Ye Chen left Fairy Zhen alone in the room, Fairy Zhen was currently still trying to rest to recover herself.

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After about 30 minutes, Fairy Zhen finally started to regain her strength.

Fairy Zhen ’s body felt so light, she had never felt so light on her body.

Now Fairy Zhen felt that she could do everything very easily.

”That brat ’s skill is quite dangerous, my body really enjoys it ” Fairy Zhen felt that Ye Chen ’s massage skill was very dangerous, Fairy Zhen ’s body felt a great pleasure.

Fairy Zhen had never felt anything like it, it was a truly extraordinary experience for Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen probably wouldn ’t be able to forget the experience just now, she was already getting addicted to what Ye Chen had just done.

Fairy Zhen saw that her bottom was wet, it seemed that Fairy Zhen was really aroused by the stimulation just now.

”Am I that pervert? ” Fairy Zhen was embarrassed when she found out about this matter.

Fairy Zhen was completely drenched after getting a massage session from Ye Chen, this was something that had never happened to Fairy Zhen.

”Today I was teased by a bad boy, just watch out next time I will definitely tease you ” Fairy Zhen swore that next time she would tease Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen didn ’t want to be defeated by a kid like Ye Chen.

”Maybe I should take a shower first ” Fairy Zhen intended to take a shower and clean herself up, her body was a little sweaty because of what she did earlier.

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Before that, Fairy Zhen didn ’t forget to pack this place up to make it look even cleaner, this place was really scattered about.

Fairy Zhen is a person who likes cleanliness, she doesn ’t like letting her workplace fall apart like this.

Fairy Zhen started tidying up this place, all the scattered things were easily cleaned up by Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen started to tidy up her Cauldron which Ye Chen had previously used to make a pill.

When Fairy Zhen opened the Cauldron, Fairy Zhen found that inside the Cauldron there were still some of the same pills that Ye Chen had shown her.

” this ? ” Fairy Zhen was quite surprised when she saw this, she couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen had managed to make more than one Dolingzhu pill.

”I think I just found a rare talent ” Fairy Zhen felt that she had just discovered a rare talent, Ye Chen ’s ability in the Alchemist field deserves thumbs up, it was quite difficult to do what Ye Chen did.

Upon seeing this, Fairy Zhen immediately remembered the note Ye Chen had previously given her.

Fairy Zhen hurriedly took the note and looked at it, Fairy Zhen started to read everything Ye Chen wrote, she thought everything Ye Chen wrote was very reasonable.

”Really a genius ” Fairy Zhen praised Ye Chen ’s abilities, even though Ye Chen looked like that and looked inexperienced, Ye Chen was actually quite talented.

Fairy Zhen couldn ’t wait to try the notes given by Ye Chen, she wanted to know if all of this was possible or not.

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After all, there was nothing to lose if Fairy Zhen tried this, even if it failed Fairy Zhen would not be at a loss.

Before Fairy Zhen tried everything Ye Chen wrote, Fairy Zhen had to clean her body, it wasn ’t too comfortable when she was dirty like this.

Fairy Zhen kept the note given by Ye Chen in a very safe place, Fairy Zhen must not lose this important record.

After securing the records, Fairy Zhen tidied up the things in this room, after everything was completely tidy, Fairy Zhen decided to leave this room.



Meanwhile, Ye Chen went to the forest, he wanted to find Magical Beasts to practice.

It just so happened that the forest had been cleared, so all the disciples from the Nine Immortals Peak Sect had been allowed to enter the forest again.

” Very crowded.
. ” When Ye Chen entered the forest, Ye Chen found that the forest had become very crowded, it really wasn ’t like the last time Ye Chen was here.

It can be seen that there are groups of men and women looking for something in the forest, they are looking for an important object in this vast forest.

”Don ’t tell me they ’re looking for medicinal herbs? ” Seeing this phenomenon, Ye Chen immediately concluded that these people were looking for a medicinal plant.

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”Master, it is very likely that these people were affected by your great achievements ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

These people were disciples of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, they were all affected by the results Ye Chen got when picking medicinal herbs, which was why these people were trying their luck.

”Some of the medicinal plants in this forest should have been used up by the time I picked them, it will still take some time for new herbs to grow, these people are wasting their time ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Some of the medicinal herbs in this forest had been picked by Ye Chen, so there shouldn ’t be many herbs left.

In addition , the number of disciples picking medicinal plants increased tens of times, this could make medicinal plants very rare to obtain.

”Yes, I know what you mean, these people are really wasting their time. ” Chu Yuechan could understand what Ye Chen was saying.

This number of people is too many, the medicinal plants in this forest can ’t possibly be enough for all of them.

Now picking medicinal plants is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

”Forget these people, let ’s find a quiet place ” Ye Chen decided to forget these people, he had nothing to do with these people, after all it was useless for Ye Chen to warn these people, they must be would not believe Ye Chen who was foreign to them.

Ye Chen left the outer part of the forest, he went deeper and deeper into the core.

There should be fewer people in the core, outer court disciples will definitely not dare to go too deep, that would be tantamount to suicide.

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Ye Chen started to look around, he was looking for the existence of a Magical Beast that had the attributes of fire, ice, water or wind.

Ye Chen wandered around for a while, until now Ye Chen still couldn ’t find any sign of the Magical Beast he was looking for.

”Why can ’t I find the Magical Beast I ’m looking for? ” Ye Chen started to get a little frustrated when he didn ’t get the Magical Beast he was aiming for.

Even though Ye Chen had circled several times, Ye Chen had not found the Magical Beast he was looking for.

”Master, have you forgotten what Mu Xueying previously said, this forest has just been visited by some powerful cultivators, surely the Magical Beasts in this forest are hiding and saving themselves ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Yes, I know, but is there really nothing left? ” Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen was really very disappointed, he had to go the extra mile just to find one Magical Beasts.

”That, I finally found it ” After searching for a while, Ye Chen finally found a Magical Beast wandering around this place.

Ye Chen immediately descended in front of the Magical Beast, the Magical Beast was very surprised when he saw Ye Chen ’s arrival.

Magical Beasts immediately became very alert when they met Ye Chen, Magical Beasts immediately saw Ye Chen as an enemy.

Ye Chen began to emit a very powerful killing aura, Ye Chen intended to make Magical Beasts attack him.

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