Today Qiao Xin felt very strange, she actually easily agreed to a man request, whereas normally Qiao Xin would not do this easily, it took quite a lot of effort to persuade Qiao Xin to show her playing an instrument.

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Qiao Xin couldn ’t refuse Ye Chen ’s request, she completely accepted Ye Chen ’s request to play an instrument.

”Are you okay with the Zither instrument? ” Qiao Xin asked if Ye Chen was okay with playing her Zither this time.

”Of course, I don ’t mind hearing it, as long as you are I ’m sure that the sound will be good. ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t mind listening to Qiao Xin Zither play.

Qiao Xin became even more happy when she heard this, she was really happy that Ye Chen could understand her so well.

”Then let me start. ” Qiao Xin said that she was about to start her Zither play, Qiao Xin would try to show all her abilities to satisfy Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin played the Zither in front of her, with very skillful finger movements, Qiao Xin started to make a chant that sounded very comfortable to listen to.

Very quickly the sound of Zither entered Ye Chen ’s ears, this voice was beautiful and soothing to Ye Chen ’s body, this was a great comfort for Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin began to observe the expression that Ye Chen currently had, Qiao Xin could see that Ye Chen really liked this.

Qiao Xin more and more showed her abilities, she showed her skills that she rarely showed to anyone.

Ye Chen was lucky enough to be able to listen to this for free, it usually took a lot of effort and hard work to get Qiao Xin to do this.

Qiao Xin played her Zither for a while, after about 10 minutes, Qiao Xin finally arrived at the end of the song she was playing.

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”Applause, applause, applause ” Ye Chen clapped after seeing Qiao Xin ’s performance.

”Thank you for listening to my music. ” Qiao Xin thanked Ye Chen for listening to the music she played.

”No problem, I ’m happy to be able to listen to it ” Ye Chen said that he was happy because he could listen to the music played by Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen and Qiao Xin started chatting with each other, Ye Chen easily found a topic to talk to Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin always smiled when she listened to Ye Chen ’s every conversation, every Ye Chen ’s conversation made her feel happy and happy.

”Husband, so you sneaked here ” While Ye Chen was chatting with Qiao Xin, Li Jingyi came over to Ye Chen and Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin immediately looked in the direction of Li Jingyi arrival, Qiao Xin looked a little surprised when she saw this beauty in front of her.

Li Jingyi beauty was truly extraordinary, this woman was on a different level to Qiao Xin, Li Jingyi beauty might even be compared to the beautiful goddess that everyone in the God Realm admired.

In addition, Li Jingyi has a fairly large capital, even Qiao Xin ’s is not comparable to Li Jingyi.

Women like to compare what they have, they are always envious of other women that are much bigger than theirs, Qiao Xin might as well be one.

Even though Li Jingyi melon was bigger than Qiao Xin, still Qiao Xin ’s body looked much more mature than Li Jingyi, there were some parts that looked more tempting than Li Jingyi.

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Qiao Xin did not expect that she could meet such an extraordinary beauty like Li Jingyi.

”Wait a minute, just now this beautiful woman called Ye Chen as husband, are the two of them a couple? ” Qiao Xin was quite surprised to find this, she couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen could find a beauty goddess like Li Jingyi.

According to Qiao Xin, Ye Chen was really very lucky to be able to get a beautiful woman like Li Jingyi.

Qiao Xin herself didn ’t know how Ye Chen could get a beautiful woman like Li Jingyi, Qiao Xin really couldn ’t think of a way for Ye Chen to get a beautiful goddess like Li Jingyi.

Plus Ye Chen ’s appearance and cultivation were below average, so it would be quite difficult for a woman to glance at Ye Chen.

So it wasn ’t strange that Qiao Xin was a little confused when Ye Chen had a beautiful woman like Li Jingyi.

”Wife, I just met our new neighbour, why don ’t you guys get to know each other, we ’ll live next door ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi smiled gently at Qiao Xin, she showed kindness to Qiao Xin.

Seeing Li Jingyi quite friendly attitude, Qiao Xin also started to smile towards Li Jingyi.

”This beautiful woman.
. ” Qiao Xin felt a dangerous feeling from Li Jingyi, Qiao Xin could feel that Li Jingyi was a very strong woman.

Qiao Xin seemed to already know that Li Jingyi was an above average woman, apart from having a peerless beauty, Li Jingyi also possessed a great hidden strength.

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What Qiao Xin found to be something quite confusing once, Qiao Xin started to wonder how the two of them could have this kind of relationship.

Qiao Xin felt that Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were in different worlds, the two of them were like heaven and earth that were very far apart.

”Husband, didn ’t you say you wanted to set up an Array? ” Li Jingyi reminded Ye Chen to set up an Array to protect their home.

”Oh yeah, I almost forgot, then I will go first, you can talk without me ” Ye Chen immediately left this place, he almost forgot his unfinished task.

Li Jingyi and Qiao Xin saw Ye Chen ’s departure, Ye Chen quickly left Qiao Xin ’s residence.

”Hello, my name is Ye Jingyi ” Li Jingyi greeted Qiao Xin, Li Jingyi deliberately started the conversation with Qiao Xin first.

Li Jingyi didn ’t want to use her surname, she used Ye Chen surname instead of her first name.

Li Jingyi didn ’t want to take a risk, so Li Jingyi didn ’t want to use her real name in front of people she just met.

”Hello too, my name is Qiao Xin ” Qiao Xin told Li Jingyi her own name.

”Are you the one who just played Zither just now, the sound is really quite comfortable to listen to me ” Li Jingyi said that the Zither voice that Qiao Xin just played was very comfortable.

”Thank you very much, I ’m not that good ” again Qiao Xin tried to be modest, Qiao Xin really didn ’t want to stand out in front of Li Jingyi.

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”Ye Jingyi, may I ask you something? ” Qiao Xin wanted to ask Li Jingyi something, she wanted to know something from Li Jingyi.

” what ’s that .
. ” Li Jingyi asked Qiao Xin, she wanted to know what Qiao Xin wanted to ask.

”Are you two really husband and wife? ” Qiao Xin asked Li Jingyi if she and Ye Chen really had such a relationship.

To be honest, Qiao Xin still couldn ’t believe what she was seeing right now, the difference between the two was really too big for Qiao Xin to imagine.

”Of course, why? ” Li Jingyi asked Qiao Xin, Li Jingyi wanted to know why Qiao Xin asked her something like this

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