”I want to buy the best house you sell ” Ye Chen told the manager that he wanted to buy the best house he sold.

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Upon hearing this, the manager immediately stopped writing his report, he immediately looked directly at Ye Chen who was in front of him.

” Are you sure ? ” The manager immediately asked, he wanted to know if Ye Chen ’s words could be held.

”Sure, just show me what you have. ” Ye Chen didn ’t have much time, he wanted to get this done right away.

Ye Chen wanted the best house for Li Jingyi, no matter what price he had to pay for it, Ye Chen was willing to buy it.

As long as the place was comfortable to live in, then Ye Chen would definitely buy it even though the price was very expensive.

”Then I have some house recommendations for you, here ’s a picture of the house. ” The manager took out some imaging stones for Ye Chen and Li Jingyi, himself showing what the best house he sold looked like.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi began to look at the pictures of the houses in the image stone, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi could see that the houses for sale were very large and very spacious.

In addition, there are many beautiful garden decorations that Ye Chen can choose from, this house with a beautiful ornamental garden is indeed the hallmark of ancient houses of antiquity.

”Well, is there anything you ’re interested in? ” asked the manager to Ye Chen.

”I want you to explain to me the layout of the good houses, I want to find a suitable atmosphere for me. ” Ye Chen wanted the manager to explain the layout of the house he was selling.

What were the conditions around the house like, whether there was something dangerous around the house or not, if it was dangerous then Ye Chen wouldn ’t want to take the risk of buying it for Li Jingyi.

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Seeing that Ye Chen wanted complete details, the manager immediately gave several locations that had strategic places in this city.

”Young Master, if you want the most beautiful place in this city, then you can buy this house, around here there are some beauties that are quite pleasing to the eye, even the famous female star in White Cloud city lives in this place ” said the manager to Ye Chen .

The manager told Ye Chen a place that was surrounded by several beautiful beauties.

Hearing what the manager just said, Ye Chen became interested, he wanted to know what kind of place it was.

Li Jingyi was of course aware of the changes that Ye Chen had, this man was immediately excited when he heard the beauties living around the place.

Li Jingyi herself couldn ’t do anything about this matter, to be honest she needed help packing Ye Chen, it would be best if Li Jingyi got a friend to do this.

”Then can you take you to see the house? ” Ye Chen wanted the manager to take himself to the place he had previously said.

”Of course, but the price of this house is the highest I ’ve ever sold, I ’m afraid young master won ’t.
” the manager said to Ye Chen.

The manager told Ye Chen that the price of this house was quite high, so he was afraid that Ye Chen would not be able to buy it.

”Just tell me how much it costs ” Ye Chen told to say the price of the house.

”It costs 150 Divine Red Profound Crystals, ” the manager told Ye Chen the price of the house.

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”What ” Li Jingyi was quite surprised when she heard the price of the house being sold, 150 Divine Red Profound Crystals is a very large amount, with this amount you can get various kinds of resources that can be used to cultivate for tens of years.

Houses and land in the God Realm were cheap, they weren ’t worth the price of resources for a cultivator.

”It ’s cheap enough, if it ’s suitable, I ’ll buy it. ” For Ye Chen 150 Divine Red Profound Crystals were cheap, Ye Chen still had a lot of Divine Red Profound Crystals, so he didn ’t have a problem with the price.

Li Jingyi looked at Ye Chen, she didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would become this rich, she easily threw away 150 Divine Red Profound Crystals just for a house.

If it was Li Jingyi, maybe Li Jingyi wouldn ’t do that, Li Jingyi would probably use it to cultivate and increase the strength she had.

Ye Chen took out a large bag of Divine Red Profound Crystals, himself showing to the manager that he had profound crystals to pay for.

The Manager eye immediately lit up when he saw the bag of Divine Red Profound Crystals in Ye Chen ’s hands, it seemed that this man in front of him was really a young master from a rich family.

It was quite rare for anyone to be able to take out this much Divine Red Profound Crystal, in the White Cloud city there were probably only a few people who could do what Ye Chen was currently doing.

”Young master, then you can come with me, I will take you to that location. ” The manager immediately took the initiative to invite Ye Chen to go to the location where the house was.

”Then show me ” Ye Chen told the manager to show the location of the house, Ye Chen himself wanted to know the location and see if it was suitable or not.

”Please come with me ” the manager enthusiastically took Ye Chen away to have a look.

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Ye Chen and Li Jingyi followed the manager, both of them went to see the prospective house they were going to live in later.

Ye Chen was also quite excited when he left, he couldn ’t wait to see what the beauties near this place looked like.



Since the location was not far from the house sellers association building, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi quickly arrived at the house.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi immediately went around this place to see the thorough details of the location of this house.

This house was much bigger than Ye Chen had imagined, it was even tens of times bigger than his villa on earth, instead of calling this a house, Ye Chen could tell that this was a Manor that could live in thousands of people.

this was perfect for Ye Chen ’s wife to live in in the future.

It is not strange that the price of this house is expensive, it turns out that this is comparable to what he can get.

Plus the location of this place wasn ’t too far from the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, so it was quite an ideal location for Ye Chen.

”Wife, how do you like it? ” Ye Chen asked if Li Jingyi liked this house or not.

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”I like it ” Li Jingyi said that he likes this place, the atmosphere in this place is quite good, plus it is on the edge of the city which makes the scenery look quite natural.

”Then let ’s take this ” Seeing Li Jingyi like it, Ye Chen immediately intended to take this house.

Ye Chen directly signed the purchase letter, Ye Chen also handed the Divine Red Profound Crystal to the manager.

”Young Master, now this house is officially yours, then I ’ll excuse myself ” After completing the transaction with Ye Chen, the manager immediately left this place, now this place has officially belonged to Ye Chen.

The process in God Realm was much easier than on earth, buying a house was much easier than Ye Chen thought.

”let Come in.
”Ye Chen took Li Jingyi inside, time to clean up the messy house in several locations.

”Li Jingyi nodded, he and Ye Chen entered the house.

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