”Husband please don ’t do such things ” Li Jingyi immediately went to stop Ye Chen, she didn ’t want Ye Chen to get in trouble because of this.

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”But that person just now ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi who was in front of him.


Honestly, Ye Chen didn ’t like anyone who dared to threaten his loved ones, that ’s why Ye Chen was angry with the ninth prince who had dared to threaten Li Jingyi like this.

”Husband, please calm down, I ’m fine so you don ’t have to do that. ” Li Jingyi was currently calming Ye Chen down.

Li Jingyi used a few words to win over Ye Chen, she hoped that Ye Chen could calm down and not be provoked by what the Ninth Prince said.

With a few words from Li Jingyi, Ye Chen was finally able to calm down, Ye Chen finally calmed down and was no longer angry like before.

”Are you calm now? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, Li Jingyi wanted to know if Ye Chen had calmed down or not.

”Yes, I ’m about ” Ye Chen replied, Ye Chen had calmed his heart, he easily controlled the anger he had.

”Wife, you look normal when you face words like that, have you been treated like this often? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

Seeing Li Jingyi seemingly normal reaction, Ye Chen wanted to know if Li Jingyi was often treated like this by people just now.

”To be honest, I ’m used to this, many people are after me to help them, unfortunately when I reject them, they will get angry and act like that ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

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”Even though you already said that you don ’t like it, why do these people keep insisting on inviting you ” even though Li Jingyi had already rejected these people, unfortunately they persisted and tried to persuade Li Jingyi.

”I ’m not them, so I don ’t know what they want, all I know is that they only want the healing power that I have ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

These people only wanted Li Jingyi healing power, so they did this to get Li Jingyi.

Hearing this, Ye Chen felt sorry for Li Jingyi, Li Jingyi life didn ’t look good in this place, maybe Ye Chen should get Li Jingyi out of this place.

The problem was how Ye Chen did such a thing, it was quite a difficult thing for Ye Chen to do.

If Ye Chen took Li Jingyi by force, he would definitely be hunted down by Immortal Sky Empire, if that happened, then Ye Chen ’s life would not be peaceful anymore and Ye Chen would most likely not be able to train in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

”husband, You doesn ’t need to think about what happened to me, you don ’t need to worry, they won ’t be able to do anything bad to me, if they dare to do something bad, then they will definitely get punished ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

In this imperial palace no one dared to do anything bad to Li Jingyi, if anyone did anything bad to Li Jingyi, then it was certain that they would be punished by the King Realm.

Li Jingyi was technically the daughter with the most special abilities and the King Realm cared about the most, so anyone who dared mess with Li Jingyi would be punished.

”Okay, if you say so, but if anyone dares to bully my wife, just tell me, I ’ll teach them a lesson right away. ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi to tell himself if someone bullied her.

”Okay, I will definitely do it ” Li Jingyi smiled at Ye Chen, she was very happy when she saw Ye Chen taking care of her so much.

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To be honest Li Jingyi could protect herself from anyone who intended to do something bad to her, so Ye Chen shouldn ’t have to worry too much about Li Jingyi ’ safety.

”Okay wife how about we continue what we were doing before ” Ye Chen invited Li Jingyi to continue what was previously delayed, Ye Chen wanted to spend more time together with Li Jingyi.

”husband, it ’s still early what are you thinking ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen, it ’s still very early what Ye Chen thinks in the morning like this.

”What if it ’s still early, wife, do you know that in the morning the man ’s spirit is at its peak, ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen told Li Jingyi that he was currently in the most excited state, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Ye Chen to ask Li Jingyi that.

”But it ’s in the palace, it ’s very dangerous here ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi tried to find an excuse to reject Ye Chen, she was afraid that what she was doing was found out by others.

After all, this is still in the vicinity of the palace, if it was found it would be very dangerous.

”So you are willing if we change the location to a safe place? ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

”Oh that.
. ” Li Jingyi was rendered speechless by what Ye Chen had just said.

If Li Jingyi continued to reject Ye Chen, then it wouldn ’t be good for Li Jingyi either.

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”Alright, I will agree ” Li Jingyi finally agreed, if Ye Chen could indeed change the location accordingly then Li Jingyi would agree.

”Then come with me ” Ye Chen immediately pulled Li Jingyi, she wanted to take Li Jingyi to the fairy gate.

Until now Ye Chen had not introduced the fairy gate to Li Jingyi, maybe it was time for Li Jingyi to know this.

Without saying much more, Ye Chen immediately led Li Jingyi inside the fairy gate, the two of them entered the fairy gate.



After being chased away by Li Jingyi, the ninth prince immediately returned to his place feeling very upset.

”Damn, that bitch must have underestimated me ” in his heart the Ninth Prince thought that Li Jingyi was underestimating him for not having much influence in this imperial palace.

”Hahaha, what is the ninth prince that upsets you like that? ” Suddenly a man in a robe came over to the ninth prince.

This man is very mysterious at all, no one knows where this man came from.

”Zero, what are you doing in this place? ” The ninth prince asked the mysterious man in front of him.

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This man ’s name is Zero he is a messenger from a danger organization.

This male organization is still mysterious, each messenger will be codenamed Zero so all messengers are called Zero.

”I just wanted to remind you of the plans for tonight, I hope you don ’t forget about it ” Zero said to the ninth prince.

Zero ’s reason for coming here was to remind the ninth prince of the plan they were planning later.

”You don ’t have to worry I still remember that ” the ninth prince said that he still remembered what happened.

”It ’s good if you remember about it, don ’t make a mistake in this plan ” Zero wanted the ninth prince not to make a mistake in this matter.

”I assure you that I didn ’t make a mistake in this matter, but I need to confirm something from you, if I succeed in doing what you say, then the position of emperor will be mine right? ” the ninth prince asked Zero.

”Of course, there ’s no way we ’d lie to you ” Zero immediately answered the ninth prince with great confidence.

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