”Invite me? ” Ye Chen asked the maid in front of him again, he couldn ’t believe what he just heard.

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It wasn ’t just Ye Chen who couldn ’t believe what they had just heard, Mei Yueli, Song Ziyu and the others couldn ’t believe what the maid had just said.

The princess invited Ye Chen to meet her, this was something that no one could imagine.

”Yes, the princess invites you to speak privately ” The maid confirmed what the princess said.

”Young master Ye Chen, please follow me. ” The maid told Ye Chen to follow her to meet the princess.

”Okay ” Ye Chen nodded, he immediately went to follow the Maid into the carriage.

Everyone left was dumbfounded, they didn ’t know what had just happened, how an outer court disciple like Ye Chen could be invited by a princess like Li Jingyi, this was an impossible thing for everyone to accept.

”Everyone, let ’s continue this journey ” Lao Kang woke everyone who was dumbfounded, Lao Kang invited everyone to continue their journey.

Lao Kang didn ’t care about the affairs that Ye Chen and the princess had, the main focus of Lao Kang was to complete this mission.

journey continues, Lao Kang and the others moved forward.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen had now entered Li Jingyi ’s carriage, this carriage was much bigger than Ye Chen had expected.

Currently Li Jingyi was sitting on a chair, in front of the chair there was a table and on it were some food and tea arranged neatly.

Li Jingyi was also wearing a dress that was much prettier than yesterday, even Li Jingyi ’s cleavage stood out.

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Ye Chen ’s eyes couldn ’t leave focus on the two profound slits at all.

Ye Chen felt that he could sink himself into it.

Seeing the arrival of Ye Chen, Li Jingyi immediately got up from her seat.

”Ye Chen welcome, you can sit here ” Li Jingyi gave a greeting to Ye Chen, Li Jingyi even directly told Ye Chen to sit in front of her.

Having been invited by Li Jingyi, Ye Chen immediately went to the seat in front of Li Jingyi.

After Ye Chen sat down, the maid immediately came over and gave Ye Chen a cup of tea.

After passing a cup of tea to Ye Chen, this maid directly returned to Li Jingyi ’s side.

”Ye Chen, this is the second time we ’ve met. ” Li Jingyi said that this was their second meeting.

”I ’m sorry for the impudence I did last night, I didn ’t expect that you would become a princess ” Ye Chen said that he still didn ’t think that Li Jingyi was a princess.

Li Jingyi smiled gently at Ye Chen, it could be seen that Li Jingyi looked very gentle towards Ye Chen.

”You don ’t need to be so formal with me, you can treat me like an ordinary person, I don ’t really like being treated so formally like this ” Li Jingyi said that she didn ’t like being treated so formally.

”Alright, I won ’t treat you formally. ” Ye Chen informed that he wouldn ’t be too formal with Li Jingyi.

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”You can go and leave us alone, I want to talk to him alone ” Li Jingyi told the Maid to leave the two of them, Li Jingyi wanted to talk alone with Ye Chen.

”Okay, I ’ll go out. ” Since the princess ’s order was absolute, the maid couldn ’t refuse, she could only leave Li Jingyi with Ye Chen.

The maid wasn ’t too worried about the princess ’ safety, an outer court disciple with a weak cultivation wouldn ’t be able to harm the princess.

After the Maid left, now inside this place there was only Ye Chen and also Li Jingyi.

”Ye Chen, you ’re still looking at mine with that look, aren ’t you afraid of getting punished ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi had seen Ye Chen ’s movements, who had been looking at her two peaks, this man was really very brave to stare at Li Jingyi ’s two towering peaks.

”Princess Li Jingyi, forgive my impudence, you have something beautiful, so I can ’t take this sight away from your body ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

” You mean ? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, Li Jingyi wanted to know what Ye Chen just meant.

”I mean, princess Li Jingyi is very beautiful, there are beautiful works that are worthy of admiration ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen wasn ’t lying, Li Jingyi was a beauty who looked gentle and always had a smile on her face, this beauty was something that every man in this world dreamed of.

Li Jingyi ’s face turned slightly red when she listened to what Ye Chen said.

To think that Ye Chen would say such words, the praise given by Ye Chen made Li Jingyi ’s heart flutter.

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Li Jingyi became interested in Ye Chen ’s mischief, this man was quite capable of entertaining and making Li Jingyi feel happy.

”Ye Chen, if I let you touch it, would you like it? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

For the first time a gentle woman like Li Jingyi tried to provoke Ye Chen, Li Jingyi ’s words could make any man excited.

”Of course, how can I refuse? ” Ye Chen was quite direct in his reply to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen didn ’t care if Li Jingyi ’s identity was that of a princess, if Li Jingyi did provoke him, then Ye Chen would naturally welcome it.

Li Jingyi smiled at Ye Chen, Ye Chen was too straightforward with herself, this man was very honest.

”He ’s too honest, this is the first time I ’ve met an honest man like this ” This was Li Jingyi ’s first time meeting an honest man like Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s honesty deserves appreciation.

As a princess who had grown up in a palace full of hypocrites, Li Jingyi was used to hypocrites who were nice in front of her but wanted something from her.

Li Jingyi hated things like this the most, she didn ’t like things like this, if Li Jingyi had the chance, Li Jingyi wanted to leave the imperial palace.

”Do you dare to do it? ” Li Jingyi asked if Ye Chen really dared to do that or was it just nonsense.

”I ’ve never been afraid to do something like that ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that he wasn ’t afraid to do that.

Ye Chen didn ’t care at all if Li Jingyi was a princess, as long as he liked it, Ye Chen would do Li Jingyi.

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”Then give it a try, I want to see that ability you have ” with a very gentle smile, Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to go ahead and try it, while Li Jingyi wanted to see Ye Chen ’s abilities.

Li Jingyi felt that there was a resemblance between Ye Chen and the masked man last night, which was why Li Jingyi wanted to see if Ye Chen was the masked man or not.

Ye Chen felt challenged by Li Jingyi, Ye Chen began to extend his hand towards Li Jingyi ’s two big melons.

When Ye Chen ’s hand was only inches from Li Jingyi ’s double peak, suddenly the tea on the table rose and slapped Ye Chen ’s hand.

Ye Chen ’s hand was easily pushed away by Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen was a little surprised to see this, it turned out that this gentle and weak-looking princess had a strong ability.

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