”Well if they are in good hands, I ’m happy with that. ” Ye Chen was happy that Zhao Yanyan and the others were in good hands, he hoped that they would be fine and not have any problems.

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”Husband, how are you progressing ? ” Nangong Xiang asked how the development of Ye Chen during these 2 months.

”Yeah, I ’ve grown quite a bit since last time. ” Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang that he had grown quite a bit since the last time they met.

”Do you have any difficulties in raising your cultivation level? ” Nangong Xiang asked if Ye Chen had any difficulties in cultivating.

”Yeah, I ’m having a bit of a hard time, I feel that I ’m getting more and more difficult to raise the level I have. ” Ye Chen nodded, he told Nangong Xiang that he was having a hard time raising his cultivation level.

”your cultivation is now at the Divine Tribulation Realm stage, so it is not strange if you experience a slight obstacle in cultivating, it is only natural, my advice is that you should focus on your goals, that way you can pass through the heavenly tribulation and advance to a higher level ” Nangong Xiang said to Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang gave all the short lectures to Ye Chen, she gave a hint to Ye Chen.

” what do you mean ? ” Ye Chen didn ’t understand what Nangong Xiang meant, Ye Chen was still a little confused about this.

”You have a main goal, don ’t you? ” Nangong Xiang asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, I want to save my woman and make a big harem ” Ye Chen said to Nangong Xiang.

Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang about his true purpose.

”Husband, you are very honest. ” Nangong Xiang smiled at Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang thought Ye Chen was very honest about this matter.

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Ye Chen was still the same as before, he was still very honest about what he wanted, even Ye Chen wasn ’t shy when he said things like this in front of Nangong Xiang.

Ye Chen didn ’t even dodge this question by Nangong Xiang, he briefly answered the goal he wanted.

Nangong Xiang could understand Ye Chen ’s purpose, Ye Chen had a  Ancient (Yang) body, that meant he was destined to have multiple women, so Ye Chen ’s reason for setting up a harem was something that made sense to Nangong Xiang.

”Your body doesn ’t relapse right? ” Nangong Xiang asked Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang was a little worried about Ye Chen ’s condition, that ’s why Nangong Xiang went and saw Ye Chen inside the fairy gate.

It had been two months since they had abandoned Ye Chen, if Ye Chen didn ’t get the Yin Qi of the woman, then Ye Chen ’s condition would be very serious.

”You don ’t have to worry, I can look for it from the women I met. ” Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang that he could get Yin Qi from the women in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

”Thank goodness, I thought you were in serious trouble. ” Nangong Xiang was relieved when she heard this, Nangong Xiang thought Ye Chen had a problem with his body.

”Hehehe, on the other side I have someone who always helps me with that problem. ” Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang that he had someone who always helped him.

” Who is that ? ” Nangong Xiang asked who Ye Chen was referring to, she wanted to know who was helping Ye Chen.

”she ” Ye Chen pointed at Li Jingyi who was standing not far from the two.

Nangong Xiang immediately looked in the direction where Ye Chen was pointing, when Nangong Xiang looked where Ye Chen was pointing, she saw a quite beautiful woman with two large soft melons.

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”I didn ’t expect you to have found a beautiful goddess like this ” Nangong Xiang said in a praising tone, Nangong Xiang did not expect Ye Chen to have found a beautiful woman like Li Jingyi, for Nangong Xiang Ye Chen is someone who has a radar that can ensnare beautiful women around the world.

”hehe ” Ye Chen chuckled at Nangong Xiang, he was pleased with Nangong Xiang ’s praise.

”Jingyi come here ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi to come closer to him.

Hearing Ye Chen calling out to her, Li Jingyi immediately went to Ye Chen ’s side, she was now standing right beside Ye Chen.

”Hello, I ’m Li Jingyi, nice to meet you. ” With a gentle smile, Li Jingyi introduced herself to Nangong Xiang.

”Hehehe, nice to meet you too, I am Nangong Xiang, ” Seeing Li Jingyi gentle smile, Nangong Xiang greeted Li Jingyi with tenderness too.

The two women looked at each other, both looking for information among each other.

Nangong Xiang started to find out about Li Jingyi, he could see that Li Jingyi was a gentle woman and had extraordinary high strength, Nangong Xiang could feel Li Jingyi high strength.

On the other side, Li Jingyi found out about Nangong Xiang ’s identity, this woman is very beautiful, Li Jingyi wanted to know where this woman came from, why she could be a woman Ye Chen.

”Have you taken care of your husband all this time? ” Nangong Xiang asked Li Jingyi.

”No, he took care of me instead, I ’m not her opponent ” Li Jingyi shook her head, she told Nangong Xiang that Ye Chen was the one who took care of her. 

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”Fufufu, I understand how you feel ” Nangong Xiang immediately understood what Li Jingyi was saying.

Nangong Xiang herself knew how strong Ye Chen was, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Li Jingyi to struggle against Ye Chen alone.

”You better find Ye Chen a few more sisters, otherwise you will have a hard time fighting Ye Chen ” Nangong Xiang whispered to Li Jingyi, she told Li Jingyi to find some sisters to fight Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi ’s face immediately turned red when she listened to what Nangong Xiang had to say, Nangong Xiang really knew very well what Ye Chen was like.

”Um, I see, I will try to find some women who can help me ” Li Jingyi nodded to Nangong Xiang, she said that she would find a woman who could help her pack Ye Chen.

”That ’s great, I hope you do that soon ” Nangong Xiang said to Li Jingyi.

Nangong Xiang hoped that if Li Jingyi did that soon, she wouldn ’t let Li Jingyi endure this kind of trouble alone.

It ’s not that Nangong Xiang doesn ’t believe in Li Jingyi abilities, the problem is that Ye Chen is a very difficult monster to beat, Nangong Xiang believes that Li Jingyi alone will not be able to overcome Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi continued to nod, she looked like a junior who was currently receiving a suggestion from a senior.

Ye Chen was a little clueless about what Nangong Xiang and Li Jingyi were talking about, Ye Chen didn ’t know what the women ’s world was talking about.

”You look really exhausted, then let me take your place for the time being. ” Nangong Xiang said that she would replace Li Jingyi for the time being.

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”Really, thank you very much. ” Li Jingyi looked very happy when she heard this, finally Li Jingyi could rest in peace tonight.

Nangong Xiang smiled when she saw this, it seemed that Li Jingyi was really tired from overcoming Ye Chen on her own.

”Then I leave husband to you, I want to take a look around this place ” Li Jingyi would hand Ye Chen over to Nangong Xiang, meanwhile she would go around this place.

”Are you sure you want to go alone? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi.

”Let me accompany her. ” Chu Yuechan said that she would go and accompany Li Jingyi.

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