”Okay, we will immediately carry out your orders ” the imperial palace soldiers immediately nodded, they would immediately escort Ye Chen and the others to go to their rooms.

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”Everyone, I will go first, enjoy your time in this place to rest ” Li Jingyi said to everyone to rest, everyone must be tired after a long journey.


”Princess, thank you for the kindness you have given ” Lao Kang thanked Li Jingyi for the kindness, what Li Jingyi did was very kind.

Li Jingyi nodded, after which Li Jingyi went with the guards to the imperial palace which was above the sky.

”Everyone please come with me ” The guard ordered Ye Chen and others to follow him, the guard would escort Ye Chen and the others to a room that was reserved for important guests.

Ye Chen, Mei Yueli, Song Ziyu, Lao Kang and the other core disciples immediately followed the guards, they all couldn ’t wait to go to their rooms to rest.

Ye Chen was brought by the guards to a place that had many rooms which looked quite luxurious, these rooms must be quite expensive.

This was a special room the empire used to welcome important guests when hosting an event, so there were thousands of rooms in this place.

”You are all free to choose the room you want, you can also call the Maid who is in this place if you need anything ” The guard told Ye Chen and the others to choose their own rooms.

Ye Chen, Mei Yueli, Song Ziyu, Lao Kang and the other core disciples immediately nodded, they already understood what the guards were saying.

”Okay, I ’ll go back to my work, enjoy the time you guys have ” The guard said goodbye, he wanted to go back to work, if he continued to be here, he could get into a problem.

Everyone let their guards go, they all no longer needed guards to guide the way, now they just needed to choose a suitable room for them to live in.

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Ye Chen and the others immediately went to find a room for them to stay in, because there were so many rooms here, Ye Chen and the others didn ’t have to bother looking for a suitable room for their taste.

”Yueli let ’s live in the room next door. ” Song Ziyu invited Mei Yueli to live next door.

Mei Yueli didn ’t answer Song Ziyu words, it could be seen that Mei Yueli was currently lost in thought.

In the past few days, Mei Yueli had been daydreaming a lot, No one knows what Mei Yueli was thinking right now.

”Yueli ” Seeing Mei Yueli not answering, Song Ziyu had no choice but to call Mei Yueli again.

” Yes, what is up ? ” Mei Yueli immediately asked what Song Ziyu was asking her.

”I said let ’s find an adjacent room ” Song Ziyu repeated her words again, Song Ziyu told Mei Yueli to find an adjoining room to make it easier for them to communicate.

”okay ” Mei Yueli nodded immediately, she immediately agreed with Song Ziyu suggestion.

Mei Yueli and Song Ziyu immediately went to find an adjacent room for them.

Quickly everyone has found their own room, each room will have a maid who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the room, this is indeed a top class service.

They were all free to tell the Maid to do what they wanted, which was an extraordinary thing.

Ye Chen had also found a suitable room, he immediately entered the room.

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”Master, welcome ” when Ye Chen entered the room, Ye Chen was greeted by a maid who had a decent appearance, this maid smiled at Ye Chen who had just entered this room.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he found out that in the room there was actually a maid.

”Do you live here? ” Ye Chen asked the Maid in front of him.

The maid immediately shook her head, ”I ’m cleaning this place from dust and dirt, this is my job, ” said the Maid to Ye Chen.

Each maid is responsible for their own room, they have to clean the room periodically so that when used the room is not dirty.

”Oh, I see. ” Ye Chen now understood, it turned out that the Maid was cleaning this room.

”Master, you wait a moment, I will soon clean this place ” Maid said that she would soon clean this place.

”Okay, I ’ll wait for you ” Ye Chen nodded, he would wait patiently.

Ye Chen doesn ’t mind waiting for the maid to finish cleaning this room, this maid is quite beautiful, Ye Chen likes to see beautiful women, glamorous and quite seductive.

The maid felt a little uncomfortable when Ye Chen looked at her with a piercing gaze, it felt quite embarrassing to be stared at by Ye Chen like that.

”Master, why are you looking at me like that, is there something wrong with me? ” Maid asked Ye Chen.

”No, there ’s nothing wrong with you, it ’s just that you look beautiful, so I looked at you ” Ye Chen said to the maid who was cleaning this place.

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”Master you .
. ” The maid ’s face immediately turned red when she listened to what Ye Chen had just said, Ye Chen ’s praise was quite pleasant to hear.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw the female maid being embarrassed like that.

. ” Just as Ye Chen was teasing the Maid in front of him, someone suddenly coughed lightly behind him.

Ye Chen immediately turned around to see who was coughing behind him, when Ye Chen turned around, Ye Chen found that behind him was Li Jingyi, this time LI Jingyi crossing her arms right under the huge double peak she had.

Li Jingyi was currently smiling at Ye Chen, Li Jingyi smile had a completely different meaning, it was obvious that Li Jingyi was disappointed to see what Ye Chen was doing right now.

The maid immediately lowered her head when she saw Li Jingyi here, she was quite afraid of Li Jingyi.

”You go and leave us alone. ” Li Jingyi asked the Maid to leave her and Ye Chen alone.

.Okay. ” The maid immediately nodded to Li Jingyi, she immediately stopped cleaning and left the room.

”Ye Chen ” Li Jingyi called Ye Chen ’s name, she no longer called Ye Chen as husband.

., my wife, what ’s wrong? ” Ye Chen immediately replied to Li Jingyi words, Ye Chen himself did not expect that Li Jingyi was behind him, even though Ye Chen thought Li Jingyi would be gone for a long time.

”I just left you for a while and you ’re already trying to seduce another woman ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi had just left Ye Chen, unexpectedly Ye Chen would seduce another woman.

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”I ’m not teasing her, I ’m just talking to her ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t tease the Maid just now, Ye Chen was just talking to the Maid.

”Isn ’t something like that tempting? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

”Of course not, I ’ll show you what teasing is like ” Ye Chen extended his hand towards Li Jingyi two large melons.

. ” Li Jingyi moaned softly when she saw Ye Chen playing with her double peak.

Her double peak was a very sensitive place, a little touch from Ye Chen could make Li Jingyi very excited.

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