oser, I want to discuss this in secret with you ” The maid told Li Jingyi to come closer to her.

”Okay ” Li Jingyi nodded, she would immediately go and approach the female maid.

”Ye Chen wait a moment ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen to wait for her.

Ye Chen nodded to Li Jingyi, Ye Chen will wait for Li Jingyi patiently.

Li Jingyi got up from the grass, and began to approach the female maid who was standing not far from them.

Some time after Li Jingyi left, Ye Chen started to feel something wrong in this, why did the Maid even ask Li Jingyi to come over to her, theoretically a Maid could not allow her Master to do something like this.

”Could it be ” Ye Chen immediately got up from the ground, he followed Li Jingyi who was about to approach the female maid.

Currently the female maid was carrying a knife in her hand, the female maid hid this knife and prepared to catch the approaching Li Jingyi.

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Li Jingyi was getting closer and closer, when Li Jingyi was really very close, the Maid started her action to catch Li Jingyi.

”Jingyi stop ” Ye Chen immediately told Li Jingyi to stop right now.

”Huh? ” Li Jingyi paused, preparing to turn around to see what Ye Chen wanted to do.

When Li Jingyi turned around, from behind a knife was already around her neck.

Li Jingyi was shocked to see this, Li Jingyi immediately looked back to find out what happened.

When Li Jingyi looked back, Li Jingyi discovered that the person who held the knife was his personal maid.

” You .
? ” Li Jingyi said to his personal Maid.

”Shut up ” The maid warned Li Jingyi to be quiet and do nothing.

Seeing that Li Jingyi had been arrested, Ye Chen immediately stopped, Ye Chen looked at the female maid who was leaning against Li Jingyi.

”What are you doing, let go quickly ” Ye Chen told this woman to let go of Li Jingyi.

”No, you should stay there, if you dare to move I will hurt this woman. ” Maid told Ye Chen not to move closer, otherwise she would hurt Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen gritted his teeth when he heard this, it seemed this Maid was also a traitor who intended to kidnap Li Jingyi.

There were too many traitors on this trip, from the start Ye Chen couldn ’t detect this kind of thing, they were too good at carrying out their disguises.

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”Ye Chen, don ’t mind me, you better go and ask for help ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to go and ask a core disciple who was not far from them.

”hahaha, you won ’t be able to ask for help, I ’ve already given them all the medicine that will put them into a deep sleep for a while, they won ’t be able to help you anymore ” the Maid said to Li Jingyi.

This woman had planned everything so well, she was even smarter than Oyang Jun.

”Now no one can save the two of you ” this woman told that no one could help Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”Who said I need help, I can solve this alone ” Ye Chen didn ’t need help from Mei Yueli and the others, Ye Chen alone was enough to take care of this traitorous woman.

”What are you saying, a weak court disciple like you dares to challenge me, don ’t you know your place ” the traitor Maid said to Ye Chen.

”Perfect Steal ”, Ye Chen immediately used Perfect Steal to steal the knife that was in the hands of the traitor Maid.

The knife in the maid ’s hand instantly disappeared and appeared in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Nine Shadow Step ”, After that Ye Chen used the Nine Shadow Step to attack the traitor Maid.

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