”Ye Chen why did you stop?, are you giving up your intentions? ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen in a voice full of tenderness.

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”Princess has great abilities, it looks like it won ’t be as easy as I thought ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

”So you ’ve given up? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, Li Jingyi asked if Ye Chen had given up.

”I didn ’t say that I had given up. ” Ye Chen said that if he hadn ’t given up, Ye Chen would definitely touch Li Jingyi ’s two big things.

Ye Chen vowed to do just that, he wanted to touch Li Jingyi ’s two big melons.

”Then let ’s continue ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen, Li Jingyi looked like she still wanted to continue this, she wanted to know how strong Ye Chen ’s strength was.

Ye Chen again reached out towards Li Jingyi, this time using a faster speed than before.

Once again, before Ye Chen could touch Li Jingyi, water appeared in front of Li Jingyi and blocked Ye Chen ’s path, this made Ye Chen unable to touch Li Jingyi again.

Li Jingyi smiled when she saw this, again Ye Chen couldn ’t get past the shield he made.

Actually Ye Chen could have crossed the shield made by Li Jingyi, unfortunately Ye Chen didn ’t do that because he was aware of Li Jingyi ’s intention to do this.

It was clear that Li Jingyi intended to test Ye Chen ’s abilities, Ye Chen himself still didn ’t know what Li Jingyi meant by doing this.

”Is he really this weak? ” Seeing Ye Chen unable to break through his shield, Li Jingyi started to wonder if Ye Chen was really that weak.

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Ye Chen didn ’t try again, he just kept quiet and didn ’t try.

”So now you really give up? ” Seeing Ye Chen ’s reaction, Li Jingyi believed that Ye Chen had given up.

”Princess, your guard is too strong, can ’t you give me a little bit? ” Ye Chen wanted Li Jingyi to give in to him more.

”I can ’t do that ” Li Jingyi said that if he couldn ’t do such a thing, Li Jingyi ’s goal was to test Ye Chen ’s strength.

”Alright, if indeed the princess doesn ’t want to budge, then let me be a little serious, don ’t blame me you forced me ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi only smiled gently when she heard what Ye Chen just said, what Ye Chen said was like a bluff to herself.

Ye Chen once again stretched his hand forward, this time Ye Chen used all his abilities, with Ye Chen ’s ability, Ye Chen could very easily break through the water shield made by Li Jingyi.

After breaking through the shield made by Li Jingyi, Ye Chen ’s hand touched an extremely soft object, it was so soft that it made Ye Chen ’s palm sink into it.

Li Jingyi looked quite surprised when he saw what was going on at the moment, Li Jingyi didn ’t have time to react when Ye Chen had already held into Li Jingyi double peak.

Ye Chen shamelessly started to squeeze Li Jingyi ’s double peak, Ye Chen was really enjoying the sensation.

. ” Li Jingyi started to let out a groan that sounded very soft, Li Jingyi ’s voice could make the bones of any man who heard it melt.

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Even Ye Chen who heard this was very excited, Ye Chen stretched out his other hand, this time Ye Chen used his two hands to support Li Jingyi ’s two double peaks.

Ye Chen didn ’t care about Li Jingyi ’s identity anymore, what Ye Chen wanted was to play with the two big and soft objects in the palm of his hand.

”Wait, where did you touch it, ah.
. ” Li Jingyi groaned again when her object was touched by Ye Chen ’s skillful hand.

Li Jingyi couldn ’t stand the feeling that Ye Chen ’s hand gave, the feeling that Ye Chen ’s hand gave her made Li Jingyi ’s mind go strange.

” What ’s this ? ” Li Jingyi started to wonder what had happened to her, why she could feel such a wonderful feeling when Ye Chen touched her body.

”Princess, besides being big, yours is also very soft, ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen told Li Jingyi the truth, what he said was the truth, these two things felt very soft and full, the feeling of touching these things was very good.

Ye Chen ’s fingers began to explore every inch of Li Jingyi ’s double peak, Ye Chen was trying to measure Li Jingyi against his woman ’s.

When Ye Chen tried to compare Li Jingyi with Xue Suyin ’s, Ye Chen found that Li Jingyi was bigger, Li Jingyi ’s capital was truly extraordinary, she was truly very blessed with two majesty that every man wanted.

Li Jingyi was really very embarrassed when she heard what Ye Chen just said, what Ye Chen said made Li Jingyi feel embarrassed.

In this life, Li Jingyi had never let anyone touch her belongings, it could be said that Ye Chen was the first to dare to do this to Li Jingyi.

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Li Jingyi wanted to try to stop Ye Chen, unfortunately he didn ’t have the ability to stop Ye Chen.

I don ’t know why Li Jingyi was actually enjoying this, she liked the feeling that Ye Chen ’s hand gave her, this feeling was really very good.

Whereas, originally Li Jingyi just wanted to test Ye Chen ’s strength, not expecting the result to be like this, she started sinking into an abyss of no return.

”Ye Chen please stop.
. ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to stop right now, at this rate Li Jingyi could go crazy.

”Sorry my beautiful princess, but I don ’t want to stop, it ’s so much fun ” Ye Chen really didn ’t want to stop, he felt that this was really fun.

Ye Chen hadn ’t touched a massive double peak like Li Jingyi in a long time, so it wasn ’t strange that Ye Chen was enjoying this.

Li Jingyi was already completely helpless, soon this woman would definitely fall into endless pleasure.

Soft moans continued to escape Li Jingyi ’s Cherry ’s mouth, this place was filled with Li Jingyi ’s moans.

Luckily this place had very, very good sound insulation, so outsiders wouldn ’t hear or know what Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were doing.

Li Jingyi ’s face started to turn red like an apple, Li Jingyi started to show a slightly lewd face.

. ” After a while of receiving Ye Chen ’s highly skilled technique, Li Jingyi finally reached the pinnacle of happiness.

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Li Jingyi ’s body was slightly convulsing, it could be seen that Li Jingyi really felt good about this.

After reaching the peak Ye Chen didn ’t let go of Li Jingyi, Ye Chen pulled the beautiful princess into his arms.

Li Jingyi could feel what Ye Chen was doing, Ye Chen actually pulled herself into his arms.

”Ye Chen what do you want to do to me? ” Li Jingyi asked what Ye Chen wanted to do to her.

”Princess, you don ’t need to worry, I will make you feel the greatest pleasure in life ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that he would have the best pleasure in the world, Li Jingyi would definitely like this feeling

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