ike Li Jingyi do such a thing for Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli kept thinking about this, she couldn ’t get the thoughts of Ye Chen ’s from her head.

Mei Yueli felt embarrassed when she remembered this, she felt that she was becoming a pervert from remembering this over and over again.

In order to try to get rid of that thought, Mei Yueli had used various means, unfortunately she still couldn ’t get this kind of thought out of her mind.

This made Mei Yueli unable to sleep, Mei Yueli mind was confused because of what she saw last night.

That ’s why the current Mei Yueli could only close her eyes and try to calm her mind so as not to run wild.

”Hey wake up, how long are you going to sleep? ” Ye Chen tried to wake up the people who weren ’t awake yet.

Mei Yueli ’s body stiffened slightly when she listened to Ye Chen ’s voice, she was a little embarrassed to go see Ye Chen again.

But if Mei Yueli didn ’t wake up, then it was certain that Ye Chen would be suspicious of her, which was why Mei Yueli had no choice but to wake up.

Not only Mei Yueli started to wake up when they heard Ye Chen ’s big voice, other core disciples also woke up when they heard Ye Chen ’s voice.

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All the core disciples looked at Ye Chen, some looked dissatisfied when they saw Ye Chen disturbing their beautiful sleep.

Meanwhile a few more were confused about what had happened, their memories were a little blurry about what happened yesterday

”Why are you screaming like that? ” Song Ziyu didn ’t like hearing Ye Chen scream like that, Ye Chen had awakened her sweet dream.

Even though Song Ziyu was dreaming quite beautifully, he dreamed of becoming a powerful cultivator who stood at the peak of the God Realm.

In her dream, Song Ziyu also got what she wanted, this was the most beautiful thing that Song Ziyu had ever dreamed of.

Unfortunately the sweet dream had to end when Song Ziyu listened to Ye Chen ’s voice, Ye Chen ’s voice had shattered Song Ziyu ’s sweet dream.

”How long are you going to sleep like this, don ’t you want to continue this journey? ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu and the others.

Ye Chen tried to remind everyone to get up soon, they had to continue their journey to escort Li Jingyi back to the empire.

”He ’s absolutely right, let ’s continue our journey ” Lao Kang agreed with Ye Chen, they should immediately continue this journey.

Song Ziyu was speechless when she saw Lao Kang helping Ye Chen, now Song Ziyu was speechless.

With Lao Kang ’s direction, everyone immediately cleaned up this place, after which they all immediately left to continue their journey.

It estimated that is it will take another 2 days to reach the empire, so it is still quite a while to reach the empire.


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Two days quickly passed, soon Ye Chen and his entourage would arrive at the empire.

The journey this time seemed much easier than before, no more bad people standing in their way.

In these two days, every night Ye Chen would sneak into Li Jingyi ’s carriage to do Dual Cultivation with Li Jingyi.

In these two days Li Jingyi was really so exhausted, she had no choice but to cooperate with Ye Chen.

Thanks to this, Li Jingyi knew how strong Ye Chen ’s abilities were, she might have to find a few sisters to help deal with Ye Chen ’s strength which was too difficult for her to handle alone.

At this rate Li Jingyi could die under Ye Chen ’s overly powerful possession.

After a long journey, they finally arrived at the empire.

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