iang, Ye Chen intended to teach a lesson that Nangong Xiang would not forget, that way.

”What are you waiting for, show your ability as a Man ” Nangong Xiang said to Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang seemed to be provoking Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang was a person who grew up in a environment noble Clan the God Realm, so it was not strange that Nangong Xiang had this kind of education to seduce the man who would be her future partner.

And this time Nangong Xiang used this thing to try to provoke a Monster like Ye Chen.

”My Succubus Goddess, I can ’t take it anymore ” Ye Chen couldn ’t stand Nangong Xiang ’s temptation anymore, Ye Chen carried Nangong Xiang ’s body and immediately went to the Dual Cultivation room.

Ye Chen didn ’t care about anything else anymore, at this time Ye Chen wanted to do the beautiful goddess in his arms.

Nangong Xiang snuggled in Ye Chen ’s arms, she was embarrassed by Ye Chen who carried her like a princess, Nangong Xiang started to feel that he was returning to her former lost youth.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang walked into the Dual Cultivation room, both of them preparing to start their first round.


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Currently in another place far away in White Cloud city there were two people currently meeting in a very dark place.

These two people were very suspicious, how could the two of them meet in a dark place like this place, why didn ’t the two of them meet in White Cloud city which was much lighter and more comfortable.

If one looked closely, the appearance of one of these people was familiar, it was clearly the Long Dou that Ye Chen had previously met at the Song Clan residence, meanwhile the person in front of the Long Dou was still quite mysterious.

”How, did you succeed? ” asked the person with a mysterious appearance to Long Dou.

The mysterious man asked whether Long Duo had succeeded in carrying out his work or not, if he succeeded then he wanted the reward.

”I haven ’t succeeded, the person who previously interfered in our business came and made things difficult for me ” Long Dou told that he failed, Ye Chen suddenly came and interfered with all his plans.

”You mean the one who destroyed my Gu Bug ? ” asked the mysterious man to Long Dou.

”Yes, I was talking about it, he visited today and thwarted the plans I had. ” Long Dou said to the mysterious man.

”I see, he ’s the reason you failed again. ” The mysterious man finally understood why Long Dou had failed again in seizing power from the Song Family.

”I want you to give me a Gu Bug that is much stronger and even more deadly. ” Long Dou asked for a Gu Bug that was much stronger and even more deadly.

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”It ’s useless, as long as that man is still around, my Gu Bug is useless, you have to get rid of that person first, otherwise you won ’t be able to carry out your plan ” the mysterious man told Long Dou to get rid of Ye Chen first.

”Then let me get rid of that person. ” Long Dou wanted to go and get rid of Ye Chen with his own hands.

”Don ’t do stupid things like that, you ’d better ask a assassin for help, that way you won ’t be found or suspected ” said the mysterious man to Long Dou.

The mysterious man told Long Dou to go and hire a great assassin to kill Ye Chen, that way he wouldn ’t be suspected as a suspect by the Song Family.

The mysterious person already estimated that Ye Chen was a great person, otherwise how could he easily detect the Gu Bug that he implanted in Song Han ’s body so easily.

Plus Ye Chen could easily get the Gu Bug out of Song Han ’s body without triggering an explosion, that was a really great thing to do.

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