The guards let Ye Chen in so easily, they didn ’t stop Ye Chen from wanting to enter the Golden King auction house.

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The Golden King ’s auction house was a free trade place, everyone could buy and sell what they wanted in this place.


Most of the items here will be auctioned, it ’s every hour there will be auctions for goods, while occasionally there will be big auctions held every few weeks or every few months.

In these grand auctions, various items would usually appear that would attract cultivators from all over the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm or cultivators from outside the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

Ye Chen went inside, the Golden King ’s auction house is very spacious, it can accommodate a lot of people, this place is very crowded, many people want to auction or sell what they have.

Ye Chen started looking for an employee assigned to be in charge of this place, it just so happened that one of the receptionists was not doing anything.

”Miss ” Ye Chen approached and greeted the female receptionist in front of him.

”sir, is there anything I can help you with? ” With a brilliant smile, the female receptionist asked if Ye Chen had anything to do at the Golden King ’s auction house.

The female receptionist seemed okay with Ye Chen ’s current appearance, she looked very ordinary when she saw Ye Chen ’s reclusive appearance.

In the Golden King ’s auction house it was common to see people who concealed their appearance, they did this so as not to be targeted by bad people.

Most people like Ye Chen were strong people who had special access to even higher levels.

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”I want to start a big business with the Golden King auction house, what should I do? ” Ye Chen asked what he should do to start a business.

”For that you need to become a partner of the Golden King auction house? ” The receptionist told Ye Chen that he needed to become a partner with the Golden King auction house.

”Being a partner, what should I do about it? ” Ye Chen asked what he should do about it.

”You need to register and do some tests first before being recognized as our partner, this process is not easy, there are already so many people who fail to partner with the Golden King auction house ” The female receptionist told Ye Chen about the conditions for partnering with the auction house Golden King.

”What can I get if I become a partner with the Golden King auction house? ” Ye Chen wanted to know what he could get if he partnered with the Golden King auction house.

”There are so many things you can get, you can leave goods to us in large quantities, besides that there will be a tax discount discount if you become our partner ” the female receptionist explained a little about the benefits she could get.

After hearing this, Ye Chen became very interested, this was indeed what he needed right now.

”Huh?, you want to take the test straight away, are you sure? ” asked the receptionist to Ye Chen.

The receptionist was quite surprised by what she heard from Ye Chen, Ye Chen immediately wanted to take this test.

The test to become a partner of the Golden King auction house is not an easy thing, it requires high knowledge and intelligence to pass this test.

”I ’m pretty sure, so can I take the test? ” Ye Chen said to the female receptionist.

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”Okay, but you need to pay to take the test ” the female receptionist said that Ye Chen had to pay to take the test.

”Alright, I ’ll pay for it. ” Ye Chen didn ’t think much of it, he immediately took out some Divine Red Profound Crystals.

The female receptionist looked helpless when she saw Ye Chen take out some Divine Red Profound Crystals.

”sir, the test price is only 1 Divine Red Profound Crystal. ” The female receptionist told Ye Chen that the registration price was 1 Divine Red Profound Crystal.

”Oh, I see. ” Ye Chen misunderstood, he thought the registration price would be very expensive, unexpectedly it was so cheap.

To a normal person, this price might seem quite expensive, but to Ye Chen it looked extremely cheap.

Ye Chen immediately handed over one Divine Red Profound Crystal to the receptionist.

receptionist immediately received Ye Chen ’s Divine Red Profound Crystal, after which the receptionist began to write down Ye Chen ’s name.

For this matter, Ye Chen used a pseudonym, he didn ’t use his real name for something like this because it was too risky.

”Okay Mr.
Mask Hero, I ’ve finished writing down your name, come with me to the test site. ” After recording Ye Chen ’s personal data, the receptionist immediately invited Ye Chen to go to the place where the test was being held.

Ye Chen immediately followed the female receptionist, the female receptionist took Ye Chen to a special room that was similar to a classroom in modern earth.

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Ye Chen himself was a little nostalgic when he entered this room, Ye Chen began to remember the moment when he was on earth.

In this room there were dozens of middle-aged men, it seemed that these people also intended to take the test to become trading partners with the Golden King auction house.

When Ye Chen entered, these people gave Ye Chen a glimpse, knowing Ye Chen was a participant just like them, these people ’s interest instantly disappeared.

Mask Hero, please wait here with the other participants, the test person will be coming soon ” the receptionist said to Ye Chen to wait for the examiner who will come soon.

After saying this, the receptionist immediately left the room, she had to go back to her workplace.

The other participants started laughing when they heard Ye Chen ’s name, Ye Chen ’s name was really childish.

Ye Chen ignored the people who were laughing at him, there was no time to take care of these people.

Ye Chen looked for a seat, Ye Chen sat down and waited for someone to test them.

When Ye Chen ignored all of them, the middle-aged man in this place started to stop laughing.
It was no fun to see Ye Chen no reaction about this.

A few moments later an old man entered the room, everyone in the room immediately stood up when they saw the old man who had just entered, only Ye Chen seemed to be sitting very relaxed in his chair as if nothing had happened.

Seeing the reactions of everyone, this old man must be a great person, otherwise how would these people be like this when this old man walked into the room.

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Seeing this, the other participants looked at Ye Chen, they felt pity when they saw Ye Chen ’s disrespectful attitude towards the middle-aged man who had just arrived at this place, surely Ye Chen would have a very difficult problem.

Ye Chen didn ’t know this middle-aged man at all, so for what Ye Chen stood like the others, what Ye Chen needed was to quickly finish this test and quickly discuss his business.

The old man looked at Ye Chen, there was a glint of dissatisfaction when the old man looked at Ye Chen who was still sitting very relaxed.

”All of you sit back ” the old man didn ’t rebuke Ye Chen, he instead told everyone to sit back in their seats.

After getting orders from the old man, all the participants sat back down, they looked tense as they were about to start this Test.

”My name is Nei Gin, maybe some of you already know me, I am the one who will test your abilities ” the old man introduced himself to everyone in this room.

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