ow could he interfere in our matters ” Number Two said to Li Gun.

Li Gun seemed to agree with what Number Two said, most likely this person had a relationship with Li Kun.

”Forget about this matter, have you found the information of the person who took our Solar Stone mine? ” Li Gun asked the person in charge of this matter.

The person in charge immediately nodded to Li Gun, just now he had received information on the person who had taken the Solar Stone they had.

Actually he wanted to provide this information as soon as possible, but since Li Gun was in a bad mood, he had no choice but to wait for Li Gun to calm down.

”Boss, this person turned out to be one of the outer court disciples of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, this person is the biggest suspect for taking our Solar Stone ”.

” what ! !, outer court disciple of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, have you tried joking with me, how could an outer court disciple kill all the Goblins and take all those Solar Stones ” Li Gun was furious when he received an answer that was not to his liking.

Li Gun only wanted the name of the person who had taken his Solar Stone, he didn ’t want to hear an uncertain answer like this.

”Sorry boss, the informants we have can only find information up to there, the person who has taken the Solar Stone is really very difficult to trace ”.

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”You are useless. ” Li Gun lifted the body of the man who was in charge of searching for information about the Solar Stone thief, it could be seen that Li Gun was very angry with this person who was still looking for an excuse even after failing to do the task he gave him.

Everyone just fell silent when they saw what happened, all of them had nothing to defend the members who weren ’t doing well.

”I give you time to look for that person, if you don ’t find the person I want in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, then I will kill you ” Li Gun gave this person a second chance, Li Gun wanted this person to find information about the person who had stolen his Solar Stone mine.

”Okay Boss, I ’ll do it right away. ” The person in Li Gun ’s hand quickly nodded, he was very afraid that Li Gun would kill himself if he didn ’t nod.

”Good, quickly go to Nine Immortals Peak Sect and look for that person. ” Li Gun let go of this person, Li Gun told this person to go sneak into Nine Immortals Peak Sect and look for the person who had taken the Solar Stone.

”Yes, I ’ll be leaving immediately. ” With hearts filled with fear, the members of the Code Breaker organization immediately left, he and his subordinates would immediately infiltrate the Nine Immortals Peak Sect to seek the whereabouts of Ye Chen.

”Number One, you are too harsh on our members, you frighten them like that ” Number Two said to Li Gun, he didn ’t want Li Gun to be too harsh on the other members.

”It ’s because they didn ’t do a good job, if they did their job well, maybe we ’ve got our win ” Li Gun said to Number Two.

”We still have another chance next time, after all the attacks we have done must have caused the empire ’s power to decline, they will definitely need time to restore their strength. ”

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”You may be right, then we have to recruit more people and build more weapons, next time we will seize the Immortal Sky Empire ” Li Gun said to Number Two.

”Then let ’s prepare everything, we will start again, we need to increase the strength of the weapons we have ” Number Two said.

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