Since Ye Chen left, currently Li Jingyi was left alone, Li Jingyi could only wait in this place patiently.

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”Geez, he really left me ” Li Jingyi was dissatisfied when she saw Ye Chen leaving herself like this.


”Beautiful, you seem to be alone. ” A few moments later, several men came over to Li Jingyi, these people seemed to have bad intentions towards Li Jingyi.

These people had quite a high cultivation base, it could be seen that they were strong cultivators comparable to the female maid Ye Chen was chasing.

It seemed their goal was to catch Li Jingyi and take her away.

There are so many groups targeting Li Jingyi, is it because of Li Jingyi Holy Spring Body, this power is needed in battle.

”What do you want? ” Li Jingyi asked what these people wanted.

”of course take you away ” these people told their destination, they wanted to take Li Jingyi away with them.

These people started to approach Li Jingyi, all of them intending to catch Li Jingyi.

”Don ’t come any closer ” Li Jingyi told these people not to come any closer.

”It ’s too late, you won ’t be able to escape from us anymore. ” One of these people stretched out his hand towards Li Jingyi, he intended to grab Li Jingyi body.

Before this man could reach Li Jingyi, his hand was cut off.

”This man doesn ’t know what he just went through, why did his hand suddenly cut off like this.

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Surprisingly this man did not feel any pain because of this, not even a bit of blood that came out when this process happened.

His companions who were behind were shocked when they saw this, nor did they know what had just happened to their comrade.

”You want to take me? ” Li Jingyi asked the man who had lost his hand, Li Jingyi expression was still full of tenderness when she said this.

To an ordinary person, Li Jingyi ’s smile might be very beautiful, but to a person who had lost his hand, Li Jingyi ’s smile was like a terror.

”All of you help me.
. ” The man who had lost an arm asked his comrades behind for help.

Unfortunately before this man could finish his words, this man ’s heart suddenly burst open.

The man who had lost his hand felt his chest become Hole, this man panicked when he saw this, he wanted to scream loudly when he found out about this, but no matter how hard he tried, this man ’s words stuck in his throat.

He was unable to utter a word, his consciousness began to fade and this man fell to the ground.

It was certain that this man had died on the spot, it was impossible for him to live after losing his heart.

The people who saw this were so shocked, they couldn ’t believe what they had just seen.

They were speechless when they saw this, they began to ask if this meek woman had done it.

Since one of their comrades had been killed, the remaining people immediately became alert they all became wary of Li Jingyi.

”Everyone, let ’s attack him. ” These people agreed to attack Li Jingyi at the same time, so they had an even higher chance of winning.

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”Sorry, I don ’t have time to deal with all of you ” Li Jingyi didn ’t have time to deal with this villain, she wanted to wait for Ye Chen.

”Bitch, don ’t underestimate us, you will definitely make you regret for underestimating us ” these people were angry when they listened Li Jingyi words.

Li Jingyi ’s words had truly angered all the men here.

Li Jingyi simply moved her finger horizontally, when Li Jingyi did that, people ’s bodies were instantly cut into two pieces.

once again there were no traces of blood when these people ’s body parts were cut off, they all didn ’t even feel any pain.

Since their bodies had been cut off, these people couldn ’t launch an attack on Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi hid such immense strength, she only needed one finger to clear up these criminals.

Even in this battle not the slightest trace of blood was left behind.

”Rin ” Li Jingyi called out someone ’s name, a while after Li Jingyi called this name, a woman in black clothes came up to Li Jingyi.

”Miss, what do you need? ” The woman named Rin asked about Li Jingyi ’s needs.

Rin is Li Jingyi ’s most loyal servant, she serves Li Jingyi from behind the scenes, even few people know about Rin ’s whereabouts.

”Take these people away, I don ’t want to see them ” Li Jingyi ordered her loyal servant to take the criminals away from this place.

”Miss, is it necessary for me to kill all those who have malicious intentions towards you? ” Rin asked Li Jingyi if she needed to kill these people.

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”Do whatever you want ” Li Jingyi didn ’t care about the life and death of these people at all, it was useless for Li Jingyi to think about people.

Instead of thinking about the lives of these people, Li Jingyi preferred to think about whether Ye Chen was okay or not.

”Okay, I understand ” Rin understood what Li Jingyi wanted, she was going to take these criminals away.

The group of criminals didn ’t dare to voice their discontent, if they dared to voice their discontent then Li Jingyi could easily kill them all.

Behind such a gentle and helpless face, This woman possessed a terrifying amount of strength, if they had all known from the start, they would not have been looking for trouble with Li Jingyi.

As per Li Jingyi ’s orders, Rin carried the corpses and the living people away from this place.

In just a matter of seconds this place was as clean as before, this place had become extremely clean, not the slightest trace of battle could be seen.

Li Jingyi looked back at Ye Chen, he was waiting for Ye Chen ’s arrival.


Ye Chen was currently chasing the Maid who was trying to escape from him, this Maid ’s speed was quite fast, maybe it was because she was a wind cultivator, this made her speed extremely fast.

With her current speed, this woman very easily escaped from Ye Chen.

”This woman is also fast ” Ye Chen did not expect that this woman would fly so fast, if she continued like this, the maid could escape from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly just let this woman escape, he opened his Wind Vein, Ye Chen ’s speed immediately increased drastically when he used Wind Vein, at his full speed to chase this woman.

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Because Ye Chen ’s speed rose massively, Ye Chen was able to catch up to the woman who was trying to escape.

Ye Chen instantly caught the female maid ’s hand and began to immobilize her.

Ye Chen only needed to use his skills to weaken women, with this skill Ye Chen very easily crippled Maid.

The female maid felt strange when the strength in her body disappeared, plus her body felt hot and very uncomfortable.

”Finally I caught you too ” Ye Chen was happy that he had finally caught the Maid who was trying to escape.

”Come with me ” after catching this woman, Ye Chen immediately brought this woman back to Li Jingyi, let this woman explain what happened to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen brought this woman towards Li Jingyi, it just so happened that Li Jingyi was currently standing waiting for Ye Chen ’s arrival.

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