”Actually I want to match the two of them but it seems that they don ’t get along with each other ” Song Han said that he wanted to match Ye Chen and Song Ziyu, unfortunately Song Ziyu and Ye Chen didn ’t get along with each other.

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” Grandpa what are you trying to do .
. ” Song Ziyu immediately got up from her seat, she couldn ’t believe what she was hearing from Song Han.

”I agree, love can even begin with hatred for each other, ” said Rong Si to Song Han.

Rong Si agrees, he doesn ’t mind this, besides her daughter has entered the age of marriage, so it ’s okay to find a partner for her daughter.

”mother ,Your too.
. ” Song Ziyu panicked when her family talked about such a big matter like this, how could they all want to match her with Ye Chen, it was something that Song Ziyu couldn ’t possibly accept.

Song Ziyu preferred a strong and handsome man like Luo Tian, ​​a man like Ye Chen was not something Song Ziyu was worthy of.

After all, Ye Chen was only an outer court disciple, how could an outer court disciple match up with Song Ziyu who was a classy Core disciple, that was an impossible match.

”Ye Chen what do you think? ” Song Sin asked Ye Chen, he wanted an answer from Ye Chen, whether Ye Chen wanted or not with his daughter.

”I refuse ” Ye Chen said to everyone in this place that he rejected Song Sin ’s offer.

Everyone looked surprised when they heard Ye Chen ’s answer, Ye Chen had rejected a very extraordinary offer from Song Han and Song Sin.

If these were replaced with normal men, then they would definitely nod immediately and accept this offer with pleasure.

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Song Ziyu is a woman who has quite a beautiful face, and she also has a good background, there must be a lot of men out there who want Song Ziyu.

Plus Song Ziyu was part of the Jade Lotus Peak which was very famous for their beauty, so many men admired Song Ziyu behind the scenes.

” what ! ! ” Song Ziyu also didn ’t seem to believe what he just heard from Ye Chen ’s mouth, this man dared to reject him openly this was something that Song Ziyu couldn ’t believe.

Despite Song Ziyu temperament, Song Ziyu was still quite famous among the Sect disciples, many Sect disciples admired Song Ziyu for her beauty, but now that she had someone who dared to reject her so outright, Song Ziyu pride was felt very broken.

”Why did you refuse? ” Song Sin asked why Ye Chen refused the offer he gave.

”It ’s because I already have a very beautiful wife ” Ye Chen told Song Sin the reason why he rejected Song Ziyu, Ye Chen already has a very beautiful wife.

Plus Ye Chen didn ’t like Song Ziyu temperament, this woman could give Ye Chen a pretty bad headache.

Rather than Ye Chen accepting this, Ye Chen would rather make Song Ziyu his servant, Ye Chen wanted to train Song Ziyu to be a little obedient.

When Ye Chen said this, Ye Chen could feel Song Ziyu gaze full of hostility, Song Ziyu was currently like a tigress who wanted to prey on Ye Chen.

If only there was no one else in this place, perhaps Song Ziyu would have already gone and pounced on Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen was satisfied with this, today he was completely satisfied for making Song Ziyu ’s mood like this.

When else could Ye Chen do something like this to Song Ziyu, maybe something like this would only happen this once.

”Where is the food, why are the servants taking so long, let me go and see what they are doing ” Long Dou got up from the chair, intending to find the servant in charge of the banquet.

”Go away ” Song Han motioned for Long Dou to leave, he let Long Dou see the work the servants were doing.

Song Han didn ’t like letting Ye Chen wait, which was why Song Han wanted Long Dou to go and see if the maid was ready or not.

Long Dou quickly left the banquet hall, quickly heading over to the servants quarters to see the work they were doing.

While waiting for the arrival of the food, Song Han asked Ye Chen a few things, he wanted to know why Ye Chen could have such great medical skills at such a young age.

Ye Chen told a little about his skills, he told that he learned this from an ancient book that Gu Xuan gave him.

Song Han nodded, he continued to praise Ye Chen in front of Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu looked unhappy when she saw her grandfather constantly praising Ye Chen like this, Song Ziyu already disliked Ye Chen from the start, so when she saw her grandfather praising Ye Chen, Song Ziyu felt uncomfortable and jealous.

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After a while Long Dou returned, he informed everyone that the food would be arriving soon.

A few minutes later the waiter came into the room, they brought a lot of dishes for everyone in the room.

All the servants immediately put the dish on the table, very quickly the table was filled with dishes that were delicious enough to eat.

When this dish arrived, Ye Chen looked at the dishes in front of him one by one, Ye Chen ’s eyes carefully observed the dishes in front of him.

Ye Chen sensed that there was something wrong with the dish in front of him, he felt something in this food.

”Alright, everyone let ’s start right now ” Song Han invited everyone to start a banquet for Ye Chen, they all immediately took the food that was on the table and started to eat it.

” Wait a moment .
. ” Just as everyone was preparing to eat the food that was in front of them, Ye Chen suddenly stopped them all.

” what is it? ” Everyone immediately asked why Ye Chen stopped them all.

”There is something in this plate ” Ye Chen told everyone that there was something in this plate.

”Of course, there is food on the plate ” Song Ziyu thought Ye Chen had stopped them for something important, but apparently this person just wanted to make a joke in front of her.

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Song Ziyu intended to continue eating the food that was on the table.

Because Song Ziyu wore a veil on her face, this made it a little difficult for Song Ziyu to eat, but she couldn ’t take off her veil in public, let alone in front of a man who had angered her.

”I know that, what I mean is that this food contains egg Gu ” Ye Chen told everyone that in this food there was a Gu egg that was about to hatch.

” What .
. ” Everyone was shocked when they heard this, they immediately threw the food they were about to take.

Even Song Ziyu who was about to eat her food immediately threw the food away.

Song Ziyu was so disgusted by what Ye Chen had just said, she almost threw up when she found out that there was an egg Gu in this food.

” What are you talking about ? ” Long Duo asked what Ye Chen meant, Long Duo looked displeased with what Ye Chen just meant.

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