Ye Chen extended his hand towards Song Ziyu, Ye Chen intended to teach this woman a lesson.

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Song Ziyu closed her eyes, she was terrified when she saw Ye Chen trying to touch her.

Song Ziyu had already imagined some of the worst scenarios that would happen to her, Song Ziyu started to imagine that Ye Chen would try to do something bad to her.

Just as Ye Chen was about to do that, Ye Chen suddenly felt someone approaching, seeing several people approaching Ye Chen immediately pulled his hand back.

”This time you are very lucky ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu, Song Ziyu was very lucky because someone was approaching this way.

Ye Chen immediately walked away from Song Ziyu, trying to keep his distance from Song Ziyu.

Sure enough now that Song Han is back, Song Han is currently bringing two men and two women with him.

Song Han led these four people into the banquet hall.

As the five entered the banquet hall, they saw Song Ziyu sitting on the floor, meanwhile Ye Chen was currently sitting on the seats provided in this place.

Everyone naturally wondered what was currently happening to Song Ziyu.

”Ziyu what happened to you? ” Song Han asked what happened to Song Ziyu, he wanted to know why Song Ziyu was sitting on the floor like that.

”Grandpa, father, mother, uncle, aunt, you guys finally came, this person is trying to bully me ” Song Ziyu immediately pointed at Ye Chen, telling everyone about Ye Chen who bullied her.

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Song Ziyu was happy when she saw these five people coming, now finally Song Ziyu has strong support.

”What are you saying, since when did I bully you ” Seeing Song Ziyu wanting to trap himself, Ye Chen immediately tried to defend himself, there was no way Ye Chen would stay silent when he saw something like this.

”You shameless man ” Seeing Ye Chen trying to defend himself, Song Ziyu immediately berated Ye Chen.

Everyone looked confused by what was happening, they didn ’t know which one to believe, both had their reasons.

”Grandpa, trust me, this guy just bullied me. ” Song Ziyu tried to convince Song Han that Ye Chen had just bullied her.

”Do you have proof if I bullied you? ” Ye Chen asked if Song Ziyu had proof if he bullied her.

” It .
. ” Song Ziyu has no proof of that, Ye Chen hasn ’t done anything to her yet.

”You can ’t prove it, ” Ye Chen said proudly, Ye Chen knew that Song Ziyu didn ’t have a proof, so Song Ziyu wouldn ’t be able to accuse himself of anything like that.

Song Ziyu gritted her teeth, this man was too cunning, Song Ziyu wasn ’t even an opponent for Ye Chen in this kind of thing.

”Ziyu is enough with your excuses, you are a core disciple, how can he bully you ” a man said to Song Ziyu, this man is Song Ziyu ’s father, his name is Song Sin.

”Father, that.
. ” Song Ziyu was speechless with this, what her father said was true, surely no one would believe that Ye Chen was bullying her.

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”Damn it, how could I be defeated by an outer court disciple like this ” Song Ziyu really couldn ’t help but think about this matter, how could Song Ziyu be defeated by Ye Chen, this was completely unreasonable.

Song Ziyu started to feel strange about Ye Chen, how could his power suddenly disappear like that, it was a very, very strange thing for Song Ziyu.

”Ziyu why are you silent, quickly answer this question of your father? ” Song Sin asked Song Ziyu, he wanted to know why Song Ziyu was like this.

”That, I just slipped. ” Song Ziyu had no other choice, she could only find another reason, if Song Ziyu continued this matter then it was certain that she would lose to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was far more cunning than Song Ziyu expected, this man was quite difficult for her to handle, Song Ziyu had to find another chance, now Song Ziyu had to retreat first.

Everyone shook their heads when they heard this, they couldn ’t believe the excuses given by Song Ziyu, how could a cultivator make such a mistake as Song Ziyu did at this time.

Song Ziyu could only grit her teeth while holding back the shame, she had been humiliated by Ye Chen in front of her entire family.

”hehe ” Ye Chen laughed in satisfaction in his heart, Ye Chen was very satisfied when he saw Song Ziyu in this condition, even though Ye Chen failed to teach Song Ziyu a lesson, at least Ye Chen managed to make Song Ziyu lose face in front of him.
his family.

”Ziyu wake up quickly, let ’s sit down and wait for the food to arrive. ” Song Han told Song Ziyu to get up and sit on a chair in this room.

Song Ziyu started to wake up, she still felt a little weak, her strength had just recovered a little.

Everyone started to sit at the tables in this room, Song Han also started to introduce everyone to Ye Chen.

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First Song Han introduced Song Sin to Ye Chen, Song Han told Ye Chen that Song Sin was the City Lord and also Song Ziyu father.

While the beautiful woman beside Song Sin was Song Ziyu mother named Rong Si, the two were husband and wife.

Song Han told Ye Chen if he had any trouble in this city, he could ask Song Sin for help to sort things out.

Meanwhile the other two people were Song Ziyu aunt and uncle, one woman named Song Luli and another named Long Dou, they were also husband and wife.

Between the two Ye Chen felt an unpleasant gaze from Long Dou, Ye Chen didn ’t know why Long Dou gave him this kind of look.

”Ye Chen, I, Song Sin, thank you very much for helping my father. ” Song Sin thanked Ye Chen for helping his father from the hands of criminals as well as healing Song Han ’s wounds.

”Uncle no need to thank me, I did it on my own initiative ” Ye Chen replied to Song Sin.

”Ye Chen, I will give you a present, just tell me what you want. ” Song Sin intended to give a present to Ye Chen.

”Father why did you give him a gift, he doesn ’t need such a thing ” Song Ziyu immediately opposed the decision made by her father, she didn ’t want her father to give anything to Ye Chen.

”Ziyu is right, I don ’t need that. ” Ye Chen agreed with what Song Ziyu said, he didn ’t need such things.

Ye Chen helped Song Han sincerely, Ye Chen didn ’t want to take anything away from helping people.

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”Look, he ’s a good man. ” Song Han said that Ye Chen was a good man.

” father, Your is absolutely right ” Song Sin agrees with what Song Han said, Ye Chen is a very kind man.

Song Ziyu ’s face turned black when she listened to what Song Han and Song Sin had to say, not expecting her father and grandfather to praise Ye Chen like that.

” why.
.?, why.
.?, ” In her heart Song Ziyu started screaming why did she always lose to Ye Chen, this man always turned the situation around very quickly.

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