Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu help the female disciples who are in danger or in urgency, the three of them use the strength they have to help the female disciples available.

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With the help of Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu  strength the three of them quickly rescued all the women who were caught in a predicament.

With the power of fire and ice that they combine to attack the enemy, the three of them very easily defeat all existing enemies.

The female disciples at Jade Lotus Peak could indeed work together to unite their strength, they could combine their attack power to become even more powerful.

As long as there were disciples who each possessed the power of Ice and Fire, it was certain that they would be difficult to defeat.

In the distance, Ye Chen was currently raging, he attacked all the enemies in front of him indiscriminately, all the men in front of Ye Chen were hit by Ye Chen ’s attack and were blown away.

Ye Chen didn ’t need his strength to fight these people, he just needed his bare hands to deal with people like them.

With his bare hands, all the outer court disciples had a hard time battling Ye Chen, if Ye Chen used the strength he had, these people would have been exhausted.

”Damn, this person is so strong ” All the enemies felt Ye Chen ’s immense strength, they were actually suppressed by Ye Chen.

”Wow that ’s so cool, I didn ’t expect Ye Chen to be this great. ” The female disciples in this place looked at Ye Chen with a gaze filled with passion.

Women in the Sect like strong male disciples, when they saw Ye Chen fighting alone against this many enemies, all the women were naturally attracted to Ye Chen

These women already idolized Ye Chen because of his ability, now they are more and more attracted to Ye Chen because of the combat ability he has looks very great.

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The enemy had no resistance, in an instant, they had all been knocked out by Ye Chen.

In just a few minutes, the thousands of enemies that attacked his place were flattened by Ye Chen, this process was extremely fast, no one would believe that a single disciple defeated so many enemies alone.

The people who came to attack this place were not weak cultivators, they were strong cultivators who had been in the Sect for a long time and had trained themselves extremely well.

Unfortunately these cultivators were no match for Ye Chen, as a result they were all beaten up by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t kill these people, he only beat these people to get a proper lesson for daring to interfere with his business.

”Who sent you to attack my place? ” Ye Chen dragged one of the enemies, himself asked who was behind all this.

Ye Chen wanted to know the mastermind behind all this, he would find a calculation for this matter.

” It .
., we were ordered by Xiao Gang ” the man in Ye Chen ’s hand told about the person who had ordered them, they were all ordered by Xiao Gang to go and attack Ye Chen ’s place.

”Is your boss Xiao Gang? ” Ye Chen asked the man in his hand.

”No, I ’m not Xiao Gang ’s subordinate, I was actually threatened to get into this ” the man in Ye Chen ’s hands told Ye Chen that he was threatened by Xiao Gang to attack this place.

Xiao Gang threatened the male disciples to attack Ye Chen ’s place, they were all threatened by Xiao Gang to attack Ye Chen ’s place.

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”Where is Xiao Gang now? ” Ye Chen asked where Xiao Gang was now, he had to make this man stop looking for trouble with him.

”Okay, I ’ll tell you where Xiao Gang is, but please let me go. ” This man promised to tell where Xiao Gang was, as long as Ye Chen was willing to let himself go he would tell where Xiao Gang was.

Ye Chen let go of this person, he wanted to know more details about the whereabouts of Xiao Gang.

This man told where Xiao Gang usually was, Xiao Gang was usually in a brothel in White Cloud city.

Ye Chen couldn ’t think that Xiao Gang would be in a brothel, whether the man could still play with the women who were there or not.

Last time Ye Chen had crippled the man, so he shouldn ’t be able to do that with women anymore.

”All of you go, I let you all go ” Ye Chen told everyone to leave, Ye Chen didn ’t need anything more from these people.

These people were victims of Xiao Gang, so Ye Chen easily let them all go.

Ye Chen felt quite sorry for these people, they had all been forced to do what they didn ’t want to do.

”Ye Chen how, do you know who has been looking for trouble with you? ” Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu came over, they asked who had been looking for trouble with Ye Chen.

”This is the person who used to look for trouble with me when I was in the forest, it seems he wants to take revenge on me for what happened earlier ” Ye Chen explained about the problem he had.

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”Then what are you going to do now? ” Xia Qingyu asked what Ye Chen would do now.

”I will deal with this problem, if it continues like this, he will continue to find trouble with me ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu that he would go and solve this problem.

Ye Chen couldn ’t stand this, if he didn ’t solve this problem, then Xiao Gang would keep looking for trouble for him.

Xiao Gang possessed considerable power in this outer court, so it was not strange that he would continue to use this power to seek trouble with Ye Chen.

The people just now were an example, they all strictly obeyed Xiao Gang ’s orders to attack Ye Chen, that meant that Xiao Gang ’s power was so great that the disciples in the Sect were afraid of him.

”We will go with you ” Xia Qingyu wanted to come with Ye Chen, she wanted to see who was the person who had been looking for trouble with Ye Chen.

”Are you sure, the place we are going to is a very dangerous place? ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu that the place they were going to was a very dangerous place.

”Ye Chen don ’t underestimate us, we are not weak women who will be afraid of this ” Mei Yueli told Ye Chen that they are not weak women who are afraid to go to dangerous places ” Mei Yueli said very confidently, it seemed that Mei Yueli not afraid to go to dangerous places.

Mei Yueli still didn ’t know what Ye Chen just meant, if she knew what Ye Chen meant earlier, then maybe she would give up her intention.

”If you really insist, then you can come with me ” Seeing Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci insisting on going, Ye Chen couldn ’t stop the three of them.

”Let ’s go ” Ye Chen took Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci to where Xiao Gang was.

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Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci nodded, the three of them immediately followed Ye Chen to where Xiao Gang was.

”Ye Chen what about us? ” Just as Ye Chen was about to leave, he heard the woman behind him ask him.

These ladies were still waiting for their turn, they were still waiting for their turn to experience Ye Chen ’s massage technique which was very well known among female disciples.

”I have a problem that I need to solve, I will continue it later ” Ye Chen told all the women that he had important things to do.

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