”What are you embarrassed for, haven ’t you seen everything too? ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

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Li Jingyi had already seen everything, so it didn ’t matter if Ye Chen showed it again.


”Still it ’s embarrassing to see in the morning like this ” Li Jingyi said that it was still so embarrassing.

”Hehehe ” Ye Chen just chuckled when he heard this, Li Jingyi looked pretty too when he reacted shyly like this.

”Husband, you better hurry and put your clothes on and we ’ll have breakfast ” Li Jingyi still told Ye Chen to put on his clothes.

”Alright ” Hearing Li Jingyi invite himself to breakfast, Ye Chen finally gave up and started to take the clothes he had.

After that Ye Chen started wearing his clothes, Ye Chen only needed less than a minute to put his clothes back on his body.

”Come on, sit here. ” Li Jingyi invited Ye Chen to sit at the table he had prepared, this time Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to sit beside her.

This made it easier for Li Jingyi to serve and feed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sat at the place Li Jingyi pointed, after that Li Jingyi sat beside Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi clung quite tightly to Ye Chen, this made Li Jingyi ’s double peak rub against Ye Chen ’s arm.

Ye Chen was already getting this kind of intake so early in the morning, how could he not get excited about this.

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The current Li Jingyi didn ’t know that what he was doing made Ye Chen excited, if Li Jingyi found out about this matter, Li Jingyi would probably keep her distance a little.

”Husband, what do you want, this is all I can make ” Li Jingyi asked about the food that Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen looked at the table, he saw some food on the table, this food looked quite delicious in Ye Chen ’s eyes.

”You made all this ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi nodded to Ye Chen, herself who had made all these meals.

”I didn ’t expect that a wife could make something like this too ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that a princess like Li Jingyi could make something like this.

”Don ’t say it like that, even though I ’m a princess, I can still cook some food ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Even though Li Jingyi was a princess who had many servants, Li Jingyi was still able to make a meal.

”Okay, then how about trying it. ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi that he would try to eat the dishes made by Li Jingyi.

”Go ahead ” Li Jingyi invited Ye Chen to try the dish she made.

Ye Chen didn ’t hesitate and started trying to eat the dishes Li Jingyi made.

When Ye Chen tried the food made by Li Jingyi, Ye Chen found that it tasted very sweet.
It was like Li Jingyi had put too much sugar in it.

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” how ? ” Li Jingyi asked how the dishes she had made.

” nice .
. ” Ye Chen said that Li Jingyi dishes was delicious.

Despite the fact that Li Jingyi food tasted bland, Ye Chen still said that Li Jingyi food was delicious.

Ye Chen didn ’t want to make Li Jingyi mood sad, that ’s why Ye Chen said that Li Jingyi food tasted good.

”Thank God ” Li Jingyi was pleased when she heard Ye Chen praise her cooking, it seemed that her efforts had paid off as well.

Li Jingyi decided to join in eating the dishes he made, she still hadn ’t tried the dishes she made.

Ye Chen saw that Li Jingyi also wanted to try it, Ye Chen couldn ’t help but smile when he saw this.

” sweet .
. ” When Li Jingyi tried one bite, Li Jingyi found that her food tasted very sweet, Li Jingyi herself did not know what had happened to the food.

Li Jingyi looked at Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen say that the food tastes good, it is not at all good to eat, it is too sweet for a meal.

After a while, Li Jingyi finally understood why Ye Chen kept saying that the food she made was delicious, apparently Ye Chen didn ’t want to destroy Li Jingyi mood.

”Husband, I ’m sorry ” Li Jingyi apologized to Ye Chen, he was very sorry for not being able to serve Ye Chen a perfect meal.

”Sorry for what? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

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”Of course as for the food, the food I made tasted bad ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

”It doesn ’t matter, as long as my beautiful wife cooks it, it tastes good ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi heart was sweet when she heard this, Ye Chen b accepted Li Jingyi flaws, this was a very touching thing for Li Jingyi.

”It seems, I have to learn to cook, I can ’t continue like this ” Li Jingyi was determined, she would try to practice cooking, as a woman, how could she give food like this to Ye Chen.

Although the food dish made by Li Jingyi was too sweet, it was still edible, so Ye Chen still ate it.

Li Jingyi didn ’t eat it, she didn ’t really like anything too sweet, Li Jingyi could only see Ye Chen still enjoying the food she made.

Li Jingyi had to admit that Ye Chen was an understanding man, he still ate the dishes made by Li Jingyi even though he knew it was too sweet to eat.

In her heart Li Jingyi repeatedly apologized to Ye Chen, Li Jingyi was very sorry for this incident.

If Li Jingyi knew that one day she would be making food for the man she liked, Li Jingyi might take cooking lessons even more seriously.

”Wife, I want to discuss with you ” Ye Chen said that he wanted to discuss something with Li Jingyi.

More precisely Ye Chen wanted to ask Li Jingyi for help to do something.

” what ’s that? ” Ye Chen asked what Ye Chen wanted to discuss with her.

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”I intend to start a trading business, can you recommend a good place for it? ” Ye Chen got straight to the point, he wanted to trade and asked Li Jingyi for help.

”What do you want to sell anyway? ” Li Jingyi asked what Ye Chen wanted to sell.

”I want to sell some things that are not in the God Realm. ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that he wanted to sell some things that were not in the God Realm.

Ye Chen couldn ’t say for now, he was still in the process of designing the items he would sell.

”If you really want to trade, you can start dealing with Golden King auction house, it is the biggest trading place in Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, besides Golden King auction house has many branches in God Realm, so you can market goods you have in various places in the God Realm. ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen about the biggest place to sell his merchandise.

”Is that so, fine then I ’ll try to negotiate with them ” After hearing what Li Jingyi said, Ye Chen began to believe that to start a business in the God Realm, he had to build power too if he wanted to become one of the strongest people in the world.

Ye Chen had thought about this for a long time, he had to create a power if he wanted to survive in the God Realm, power was the beginning to reach the peak.

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