Despite getting a fiery glare from Ye Chen, Li Jingyi continued to change clothes, quickly changing into a dress that looked much better than before.

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After changing into something nicer, Li Jingyi finally came out and showed it to Ye Chen.

”You changed your dress with a better one? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

”What ’s the matter, don ’t you like this? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

”Of course I like you, you are beautiful in that outfit ” Ye Chen told that Li Jingyi looked beautiful in that outfit.

A beautiful woman will look beautiful even if she wears strange clothes.

Li Jingyi smiled gently when she heard this, Li Jingyi really liked being praised by Ye Chen.

”Alright, let ’s go out right now. ” Li Jingyi invited Ye Chen to come out.

Ye Chen was helplessly dragged by Li Jingyi out of the carriage.

When Ye Chen and Li Jingyi got out of the carriage, the two of them saw a view of a very wide flower bed, when the wind blew some flower petals would fly and make the scene even more beautiful.

Ye Chen did not know what kind of ornamental flower this was, it was the first time he had seen such a flower.

Ye Chen probably knows a lot of medicinal plants, unfortunately Ye Chen ’s knowledge of flowers is not very deep, so Ye Chen doesn ’t know what kind of flower this is.

”so beautiful ” Li Jingyi admired this beauty, she really liked this place.

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This was a place that Li Jingyi had always wanted to visit for a long time, unfortunately Li Jingyi had only just had the chance to visit this place.

”Princess, please enjoy your time, the journey will continue in 3 hours from now ” The maid told Li Jingyi that the trip will continue in about 3 hours, within these 3 hours, Li Jingyi can do whatever she wants in this place .

”Okay, I understand ” Li Jingyi understood, he would enjoy his time in this place.

”Princess, do you want one of us to go with you? ” Lao Kang asked if Li Jingyi needed their escort.

”For that, I already have someone for that. ” Li Jingyi informed that she already had someone to accompany her.

Lao Kang and the others were curious as to what Li Jingyi just meant, they wanted to know who would escort Li Jingyi.

”Ye Chen, let ’s go ” Li Jingyi caught Ye Chen ’s hand, Li Jingyi invited Ye Chen to accompany her.

”Okay ” Ye Chen could only nod to Li Jingyi, Ye Chen couldn ’t refuse Li Jingyi ’s request.

Lao Kang and the other core disciples were shocked to see this, they were stunned when they saw this, they saw a princess with a high status embracing an outer court disciple, this was inconceivable to all of them.

What Ye Chen and Li Jingyi did entered the eyes of Mei Yueli as well as Song Ziyu.

Mei Yueli saw that Ye Chen was very close to Li Jingyi, it could be seen that their relationship was not normal.

”This person, don ’t tell me that he has got this princess, this man is really a female enemy ” Mei Yueli immediately guessed that Ye Chen had already won the princess ’s heart, this could be seen from the intimacy they did.

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Even though it had only been about an hour since Ye Chen got into Li Jingyi ’s carriage, she didn ’t expect Ye Chen to be able to make Li Jingyi show a close relationship with Ye Chen.

”Wait a minute, why do I bother taking care of a pervert like Ye Chen, what he does is none of my business ” Mei Yueli felt strange about herself, why would she bother to take care of Ye Chen ’s and Li Jingyi ’s relationship, that was something which Mei Yueli shouldn ’t need to think about.

Mei Yueli tried to steel her heart to ignore what Ye Chen was doing right now, Unfortunately Mei Yueli couldn ’t do that, Mei Yueli was still thinking about what she was seeing.

Meanwhile Song Ziyu was furious when she saw Ye Chen being so close to Li Jingyi, this useless man could actually be close to a princess like Li Jingyi.

For some reason Song Ziyu was so upset when she saw Ye Chen alone with Li Jingyi, Song Ziyu ’s heart couldn ’t accept this happening.

Song Ziyu couldn ’t bear to see this, this made Song Ziyu ’s eyes feel stained, she would try to separate Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”Princess, do you want me to escort you to make it safer? ” Song Ziyu immediately offered to be Li Jingyi ’s bodyguard.

”It ’s not necessary, I already have Ye Chen, right? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, of course, I will definitely escort the princess very well. ” Ye Chen said that he would escort Li Jingyi.

”You, with your current strength you want to escort the princess, are you kidding me? ” Song Ziyu said to Ye Chen.

Song Ziyu words really tried to hit Ye Chen hard, Song Ziyu alluded to Ye Chen being weak.

”I don ’t care if he ’s weak, I want him to be my bodyguard, so don ’t interfere. ” Before Ye Chen answered Song Ziyu words, Li Jingyi had already answered Song Ziyu words.

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Song Ziyu was left speechless when listening to what Li Jingyi had to say, Song Ziyu was speechless when she saw Li Jingyi princess helping Ye Chen.

”Damn, why is the princess helping this man, what ’s so good about this man? ” Song Ziyu really couldn ’t understand why a princess with such a high status would want to lower herself to the same level as Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi wasn ’t afraid to expose her relationship with Ye Chen, she wasn ’t going to hide what she liked.

”Let ’s go ” Li Jingyi took Ye Chen away and saw this beautiful flower bed, Li Jingyi intended to enjoy this together with Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli, Song Ziyu and the others could only watch Ye Chen leave, they all didn ’t understand why Princess Li Jingyi could act like that towards Ye Chen.

Everyone was stunned by what had just happened, their brains unable to process what had just happened right before their eyes.

Li Jingyi led Ye Chen towards a very wide flower bed.

”Isn ’t this beautiful? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

”Of course it ’s very beautiful. ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that this place was indeed very beautiful.

”I ’ve been dreaming of visiting this place for a long time, finally that dream has come true ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

”I ’m glad your dream has come true. ” Ye Chen was happy to see Li Jingyi ’s dream had come true.

Li Jingyi nodded lightly to Ye Chen, Li Jingyi tightened her distance with Ye Chen.

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Seeing this with close people was different from seeing this in person, Li Jingyi was very happy about this.

”Jingyi let ’s have fun ” Ye Chen pulled Li Jingyi, he invited Li Jingyi to have fun and enjoy this beautiful scenery together.

Li Jingyi nodded, she followed Ye Chen and started having fun regardless of her status as a princess.

Ye Chen took Li Jingyi for a run in the vast flower bed, the two of them were having fun and laughing.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi had been seen to be lovers, the two of them were really very close.

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