Fairy Zhen took Ye Chen to go meet the female students who work in this place, it just so happened that some of them were doing their job.

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Fairy Zhen was looking for some female students who were free, she told them to go and see her in this time.

There were quickly dozens of women who came in front of Fairy Zhen, coincidentally these women were free from their duties.

”What did Fairy Zhen call us here for? ” All the female disciples in this place wanted to know why Fairy Zhen called them like this.

”All of you have been working hard for a while, so I want to give you a present. ” Fairy Zhen told all the female students in front of her that she intended to give them gifts.

. ” All the female disciples looked happy when they heard this, they were very excited when they heard this.

Everyone couldn ’t wait to get gifts from Fairy Zhen, they all started to wonder what Fairy Zhen would give them all.

”Fairy Zhen, what are you going to give us? ” all the female disciples enthusiastically asked about the gifts that Fairy Zhen would give.

”Why don ’t you guys try to guess it ” Fairy Zhen told everyone in this place to guess the gift she was going to give them.

Fairy Zhen intended to seduce this female disciple, she deliberately acted mysteriously in front of all the female disciples in front of her.

”Is it a Profound Crystal? ” One of the female disciples tried to guess what Fairy Zhen would give her.

”No ” Fairy Zhen shook her head, telling herself that it wasn ’t a gift she would give them all.

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”Is that a pill ”.

”or the Contribution Points ”.

One by one the women in this place began to guess the gifts that Fairy Zhen would give.

Fairy Zhen shook her head again, telling all the female students that it was not the prize they would get.

All the female disciples again guessed, they were all trying to find out what Fairy Zhen would give.

Unfortunately all of their guesses were not correct, no one could guess this, this made all of their female disciples much more curious, they wanted to know what Fairy Zhen would give them.

Ye Chen just smiled when he saw Fairy Zhen who was trying to seduce the female students in this place, it was obvious that this beautiful Milf loved to tease the female students who worked in this place.

”Fairy Zhen, we have given up, why don ’t you tell you what you are going to give us ” after everyone answered wrongly, finally they all gave up, they really couldn ’t think about what Fairy Zhen would give .

”Too bad, then I will tell you what I will give, this is what I will give to all of you ” Fairy Zhen pointed at Ye Chen, what Fairy Zhen was doing was like showing that Ye Chen was the gift.

.? ” all the women looked surprised when they listened to what Fairy Zhen was about to give them, they couldn ’t believe that Fairy Zhen intended to give them a gift like Ye Chen.

How would they divide their gifts like this, don ’t tell me that Ye Chen would give Ye Chen as their servant.

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It seems Fairy Zhen ’s words were misinterpreted, they all thought that Fairy Zhen would give Ye Chen to them.

., Fairy Zhen, why don ’t you explain in more detail, don ’t make all these women misunderstood. ” Ye Chen immediately asked Fairy Zhen to explain to the female disciples who were in this place.

Ye Chen felt uncomfortable when he felt the gazes given by these women, Ye Chen could feel that these women thought of themselves as an item.

”Fufufufu, I ’m sorry ” Fairy Zhen laughed mischievously to everyone, she didn ’t expect that female students would misunderstand her words.

”I don ’t mean to give this man, he will give you a massage session that will make you feel comfortable and refreshed, so you can work harder and more harder ” Fairy Zhen finally explained the truth to the female student in front of her.

”Oh ” after getting an explanation from Fairy Zhen, finally the female students understand what happened, it turns out that Fairy Zhen ’s gift is a massage for them, this is a bit disappointing for the ladies.

Even though the women hoped to be given an attractive gift, they did not expect the gift to be something like this.

”Ye Chen, you can start, I will return to my room, if you need anything you can directly call me ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

Fairy Zhen will not be here to accompany Ye Chen, she will go to finish her work first, Fairy Zhen still has unfinished business, so she has to finish her work soon.

”Okay I understand, I ’ll start right away, I ’ll make sure to do a good job ” Ye Chen said that he would do this seriously.

”All of you make sure to cooperate with Ye Chen, if you don ’t cooperate well, then I will give you a suspension ” Fairy Zhen warned the female disciples to cooperate with Ye Chen, otherwise they will get Suspension and cannot work on the spot this for a while.

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”Okay, you understand ” the female disciples nodded to Fairy Zhen, they would try to cooperate as best as possible with Ye Chen.

”That ’s great, then I ’ll go first, enjoy your time, fufufu ” Before leaving, Fairy Zhen didn ’t forget to laugh at all the female students in this place.

The female disciples were helpless when they saw this, they all seemed to be being toyed with by Fairy Zhen.

”Alright, let ’s get started ” Ye Chen said to everyone to start their massage.

. ” All the female disciples looked unenthusiastic when they heard this, they didn ’t seem too interested in this matter.

Ye Chen wasn ’t angry about this, there would come a time when he changed the attitude these women had.

”So who wants to do this first? ” Ye Chen asked who would come first.

”let me be first, let me be first ” a woman said that she wanted to be the first to try it.

Ye Chen looked at the woman who volunteered, Ye Chen was no stranger to this woman, it was clear she was Lei a receptionist who accepted Ye Chen.

”Okay, let ’s go in ” Ye Chen invited the female receptionist to come with him into the room, Ye Chen was given access to this small room by Fairy Zhen, he could use this room as he pleased.

The woman named Lei immediately followed Ye Chen, the two entered the room and disappeared in front of all the women.

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”Why does Lei seem so enthusiastic about that man? ” All the female students looked surprised at their friend ’s attitude, why their friend looked so enthusiastic about this matter.

”I don ’t know, maybe Lei knows that man ” some female students guessed that the woman named Lei knew Ye Chen, that was the only reasonable reason why Lei looked so enthusiastic.


In the room.

”You can lie down on that bed. ” Ye Chen told Lei to lie down on the bed.

Lei obediently lay on the bed, she quickly lay down and waited for Ye Chen ’s massage.

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