eli was about to open her room, Song Ziyu suddenly approached Mei Yueli, she asked what Mei Yueli was doing right now, why was Mei Yueli panting slightly and her face turning red.

Mei Yueli looked panicked when she saw Song Ziyu caught her, if Song Ziyu misunderstood, it would be very serious.

” that.
., I just did some intense training. ” Mei Yueli tried to make excuses to Song Ziyu, Mei Yueli hoped that this excuse would be accepted by Song Ziyu.

”Oh, so you just practiced, you ’re quite active too, it ’s not like the usual you ” Song Ziyu said to Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli was very diligent, this was never shown by Mei Yueli at Jade Lotus Peak.

Mei Yueli just nodded lightly, she wanted to quickly leave this place and hide in her room.

”Then I ’ll go in first. ” Mei Yueli said to Song Ziyu that she was going in.

”Okay ” Song Ziyu didn ’t suspect Mei Yueli at all, she let Mei Yueli into the room.

Mei Yueli didn ’t waste any more time, she immediately entered her room.

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”Quite strange ” Song Ziyu felt that there was something strange with Mei Yueli, Mei Yueli was very strange, whether it was Song Ziyu ’s feeling or not.

Song Ziyu also intended to go back into her room, when Song Ziyu wanted to enter, Song Ziyu found that the floor outside was a little wet.

”Did the maid just spill some water? ” The first thought Song Ziyu could think of was the maid spilling water.

Song Ziyu was completely unaware that this was Mei Yueli water springs, she was not suspicious of this matter at all.

Song Ziyu quickly ignored this, she went back into the room to rest, tomorrow they will return, so Song Ziyu better recover his strength for tomorrow ’s trip.



The day went by very quickly, quickly the next morning came.

When morning came, Ye Chen opened his eyes, he immediately got out of bed, Ye Chen started to stretch his body, in the morning like this, Ye Chen felt that he felt very refreshed.

Ye Chen went outside, she wanted to see if Lao Kang and the other Core Disciples really wanted to return or not to the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

When Ye Chen came out, Ye Chen saw that Lao Kang and the others were already preparing to return, seeing this Ye Chen went and approached them.

”Are you also ready to return? ” Lao Kang asked whether Ye Chen was ready to return or not.

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”I want to stay here for a while, so I won ’t be coming with you. ” Ye Chen immediately replied that he wasn ’t coming back.

”If you still don ’t want to go back then that ’s fine, you will go back first ” Seeing Ye Chen not wanting to go back Lao Kang didn ’t force him, this was Ye Chen ’s decision, so he didn ’t have the right to interfere in the decision taken by Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, Yueli also said that she won ’t be back for a while, so you can go back together with her. ” Song Ziyu suddenly told Ye Chen that Mei Yueli wouldn ’t be coming back with them either.

Song Ziyu was actually reluctant to tell Ye Chen about this, but Mei Yueli asked her to do this, so Song Ziyu could only tell Ye Chen about this matter.

”Okay. ” Ye Chen nodded to Song Ziyu.

”Alright, everyone let ’s go. ” Lao Kang invited everyone to go back to the Sect.

Ye Chen saw the departure of these people, after they all left, Ye Chen immediately went to see Mei Yueli, he wanted to know what Mei Yueli was doing right now.

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