n felt bad to refuse.

But before Li Jingyi had rejected him, how could Ye Chen easily forget Li Jingyi ’s refusal.

” no .
. ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t want to do it, Ye Chen refused Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi was completely helpless when she saw this, Ye Chen again rejected her.

”Ye Chen, I will do whatever you want, so please help me resolve this inconvenience ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi had no choice but to tell Ye Chen that she would do anything for Ye Chen.

” Are you serious? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

”I ’m serious with my words, I swear to heaven ” Li Jingyi dared to swear by his words.

Seeing Li Jingyi swearing, Ye Chen finally believed Li Jingyi ’s words.

Ye Chen didn ’t think much anymore, he pulled Li Jingyi ’s gentle beauty into his arms.

This time Li Jingyi didn ’t fight back when Ye Chen took it, Li Jingyi was completely resigned to what Ye Chen was going to do to her.

Ye Chen pulled Li Jingyi ’s clothes down, when Ye Chen did this, Li Jingyi ’s two double tops were exposed before Ye Chen ’s eyes.

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”beautiful ” Ye Chen felt that this was a beautiful masterpiece that was owned by Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi was really embarrassed when Ye Chen saw her, Li Jingyi felt that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Ye Chen started to squeeze Li Jingyi ’s two double peaks, this time nothing stopped Ye Chen ’s hand from touching these two super large melons.

Li Jingyi started to feel a sense of comfort, this feeling really made Li Jingyi feel good.

Li Jingyi realized, Li Jingyi had started to like the feeling that Ye Chen gave, this feeling was really very comfortable.

Ye Chen touched for a few moments, after that Ye Chen tried Li Jingyi ’s taste.

Ye Chen ate the pink Cherry bud that was in front of him.

. ” Li Jingyi groaned when she saw Ye Chen suck her own, this feeling was very, very comfortable.

”Ye Chen, you are just like a child. ” Li Jingyi could see that Ye Chen was like a child.

”Princess, this is very delicious. ” Ye Chen said that this was very delicious, Ye Chen liked this feeling.

”Don ’t call me princess, you can call me Jingyi ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to call herself Jingyi.

”Jingyi, you are truly a gift, I want you ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that he wanted Li Jingyi.

”Yes, I want you too, you are great ” Li Jingyi also wants Ye Chen, Ye Chen has made Li Jingyi feel the most beautiful feeling in this world.

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This feeling is the most beautiful thing, it feels much more beautiful than seeing the most beautiful place in this world.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi started to entangle with each other, the gentle looking Li Jingyi started to become aggressive, she wrapped her arms around Ye Chen ’s neck, the two of them were already like a couple.

Ye Chen was really very excited, he really wanted to eat Li Jingyi in his arms.

Li Jingyi was also aware of what Ye Chen wanted, this man clearly wanted her.

The love that Ye Chen gave was truly overwhelming, it made Li Jingyi feel a sense of belonging.

Ye Chen stopped sucking Li Jingyi ’s Cherry buds, Ye Chen currently moved to the top right on Li Jingyi ’s Cherry lips.

Ye Chen brought his face closer and started to kiss Li Jingyi who was in front of him.

Li Jingyi could only close her eyes, waiting for Ye Chen ’s kiss.

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