”You don ’t look sincere when you apologize, so I don ’t forgive you. ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to forgive Song Ziyu, at all, he could feel that Song Ziyu wasn ’t sincere in apologizing to him .

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Ye Chen wasn ’t going to let Song Ziyu off the hook, he had to make Song Ziyu suffer the consequences for daring to get into trouble with him.

Song Ziyu looks very annoyed, she is very annoyed with Ye Chen, Ye Chen has been looking for a problem with her.

”Grandpa you see, he is trying to bully me ” Song Ziyu tried to complain to her grandfather, Song Ziyu hoped that Song Han would change his mind and start helping herself.

”Ziyu you should be more sincere in apologizing to someone ” too bad Song Han didn ’t want to help Song Ziyu, instead he helped Ye Chen.

Song Ziyu couldn ’t believe what she was seeing, her grandfather was constantly helping Ye Chen, this was something that Song Ziyu couldn ’t imagine.

”Damn it ” Song Ziyu was really furious, this time she was completely defeated by Ye Chen.

”I apologize for what I did just now ” Song Ziyu tried to apologize, this time Song Ziyu looked more sincere than before.

Song Ziyu was forced to do this, if she didn ’t do this, his grandfather would definitely continue to help Ye Chen.

”Okay, I accept your apology, I hope you will not repeat this in the future ” Ye Chen decided to forgive Song Ziyu, even now Ye Chen is trying to be a wise person by giving a lecture to Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu could only grit her teeth, she could only endure this humiliation in her heart.

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”Ye Chen, watch over you ” Song Ziyu will definitely repay what Ye Chen did today, she will not let this matter pass.

In her heart Ye Chen was really very happy, he was happy because when he saw Song Ziyu in this condition, it was a very pleasant thing to see Song Ziyu in this condition.

”hehe, Song Ziyu, this is still the beginning, I will definitely make you experience terrible things in the future ” Ye Chen laughed in his heart, he couldn ’t wait to make Song Ziyu his servant immediately.

”Ye Chen, do you mind going to this old man ’s place? ” Song Han invited Ye Chen to go to his place.

”Grandpa, why do you want to invite this man? ” Song Ziyu immediately voiced her own voice when she saw her grandfather trying to invite Ye Chen to the house.

”Ziyu, what ’s wrong, I haven ’t had the chance to repay my debt of gratitude to him, so I want to repay what he did to your grandfather ” Song Han said to Song Ziyu.

Song Han wanted to repay Ye Chen ’s kindness, so he intended to invite Ye Chen over to his place to give some gifts to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Song Ziyu, at this time Song Ziyu didn ’t seem to like it when his grandfather invited Ye Chen, Song Ziyu didn ’t want Ye Chen to go to his residence.

Seeing the rejection reaction shown by Song Ziyu, Ye Chen wanted to accept Song Han ’s invitation, Ye Chen wanted to make Song Ziyu day worse and worse.

”Okay, I will accept this invitation ” Ye Chen told Song Han that he was willing to go to his place.

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”Hahaha, that ’s great, then let ’s go. ” Song Han looked happy when he saw Ye Chen accept his invitation, finally Song Han was able to return the favour to Ye Chen.

On the other side Song Ziyu was not happy about this, she was dissatisfied when she saw Ye Chen go to her residence.

”This man must be doing this on purpose ” Song Ziyu thought that Ye Chen must have done this on purpose, this man must have done this on purpose to anger herself.

Ye Chen, Song Han and Song Ziyu immediately headed to the city center, it just so happened that the residence belonging to the Song family was in this place.

Even though Song Ziyu was dissatisfied with this result, Song Ziyu still had to return together with Ye Chen and Song Han, Song Ziyu was forced to come along with the two of them which made Song Ziyu unable to escape.

In addition to Song Ziyu still wanting to take revenge on Ye Chen for what happened just now, Song Ziyu thought of various ways to take revenge on Ye Chen.

Since Ye Chen will go to her own place, it will make it easier for Song Ziyu to deal with Ye Chen, Ye Chen has dared to enter her territory, so Song Ziyu will make Ye Chen feel uncomfortable and leave her place.

Just thinking about this made Song Ziyu feel happy, Song Ziyu couldn ’t wait to do some bad things for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could feel Song Ziyu ominous gaze, he felt that Song Ziyu was plotting something against him.

”What are you planning to do next? ” Ye Chen started to wonder what Song Ziyu was planning, Ye Chen had a bad feeling about this, Ye Chen had to be prepared to anticipate bad things that would happen to him.

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A few moments later Song Han took Ye Chen to a magnificent building in the center of the city.

”Ye Chen, this is old man ’s house, it may be a little poor, but feel free to do as you wish ” Song Han said to Ye Chen.

”-_- ” Ye Chen was rendered speechless by what Song Han said, this house is so big and majestic, how can Song Han say that this is an ugly house, this old man is humble with his style.

”Come in ” Song Han took Ye Chen and Song Ziyu inside, Song Han took Ye Chen to the place where the Song family welcomed their guests.

Ye Chen was brought into a classy room, inside this room looked very spacious.

”You wait here a moment, I will go and inform the waiter to prepare a small banquet ” Song Han told Ye Chen to wait here first, he would go and tell the waiter to prepare the food.

Ye Chen nodded, he didn ’t mind waiting in this place for a while.

”Ziyu you accompany Ye Chen for a while, grandfather will go first ” Song Han told Song Ziyu to accompany Ye Chen in this place.

”Okay, grandfather I understand. ” Song Ziyu smiled when she heard this, finally she was alone with Ye Chen, this way Song Ziyu could take revenge on Ye Chen.

”Finally the moment has come, I can ’t wait to make calculations with Ye Chen. ” Song Ziyu was overjoyed, she had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

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Song Han left Ye Chen and Song Ziyu, he went to tell the servants to prepare a banquet.

”Ye Chen.
. ” Moments after Song Han left, Ye Chen heard Song Ziyu call out to himself in a very high-pitched tone of anger.

” what is it ? ” Ye Chen asked Song Ziyu, Ye Chen was still not aware of what Song Ziyu wanted to do to him.

Song Ziyu seemed to be getting more and more irritated by Ye Chen ’s indifferent behaviour, this man was really really annoying to Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu stretched her hand to Ye Chen ’s neck, Song Ziyu was currently intending to strangle Ye Chen.

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