar Stone or not.

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The group owned by Zero really needs Solar Stone for important purposes, this group is planning a very big thing that will involve strong people in it.

Zero left this place, there was nothing else Zero could do in this place.
he immediately returned to where the leader was and informed him that the transaction had failed.



After a long journey, Ye Chen finally made it back to Nine Immortals Peak Sect, Ye Chen directly brought the injured women to the medicine pavilion to get treatment.

When Ye Chen went to the medicine pavilion, he found that the medicine pavilion was very crowded, there were a lot of men and women going in and out of the medicine pavilion.

Seeing that the medicine pavilion was very crowded at all, Ye Chen decided to leave the back door himself not wanting to get into some unwanted trouble when he was carrying an injured woman.

Ye Chen entered from the back door, coincidentally at the back door at this time there was Fairy Zhen who was reviewing the medicinal plants that were at the back of the medicinal pavilion.

when Fairy Zhen leaned in, Fairy Zhen really looked very seductive, Fairy Zhen was indeed called a beautiful Milf who was very charming for a man like Ye Chen.

” who ? ” Seeing someone coming from the back door, Fairy Zhen immediately asked who it was.

”Beautiful sister, it ’s me ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen that it was her.

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