Ye Chen very easily crippled several kidnappers.

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After crippling a few people, Ye Chen immediately caught up with Li Jingyi who had gone quite a distance.

The maid as well as the kidnapper looked shocked by what had just happened, they didn ’t know what had just happened.

What Ye Chen did was too fast, they all couldn ’t see what Ye Chen had just done.

Ye Chen ’s strength has really increased greatly, even a cultivator at the early stages of Divine Rebirth Realm, this is something that can no longer be explained.

The maid took this opportunity very well, she used to start attacking aggressively on the remaining enemies.

Since the number of enemies had decreased as a result of being dropped by Ye Chen, the maids were finally able to gain some ease in fighting the enemy.

Ye Chen quickly chased after Li Jingyi, it just so happened that Li Jingyi was currently quite far ahead.

Li Jingyi ’s movement speed was quite fast, Ye Chen even had to use quite a bit of speed to catch up with Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi flew as fast as he could, Li Jingyi tried to go find a hiding place.

Li Jingyi suddenly stopped, it could be seen that right now in front of Li Jingyi was someone who had been waiting for him.

Someone in a robe was waiting for Li Jingyi, he seemed to be one of the kidnappers.

With little effort put in by Ye Chen, Ye Chen was finally able to catch up with Li Jingyi.

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When Ye Chen managed to get to Li Jingyi ’s place, Ye Chen discovered that currently there was a kidnapper who had been chasing Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen hid to the side, he observed who this man in the robe was, it seemed that this man was the mastermind behind Li Jingyi ’s attack and kidnapping.

”Princess where are you going?, you won ’t be able to escape from me ” the leader of the kidnappers said to Li Jingyi, he wouldn ’t let Li Jingyi go just like that.

”Who are you, why are you trying to catch me? ” Li Jingyi asked about the identity of the kidnapper group.

”You don ’t need to know who we are, what you need to know is that we want that power of yours. ” This person refused to reveal the identity of the group, all he needed was Li Jingyi ’s power that could heal and heal wounds in an instant.

”I don ’t want to do that ” Li Jingyi said that he didn ’t want to lend her power to these people.

”You have no other choice, no one can protect you from us ” the leader of the kidnappers said that no one else could protect Li Jingyi.

”Now come with me obediently. ” The leader of the kidnappers immediately approached and prepared to take Li Jingyi ’s body.

Seeing this, Li Jingyi felt that she had to fight the person who kidnapped her.

Li Jingyi prepared to put up a fight against the person who wanted to kidnap her.

Just before the kidnapping boss could catch Li Jingyi, suddenly the kidnapping boss ’s hand was stopped by someone.

”Don ’t touch weak women, let ’s face me. ” The person who had stopped the kidnapping boss was naturally Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen finally appeared and stopped the person who wanted to kidnap Li Jingyi.

”Who are you? ” The kidnapper immediately asked who Ye Chen was, why did Ye Chen dare to interfere with his affairs.

”I am a hero who saves a helpless beauty ” Ye Chen told the kidnapper that he was a hero who would save Li Jingyi.

”Don ’t pretend to be a hero, otherwise you will.
.Bam. ” Before the kidnapper finished his words, Ye Chen had already hit the kidnapper.

Apart from hitting the kidnapper away, Ye Chen also took the kidnapper ’s robe, now the kidnapper ’s true figure can be seen clearly.

” You .
? ” Ye Chen was dumbfounded when he saw the identity of the person who wanted to kidnap Li Jingyi, it turned out to be Oyang Jun who was in the same party as him.

”Bastard, how dare you reveal my identity ” Oyang jun was angry with Ye Chen for revealing his identity.

”Aren ’t you the disciple of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect assigned to be my bodyguard? ” Li Jingyi immediately asked Oyang Jun who was supposed to be a bodyguard on her trip.

”Escorting you is just a disguise, my real job is to kidnap you andyou to my master ” Oyang Jun told that his job was to take Li Jingyi to someone.

Li Jingyi was speechless when she listened to what Oyang Jun had to say, this man was clearly a very dangerous traitor.

”So you are a traitor, a traitor should get a proper punishment ” Ye Chen said to Oyang Jun.

”Don ’t be so big-headed, I can kill you very easily. ” Oyang Jun said that he could kill Ye Chen very easily.

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”We ’ll see who loses ” Seeing Oyang Jun ’s arrogance, Ye Chen immediately stepped forward and started attacking Oyang Jun.

”Prepare to enter the afterlife. ” Oyang Jun also started to advance, this man took a machete from his Space Ring.

Oyang Jun ’s target was Ye Chen ’s head, he intended to behead Ye Chen ’s using the machete in his hand.

Oyang Jun took out his true cultivation base, considerable strength overflowed from Oyang Jun ’s body, it turned out that this man had hidden his cultivation base, unexpectedly that Oyang Jun ’s cultivation base was comparable to Lao Kang.

”Die ” Oyang Jun jumped up and started slashing the machete in his hand towards Ye Chen ’s neck.

” clang ” a crashing sound caused by a hard object sounded, Oyang Jun ’s cleaver had now landed in Ye Chen ’s sight.

Oyang Jun ’s macheter just landed on Ye Chen ’s neck, unfortunately the cleaver in Oyang Jun ’s hand was unable to penetrate Ye Chen ’s skin which felt very hard.

Ye Chen was currently using the power of the God Mask to focus on increasing his physical strength, as a result, Oyang Jun Jun macheteunable to injure him.

”God Mask is very useful ” Ye Chen felt that God Mask was very useful, it was really an artifact that strengthened Ye Chen ’s strength.

” What ! ! ! ” Oyang Jun finally reacted, he couldn ’t believe what he just saw, Ye Chen actually resisted his attack.

Oyang Jun didn ’t give up, he immediately tried to increase his strength to slash Ye Chen ’s neck.

”Stop trying, you won ’t be able to kill me ” Ye Chen told Oyang Jun that what he did was a waste of time.

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Apart from using the God Mask, Ye Chen also used the Transparent Heavenly Armor to protect his body from receiving any damage when facing strong attacks.

Although this wasn ’t the perfect version of the Heavenly Armor that could keep Ye Chen completely protected from all kinds of attacks.

This was more than enough if only to deflect the attack that came from Oyang Jun.

”Damn it, why won ’t it move ” Oyang Jun cursed his machete, why his machete wouldn ’t move and cut off Ye Chen ’s head.

”Enough .
., Bam .
.. ” Ye Chen hit Oyang Jun Face, Oyang Jun was thrown  immediately very far when he received punch.

Oyang Jun ’s body crashed into the rocks and trees that he passed, Oyang Jun was forced to retreat tens of miles away by Ye Chen ’s punch.

” cough .
. ” Oyang Jun coughed up blood mixed with his teeth that had fallen out, Ye Chen ’s punch made Oyang Jun ’s face and teeth shattered.

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