Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Sui Xi played cards for several rounds, Zhao Yanyan and Aunt Sui Xi looked very excited when playing cards, they both tried to defeat Ye Chen.

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”Click ” the sound of the door opening.

The three people who were playing cards immediately looked at the door that had just opened.

Lin Rouxi had finished bathing and had now changed into night pajamas.

The eyes of Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi met, Lin Rouxi was the first to turn her eyes away as she bowed her head in shame.

”Rouxi come here ” Sui Xi told Lin Rouxi to come and play the card game.

”Rouxi ’s sister come and play cards with us, this is very fun. ” Zhao Yanyan also invited Lin Rouxi to participate in the card game.

Lin Rouxi shyly walked over to Sui Xi and sat next to her mother.

Lin Rouxi now joined in playing cards, when Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi ’s turn the atmosphere always turned quite ambiguous.

The card game lasts long enough into the night.

Aunt Sui Xi looked at the clock on the wall that showed 11:00 PM, tomorrow she would get on the plane in the morning ”Everyone, let ’s end this ”.

”Wait where is Ye Chen going to sleep ” Zhao Yanyan suddenly asked, outside it was still raining so Ye Chen had no reason to go home.

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”Yanyan you ’re right Also, where Ye Chen will sleep ” in this room there are 3 bedrooms, one belongs to Lin Rouxi, one has Zhao Yanyan, and another is empty but currently occupied by Sui Xi.

Sui Xi could have slept with Lin Rouxi or Zhao Yanyan and let Ye Chen sleep in the room he was currently in.

”Ye Chen, how about you sleep in Rouxi ’s room, ” Sui Xi has a separate plan, it ’s better to advance the relationship of Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi as soon as possible by the way both of them sleep in the same room.

Lin Rouxi stood up and slapped the table ”mother what did you say how could I sleep with Ye Chen in the same room ”.

”What ’s wrong with it, you guys don ’t have problems sleeping in the same room, again, your relationship has come this far.
Sui Xi smiled at Lin Rouxi, she said the scene of Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi while kissing in the room.

Hearing her mother say that, Lin Rouxi ’s face turned red like an apple, Lin Rouxi did not know how to answer my mother ’s words at this time.

”What ’s wrong with that face of yours, do you not want to live together with Ye Chen, if so what if Ye Chen just lives with Yanyan, Yanyan what do you think? ” Sui Xi asked Zhao Yanyan.

”I don ’t mind, ” Zhao Yanyan answered with an innocent face.

Lin Rouxi was shocked by Zhao Yanyan ’s answer ”Yanyan what are you saying how can you say that ” Lin Rouxi stuttered to say to Zhao Yanyan.

”So why, after all Ye Chen is a good man ” Yanyan smiled and praised Ye Chen.

Hearing what Zhao Yanyan said there was a hint of panic in Lin Rouxi ’s heart ”Ye Chen will sleep in my room tonight ” without waiting for Zhao Yanyan and Sui Xi ’s answer, Lin Rouxi took Ye Cehn ’s hand and dragged him into the room.

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Zhao Yanyan and Aunt Sui Xi were left in the living room.

”Yanyan thank you for working with aunt, ” it turns out Sui Xi and Zhao Yanyan are working together so that Ye Chen and Lin Roux live in the same room.

”It doesn ’t matter, I ’m happy to help Aunt ” the reason Zhao Yanyan helped Lin Linxi and Ye Chen ’s relationship develop, this way Lin Rouxi will be her sister forever.

Sui Xi did not know what was in Zhao Yanyan ’s mind, if she knew for sure she would be very surprised.

In Lin Rouxi ’s room.

Lin Rouxi immediately let go of Ye Chen ’s hand ”Ye Chen you sleep on the floor I ’ll sleep on the bed ”

”Huh? , Teacher Lin, you ’re not kidding right, didn ’t you say I could sleep in your room? ”Ye Chen had no idea that Lin Rouxi would make him sleep on the floor.

”I did say you could sleep in my room, but I didn ’t say that you could sleep in one bed with me ” Lin Rouxi looked away not daring to look at Ye Chen.

”Well, it ’s up to you, ” he didn ’t want to argue with Lin Rouxi because of this problem.

”These are pillows and blankets for you, ” Lin Rouxi took the pillows and blankets and handed them to Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen received a pillow and Blanket from Lin Rouxi, he immediately arranged the blanket for a base and slept on it.

Lin Rouxi turned off the Lights, the room became very dark, the atmosphere became awkward again, neither Ye Chen nor Lin Rouxi spoke.

Unconsciously Lin Rouxi ’s breathing stabilized, Ye Chen woke up and saw that Lin Rouxi had fallen asleep.

Lin Rouxi ’s pajamas sagged a little, Ye Chen could see Lin Rouxi ’s milk was exposed before his eyes, moreover Lin Rouxi didn ’t wear any underwear at all.

Ye Chen ’s blood churned, the younger brother below began to rise up, for some reason Ye Chen ’s libido was often out of control when he saw things like this, was this the effect of the King ’s heart technique or Ye Chen ’s ancient Body (Yang) did not know.

Unconsciously, Ye Chen ’s hand tried to reach both of Lin Rouxi ’s peaks, a few centimeters longer his hands touched Lin Rouxi ’s two peaks, but suddenly he stopped, Ye Chen still had the awareness not to do it by force.

Time passed so quickly, Ye Chen could not stand if it continued like this, if it continued like this he would not be able to stand it and might rape Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen got up from the floor and slipped out of Lin Rouxi ’s room, he went to sneak into Zhao Yanyan ’s room unnoticed by another person Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan from behind.

”Ah ah ” Zhao Yanyan suddenly shouted.

Ye Chen closed Zhao Yanyan ’s mouth by using the hand ”Yanyan it ’s me ”.

Seeing that this was Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan was relieved ”husband, what are you doing here?, Shouldn ’t you have fun with Lin Rouxi ’s sister in her room? ” Zhao Yanyan asked for the reason Ye Chen came here, who should be having fun with Lin Rouxi.

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This should be the right time for Ye Chen to make Lin Rouxi his woman.

”I miss Yanyan dear, so I came here ” Ye Chen began to release Zhao Yanyan ’s shirt button.

Zhao Yanyan ’s entire nightgown was gone, Zhao Yanyan ’s most beautiful body was exposed in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had not seen this body for a long time, the last time he saw Yanyan ’s body was when he did Dual cultivation with Zhao Yanyan for your first time.

Zhao Yanyan tried to cover the private parts by using her hands, even though she had done it with Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan still felt ashamed.

”Yanyan let me see it ” Ye Chen helped move Zhao Yanyan ’s hand which blocked the view on Zhao Yanyan ’s body.

Zhao Yanyan moved her hands, both mountain tops and her private parts were now clearly visible to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was very excited and hugged Zhao Yanyan on the bed, he played with both of Zhao Yanyan ’s Milk which became a little bigger.

Just from Ye Chen ’s touch, Zhao Yanyan felt he had flown into the sky, this feeling Zhao Yanyan had never felt.

Ye Chen did not hold back this time, he used the king ’s heart technique to make Zhao Yanyan happy.

Tonight Ye Chen wanted to make Zhao Yanyan happy to the point of not being able to forget it.

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