”Ye Chen, what are you doing coming from behind like ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked what Ye Chen was doing in this place.

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”That, it ’s very crowded in front, so I have no choice but to come through the back door ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen the reason he came through the back door.

. ” Fairy Zhen laughed while listening to Ye Chen ’s reasoning, Ye Chen ’s reasoning was really very simple.

Ye Chen could only scratch his head when he saw Fairy Zhen laughing at him.

”You are quite famous ,now among the female disciples who work in this pavilion, you should be happy now that you are popular among the beautiful female disciples ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

With Fairy Zhen ’s help, Ye Chen should have become very popular by now.

”Beautiful sister, you don ’t realize what you are doing has caused me unnecessary trouble, I just want to practice peacefully, why are you making things difficult for me ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

What Fairy Zhen did was a very troublesome thing, now that women are looking for Ye Chen to join their party, this woman ’s goal is clearly to use Ye Chen for their own benefit.

”Fufufufu ” Fairy Zhen laughed when she heard this, she was really comforted by the words Ye Chen just said.

”So you don ’t like what I do, even though you can use your current popularity to seduce women and make them yours ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

”I prefer to tease a beautiful sister like you ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen that he preferred to tease her.

Fairy Zhen couldn ’t help but smile wryly when she heard what Ye Chen said, this man is still good at teasing a woman.

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”Ye Chen, I ’m an elder, aren ’t you afraid of getting punished if you dare to tease me? ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

Fairy Zhen warned of the risk that Ye Chen would have to bear, if Ye Chen dared to tease her.

”I will fight my way through everything as long as I can seduce beautiful sister ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

Ye Chen is not afraid of the Sect ’s punishment at all, the Sect ’s law is not something that Ye Chen is afraid of.

Fairy Zhen was completely speechless by Ye Chen ’s answer, this man has absolutely no fear of the laws of this Sect.

The situation started to get awkward, no one started a conversation.

To overcome this awkwardness, Fairy Zhen had to change a topic.

”Ye Chen, who are you carrying? ” Fairy Zhen Immediately asked who the woman Ye Chen was carrying.

”They are female disciples that I saved while running a quest ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen that these women were the ones he had saved.

”They don ’t look fine, are they having a bad time? ” Fairy Zhen asked Ye Chen.

”They did go through something bad ” Ye Chen started to explain what happened to Fairy Zhen.

Ye Chen even told what happened to these women, Ye Chen told that their psychological condition was in trouble.

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”Then why don ’t you take them to the treatment center? ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

”Isn ’t this a place of healing here? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen.

Ye Chen thought that the medicine pavilion was a place of healing for injured disciples.

”No, this is only a place to buy medicinal herbs and pills, this is not a place to treat injured students. ” Fairy Zhen started to explain that this place was not a treatment location.

The location of the treatment is separate, there is a special place to treat Sect disciples who are injured or sick.

. ” Ye Chen just found out about this, it seems he was wrong when he brought these women to the medicine pavilion.

”Beautiful sister, can you take them to the treatment place, I have to report my mission ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen to take these women to where the medicine was.

”Of course I can, but I won ’t do this for free ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

Fairy Zhen said that she could accept Ye Chen ’s request, but Fairy Zhen would not do it for free.

”No problem, later I will give you a gift that you will never forget in this life ” whispered Ye Chen in Fairy Zhen ’s ear.

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Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen that he would give a gift that Fairy Zhen would never forget.

Fairy Zhen was curious about the gift Ye Chen was referring to, so she wanted to know what Ye Chen wanted to give her.

”Then I ’ll go first ” Ye Chen said goodbye to Fairy Zhen, he would go to the Sect Hall to report his quest.

Fairy Zhen could only watch Ye Chen leave, after Ye Chen left, Fairy Zhen took the injured woman to the treatment center.

Fairy Zhen will leave these women to the experts, she hopes that the psychology of these people can return to what it was before.

After leaving Fairy Zhen ’s place, Ye Chen immediately rushed towards the Sect hall.

Ye Chen can ’t wait to get the God Mask that he previously wanted, Ye Chen wants to see how powerful the God Mask is when used by him.

Ye Chen went straight to the Receptionist who gave himself the mission of exterminating the Goblins, Ye Chen quickly handed the completion of the Quest to the Receptionist.

The receptionist immediately checked the success of Ye Chen ’s quest, after confirming that Ye Chen had successfully completed the quest, the female receptionist gave Ye Chen a reward for successfully completing the quest.

Ye Chen earned 2.500 contribution points, Ye Chen ’s contribution points have now reached nearly 30.000, This is enough for Ye Chen to buy a God Mask.

”I want to buy yesterday ’s mask. ” Ye Chen told the receptionist that he wanted to buy yesterday ’s mask.

”Wait a minute, I ’ll get it for you ” the receptionist said that she would get what Ye Chen wanted.

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Ye Chen will wait patiently, he can ’t wait to try the thing he wants.

After a few minutes the female receptionist finally came back with a chest that contained a God Mask.

”This is what you want, please check for yourself whether it ’s appropriate or not, ” said the receptionist to Ye Chen.

”Yuechan, is this real? ” Ye Chen immediately asked Chu Yuechan if this God Mask was still the same as before.

It could be that the God Mask was exchanged for an ordinary mask, it would be very detrimental to Ye Chen.

”Master, this is real, you don ’t have to worry. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that it was real.

”Okay ” after getting confirmation from Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen finally believed that this was what he really wanted.

”This is indeed what I wanted, ” Ye Chen said.

”Okay, I ’ll immediately deduct your contribution points ” the receptionist said that he would immediately deduct Ye Chen ’s contribution points.

Ye Chen ’s contribution points have been deducted by 28,000, now Ye Chen ’s contribution points are only around 1,500 remaining.

After getting what he wanted, Ye Chen immediately left the Sect Hall, there was nothing else Ye Chen needed in this place.

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