Qiao Xin is just like most women, she likes good clothes to dress herself up.

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women are like this, they like jewelry and luxury goods, not on earth or God Realm everything is the same.

”Okay, if you really want that, then I ’ll buy you ” Ye Chen said that he promised to buy Qiao Xin an outfit.

”Really, Ye Chen, you are very kind. ” Qiao Xin was very happy when she heard this, Ye Chen was very kind.

Qiao Xin again clung very tightly to Ye Chen, the double peaks that had developed so well continued to suppress Ye Chen.

This gave Ye Chen its own damage, Ye Chen felt very excited about this.

Ye Chen hadn ’t done Dual Cultivation with a woman in a long time, plus every day Ye Chen had to go through difficult days with the woman he treated while doing massages.

When Qiao Xin provoked him, naturally Ye Chen felt very excited about this.

Ye Chen wanted to slightly touch it with his hands, the problem was that the other party was nowhere close to Li Jingyi, so Ye Chen couldn ’t do such a thing.

Ye Chen was very sad, even though Ye Chen really wanted to feel what Qiao Xin was like, it would definitely be very comfortable to touch.

Qiao Xin didn ’t let Ye Chen have time to imagine, she immediately dragged Ye Chen away to a clothing store near the city.

When Qiao Xin arrived in front of the clothing store, she found that hundreds of women had already entered the store.

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”Eh, it ’s so crowded, it ’s not usually like this ” Qiao Xin was confused by this, she didn ’t expect that the clothing store would be so crowded like this.

”Isn ’t it usually this busy? ” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin, she wanted to know if this shop usually wasn ’t as crowded as this.

”Usually it ’s crowded, but not like this ” Qiao Xin told Ye Chen that it ’s usually busy, but not like this.

”Perhaps the owner is indeed having a discount, so the shop becomes crowded ” Ye Chen thought positively, he estimated that the shop owner was putting up a discount so that the price of clothes became cheaper, this way he could attract more customers to come.

”You may be right, then let ’s go inside. ” Qiao Xin agreed with what Ye Chen said, this was the most likely thing to happen.

The two of them entered the shop, when they both entered, they saw a lot of people gathered in the same place, it looked like they were buying something.

”What are they holding, I have never seen it? ” Qiao Xin was very curious about what these women were holding, she had never seen anything like this in her life.

Ye Chen saw what Qiao Xin was currently pointing at, when Ye Chen looked at it he found that this was a pretty good looking underwear.

”Has Yan Fei started distributing what I told her to do? ” Ye Chen started to wonder if Yan Fei had already distributed what he had, what Yan Fei did was so fast.

Ye Chen himself hasn ’t contacted Yan Fei for a while, so he doesn ’t know how Yan Fei ’s work is progressing.

But after seeing this, Ye Chen was sure that Yan Fei had done very well.

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A smart woman like Yan Fei can definitely do everything very easily and very quickly.

Ye Chen had high hopes for Yan Fei, it seems that what Ye Chen did was the right thing.

”Miss, what is it? ” Qiao Xin asked the clothes shop assistant, she wanted to know what was being sold in this place.

”Miss Qiao, it ’s a new product, do you want to try it, recently it ’s very popular, it can make the wearer ’s body very light and carefree, plus it can make the passion even stronger at night ” the shop assistant told told Qiao Xin about a new product that the young and rich women in this city were fighting for.

Since Qiao Xin often came to this place, the shop assistant was already familiar with Qiao Xin, so it wasn ’t strange that she seemed very familiar with Qiao Xin.

”Really?, I just found out about this matter ” Qiao Xin just found out about this matter, a few months ago she didn ’t want this kind of thing to happen.

”You can give it a try, it ’s getting a very good response. ” The shop assistant told Qiao Xin to go and give it a try, she would definitely like it very much.

”Okay, I ’ll give it a try ” Qiao Xin ’s interest was getting higher, she became very interested in new things that she didn ’t know yet.

Ye Chen waited behind, he didn ’t want to get too close to these people, he would rather wait at a distance than have to jostle like that.

”Hi Miss, do you have a super big size for it? ” Ye Chen asked the shop assistant, wanting to know if there was a size that might fit Li Jingyi in this place.

”What size? ” The shop assistant asked what size Ye Chen wanted.

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”Maybe it ’s around H or above, ” Ye Chen told the shop assistant the size he wanted.

”Young master, the size is too high, it seems that this shop doesn ’t exist, if you want it you can order it and wait for some time ” the shop assistant said to Ye Chen.

”Too bad, then thanks for the information ” Ye Chen was a little disappointed, it seems that this is still quite limited for its size, Ye Chen will immediately tell Yan Fei to make a suitable one for Li Jingyi, he also wants the best for Li Jingyi to wear.

While Qiao Xin was jostling for underwear, Ye Chen was very casually at the side, only having a glimpse of whether Qiao Xin had gotten what she wanted or not.

There were too many choices here and people were urging him, this made Qiao Xin unable to choose as she pleased.

After almost 2 hours, Qiao Xin finally got some underwear that made her feel interested.

”Ye Chen, I will go and try it first ” Qiao Xin told Ye Chen that she would go and try it first.

Ye Chen nodded, he let Qiao Xin go and try it first.

Qiao Xin immediately went to the wardrobe, she immediately tried on the underwear she chose.

Ye Chen ’s interest was slightly piqued when Qiao Xin walked into the dressing room, the urge to peek inside was intense.

Ye Chen tried very hard to contain this feeling, but finally after a while, Ye Chen was defeated by the feeling in his heart.

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”just a little is not a problem ” Ye Chen felt that it was okay to do this, after all, no one would know that he did this.

”God Eyes ” Ye Chen used God Eyes to look behind the booth, while Ye Chen used God Eyes Ye Chen saw the incredible scene in front of him.

Qiao Xin was currently starting to take off the clothes she had, when Qiao Xin did this, Qiao Xin looked very seductive, the moves she made seemed like she was tempting men to look at her.

This woman was born to be a Succubus, she made a very seductive move.

”This woman is very seductive ” Ye Chen praised Qiao Xin, Qiao Xin was very seductive and seemed to stimulate him.

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