Ning Xia nodded lightly at Mu Xueying, she felt a little happy when Mu Xueying could fuse with her Phoenix blood, now Mu Xueying could use the Ice Phoenix Inheritance like her.

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”Master, can you now tell me what you meant before? ” Mu Xueying wanted to know what Ning Xia had previously wanted to say.

Mu Xueying really wanted to know what Ning Xia wanted to tell her.

”Okay, I ’ll tell you a little bit about me. ” Ning Xia started to tell Mu Xueying a little about herself.

Ning Xia told who she was and the power she possessed, Ning Xia was a member of the Phoenix Clan who had two inheritances in one body, Ning Xia ’s own body had the inheritance of the Ice Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix.

This is what makes Ning Xia able to use two elements at the same time, it turns out that Ning Xia is hiding a big secret in her body.

Mu Xueying looked shocked when she found out about this, she never knew that Mu Xueying had the inheritance of two Phoenixes in the same body, it was a very difficult thing to explain even for a cultivator.

Ning Xia was here in disguise, it seemed that Ning Xia was trying to hide herself from the outside world, especially from the Great powers in the God Realm. 

Ning Xia is really very powerful, Ning Xia can hide the Phoenix inheritance from everyone, even now Mu Xueying and the female disciple of Jade Lotus Peak are not aware that Lord Peak has two Phoenix inheritances.

”Then why is Master in this place? ” Mu Xueying started to ask why Ning Xia was in this place.

”For some reason, I disguised myself and became a Peak Lord, I did it for something I can ’t say ” Ning Xia didn ’t want to tell Mu Xueying this reason, she didn ’t seem to want to tell Mu Xueying her plans.

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Seeing that Ning Xia was unwilling to speak of this matter, Mu Xueying did not dare to continue this matter.

”Xueying, I only have a request of you ” Ning Xia now had a request for Mu Xueying.

”What is it, as long as I can do it, I will. ” Mu Xueying was curious about Ning Xia ’s request.

”I want to ask you to help me when the time comes, I ’m not asking this as your Master, I ’m asking this as a colleague, I believe in the future you can help me ” Ning Xia said to Mu Xueying.

It turned out that Ning Xia wanted to ask Mu Xueying to lend a helping hand when the time came, Ning Xia would need help from Mu Xueying in the future.

”Master, you don ’t need to ask for such things, as long as you ask for help, I will always help you ” Mu Xueying said to Ning Xia.

Even though Ning Xia didn ’t say this, if Ning Xia was in trouble, Mu Xueying would definitely try to help.

”Thank you very much ” Ning Xia thanked Mu Xueying, Ning Xia was satisfied with the answer given by Mu Xueying, it seems that Ning Xia is not wrong in having people.

”One more thing, please keep secret what I ’m talking about right now, I hope you can do it ” Ning Xia wanted Mu Xueying to keep her identity a secret, Ning Xia didn ’t want anyone else to know about her identity.

”Master, don ’t worry, this secret will definitely be very safe. ” Mu Xueying promised that this secret would be safe with her.

Ning Xia nodded, Ning Xia was very confident with Mu Xueying ’s words, Mu Xueying would definitely never betray her and leak this matter.

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”This Xueying is Ice Phoenix cultivation, now that you have obtained the inheritance of Ice Phoenix power, you can start to study it ” Ning Xia handed the Ice Phoenix Art to Mu Xueying.

Ning Xia wanted Mu Xueying to learn this so that the power that Ning Xia gave her could be even more useful.

Mu Xueying received the Ice Phoenix Art from Ning Xia, Mu Xueying couldn ’t wait to learn what Ning Xia had given her.

”You can learn it yourself, I will go to do something important, as long as I am not in this place, you will take full responsibility in this place ” Ning Xia wanted to do something, she handed over the responsibility of being here to Mu Xueying.

”Okay, Xueying understands. ” Mu Xueying immediately nodded at Ning Xia, she would take responsibility when Ning Xia wasn ’t here.

After telling Mu Xueying the responsibility, Ning Xia immediately disappeared from this room.

Now in this room only Mu Xueying was left alone.

Mu Xueying looked at the Ice Phoenix Art in her hands, Mu Xueying was going to try to learn the Ice Phoenix Art.



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After leaving Mu Xueying ’s room, Ning Xia headed towards the forest, intending to head to the battleground of Yue Ya and the Flame Dragon.

As she was still busy refining the Ice Phoenix blood, Ning Xia still didn ’t have time to see the battles that Moon Goddess Yue Ya fought.

Ning Xia also wanted to see the traces of the battle that Moon Goddess Yue Ya had fought, Ning Xia wanted to know what Moon Goddess Yue Ya was doing in Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

As a powerful cultivator in the God Realm, what Yue Ya did naturally attracted Ning Xia, Ning Xia wanted to know why the moon goddess Yue Ya had come to visit this place.

When Ning Xia headed to the part where the battle was taking place, Ning Xia saw someone chasing a Magical Beast.

”Hey where are you running, come attack me ” this man shouted to the Magical Beast who was trying to run away.

That ’s right, the person Ning Xia was looking at was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was currently chasing the Magical Beast that was running away from him.

”What is that outer court disciple doing, why is he chasing Magical Beasts? ” Ning Xia started to wonder what Ye Chen was doing, why did Ye Chen chase the Magical Beasts and tell the Magical Beasts to attack him.

This of course became a very strange thing for Ning Xia, Ning Xia had never seen anything like this.

What Ye Chen did was quite funny to Ning Xia, Ning Xia thought Ye Chen was playing catch-up with Magical Beasts.

”This outer court disciple is a little interesting, how can a Tier 7 Magical Beast run like that when facing an outer court disciple who only has cultivation at the early Divine Nascent Realm. ”

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Ning Xia was curious how a Tier 7 Magical Beast who was on the same level as a cultivator at the peak realm of the Divine Spirit Realm would be afraid of Ye Chen who had such a low cultivation.

Ye Chen was currently hiding his own strength, so Ning Xia didn ’t know Ye Chen ’s true strength.

”Ah forget it, I still have important business to do ” Ning Xia decided to continue with important business, she had to go where she wanted to go.

Ning Xia went to Yue Ya ’s battle ground, she started to ignore Ye Chen.

Ye Chen who was chasing the Magical Beast stopped where he was, just now Ye Chen felt someone was spying on him.

Ye Chen immediately looked around, trying to find Ning Xia ’s whereabouts.

”Yuechan just now? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

”It ’s just a strong cultivator passing by. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that a powerful cultivator just happened to pass by this place.

”I see. ” Ye Chen nodded to Chu Yuechan, it seemed that just now he was not someone who had any intentions towards Ye Chen.

”Hey don ’t run away ” Ye Chen finally returned to focus on the Magical Beast that he was chasing, Ye Chen should be able to catch this Magical Beast.

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