all me a bad guy, then let me show you what a bad guy looks like ” Ye Chen couldn ’t stand the words that Song Ziyu said, this woman has a sharp tongue.

”What are you going to do quickly get out of the way ” Song Ziyu tried to back away, she was scared when she saw Ye Chen approaching her.

The reason Song Ziyu was confident was because his strength was above Ye Chen ’s, now that Song Ziyu strength was gone, so Song Ziyu felt a threat from Ye Chen.

”I will teach you a little lesson not to be rude to your master in the future ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu.

Ye Chen had to start training Song Ziyu, lest Song Ziyu become a disobedient servant in the future.

”Don ’t come near you shameless man. ” Song Ziyu became more and more afraid of what Ye Chen would do, Song Ziyu could sense that Ye Chen had bad plans for her.

”Whoever help me ” Song Ziyu tried to ask for help from outside, he hoped that someone would help her.

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”Scream to your heart ’s content, this room has sound insulation, so your voice can ’t be heard outside, hahahaha ” Ye Chen said with an evil laugh.

Ye Chen had just returned Song Ziyu words that he had previously listened to, this time Ye Chen was the victor, while Song Ziyu was the loser.

” no.
., no .
., don ’t come any closer. ” Song Ziyu told Ye Chen not to come any closer, she didn ’t want Ye Chen to come close to her.

Too bad Song Ziyu couldn ’t get close to Ye Chen, she couldn ’t stop Ye Chen ’s footsteps.

Ye Chen had come this far, so he didn ’t want to stop after coming this far.

”Ye Chen I warn you, if you dare to touch me, then Jade Lotus Peak will not let you go ” Seeing Ye Chen unwilling to stop, Song Ziyu finally used threats to scare Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stop as he listened to what Song Ziyu had just said, Song Ziyu tried to threaten him with Jade Lotus Peak.

Song Ziyu saw Ye Chen stop when he heard her threat, it seemed that her threat had managed to scare Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen I give you a chance, if you will apologize and admit your mistake, this young lady will let you go ” Song Ziyu regained her confidence, she arrogantly told Ye Chen to apologize to her.

”Hahaha ” Ye Chen laughed when he heard this, Song Ziyu was really very funny, Song Ziyu had thought that Ye Chen was afraid of the threats and bluffs she had made.

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”You ’re so cute, do you think I ’m afraid of the threats and bluff you ’ve done? ” Ye Chen actually laughed in satisfaction, telling Song Ziyu that he wasn ’t afraid of this kind of problem.

Song Ziyu ’s face turned black when she saw that Ye Chen was not afraid of the threat she was posing.

”Listen, if you tell this matter to Jade Lotus Peak then your reputation there will definitely be lost. ” Ye Chen approached Song Ziyu, Ye Chen told Song Ziyu that what Song Ziyu did would affect her own reputation in Jade Lotus Peak .

Song Ziyu immediately thought of the words Ye Chen had just said, what Ye Chen said was quite true, if this matter was known by the peak, then Song Ziyu ’s reputation would be at stake.

Song Ziyu didn ’t want this to happen, she couldn ’t let other people know about this matter.

Even though Song Ziyu currently had no way of getting out of this situation, he seemed at a loss as to what to do in the current situation.

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