When it sensed a threat emanating from Ye Chen, the Magical Beast became more and more ferocious, the Magical Beast intending to attack Ye Chen.

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Magical Beasts started to attack Ye Chen using his Ice breath.

”Good, I ’ll try to control it ” Ye Chen looked very happy when he saw this, now it was time for him to try to control the attacks launched by the Magical Beasts.

Ye Chen tried to control the Ice breath attack launched by the Magical Beast, unfortunately when Ye Chen did this, Ye Chen couldn ’t control the attack.

As a result, the attack directly hit Ye Chen ’s body, and around Ye Chen ’s body was immediately covered by Ice fog.

This ice didn ’t hurt Ye Chen at all, the Ice mist just swirled around Ye Chen ’s body, before dissipating.

”Shit, why can ’t you? ” Ye Chen had a failure, he couldn ’t control the Magical Beast ’s attacks like when he fought the Flame Dragon.

Ye Chen himself didn ’t know what was going on, for sure he couldn ’t use the power yet.

”Again, let ’s attack me one more time ” Ye Chen told the Magical Beast to attack him once more.

The Magical Beasts attacked Ye Chen again, this time the Magical Beasts ’ attacks were slightly stronger than before.

Just like before, Ye Chen tried to control the attacks launched by the Magical Beasts, Ye Chen tried all kinds of ways to control the power of the Magical Beasts.

Unfortunately what Ye Chen did didn ’t work,

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the Magical Beast ’s attack still hit Ye Chen, Ye Chen still couldn ’t control the Magical Beast ’s attack.

”What ’s really wrong? ” Ye Chen started to find out where his fault was.

In the past Ye Chen was able to do that because he had a strong desire to protect Yue Ya, so Ye Chen moved without thinking anything.

”It seems to be more difficult than imagined ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan herself did not expect that it would be this difficult, Chu Yuechan thought Ye Chen would succeed with just one try, but in reality it was not like that.

”I won ’t attack, I will definitely master that ability ” Ye Chen will not give up, he will definitely master the Sage God ’s ability.

”Let ’s go one more time, ” Ye Chen said to the Magical Beast in front of him.

When Ye Chen wanted the Magical Beast to attack him, Ye Chen discovered that the Magical Beast had already fled far away, the Magical Beast was really scared after knowing his attacks didn ’t work against Ye Chen.

”Where are you going, I won ’t let you run away ” Ye Chen wouldn ’t let his training tools escape, he was chasing the Magical Beast that had just run away.



Meanwhile at Jade Lotus Peak, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu were currently training, both of whom were practicing their combat abilities.

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Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu looked more and more beautiful, after practicing at the Jade Lotus Peak

”Sister Nianci, what do you think Ye Chen is doing right now? ” in the middle of practice, Xia Qingyu asked what Ye Chen was doing at the moment, Xia Qingyu had not heard from Ye Chen for almost 1 month.

”Who knows, maybe he ’s having fun with a woman out there, ” Mu Nianci said to Xia Qingyu.

After being together for almost 1 month, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci ’s relationship became close, as time passed, the two became close friends.

”Why do you think like that? ” Xia Qingyu asked Mu Nianci.

”You ’ve been with Ye Chen right?, you should know how Ye Chen ’s nature is, he will definitely be entangled with the beauties out there, no one can stop that when it happens ” Mu Nianci said helplessly.

After being with Ye Chen for such a long time, Mu Nianci already knew that Ye Chen was easily entangled with beautiful women, Ye Chen ’s luck was really unreasonable.

”Yes, it can ’t be helped, Ye Chen needs a woman ’s Yin Qi, so he must be close to several women ” Xia Qingyu said to Mu Nianci.

”Yeah, I know that too, maybe that ’s the reason why he got entangled with all of us, ” Mu Nianci said to Xia Qingyu.

”How about we both go and see how Ye Chen is sometime ” Xia Qingyu asked Mu Nianci to go see Ye Chen.

”Yes, that ’s fine, but we have to finish our training, otherwise the Senior Sister won ’t let us leave this place ” Mu Nianci said to Ye Chen.

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Before Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci reached the stage set by Mu Xueying, both of them were strictly forbidden to leave their current place.

”Then let ’s go back to cultivate to get out of this place quickly. ” Xia Qingyu advised Mu Nianci to return to training, it was done so that the two of them quickly got out of this place.

Mu Nianci nodded, and the two of them resumed their training.



Still at Jade Lotus Peak to be exact in Ning Xia ’s room, Ning Xia had just finished refining the Ice Phoenix blood for Mu Xueying.

Now it was just a matter of finding Mu Xueying and giving this to Mu Xueying, then Mu Xueying would be able to use the Ice Phoenix like Ning Xia.

Ning Xia released the barrier she had created, after which Ning Xia went to Mu Xueying ’s room.

It just so happened that Mu Xueying was currently in her room, so Ning Xia shouldn ’t have bothered to look for Mu Xueying ’s whereabouts.

”Xueying, are you inside? ” Ning Xia knocked on Mu Xueying ’s door.

Unfortunately Ning Xia didn ’t get any response from Mu Xueying.

Because of this strangeness, Ning Xia decided to try to call back Mu Xueying, unfortunately the second and third calls made by Ning Xia didn ’t work at all, Ning Xia didn ’t get an answer from Mu Xueying.

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Unable to get an answer, Ning Xia was forced to forcibly enter inside, as Lord Peak, Ning Xia was able to enter all places in Jade Lotus Peak.

Ning Xia opened the door to Mu Xueying ’s room, when Ning Xia opened Mu Xueying ’s room, Ning Xia found Mu Xueying lost in thought and looking out the window.

The current Mu Xueying looked extremely beautiful, she really was like a goddess peeking out.

”This girl is getting more and more beautiful ” Ning Xia felt that Mu Xueying became more and more beautiful as time went on, the Exquisite Goddess Body was indeed very extraordinary, this made Mu Xueying even more beautiful.

If it continued like this, then Mu Xueying would definitely attract the attention of countless people in the God Realm.

. ” Ning Xia tried to call Mu Xueying, unfortunately Mu Xueying still didn ’t listen to Ning Xia ’s words.

Even though Ning Xia was very close, Ning Xia ’s voice still couldn ’t be heard by Mu Xueying.

”What exactly is she thinking? ” Ning Xia started to wonder what Mu Xueying was thinking.

Why did Mu Xueying daydream to the point of not listening to Ning Xia ’s words.

Ning Xia had no choice but to come over and pat Mu Xueying ’s shoulder.

Mu Xueying felt someone tap her on the shoulder, Mu Xueying immediately saw who tapped her on the shoulder.

When Mu Xueying looked back, Mu Xueying found the figure of Ning Xia already behind her.

”Master, why are you here? ” Mu Xueying immediately asked why Ning Xia was in her room.

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