Everything had happened, Qiao Xin could no longer go back to how she was before, she could no longer get out of this trouble.

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”I just hope Jingyi isn ’t angry because I did this. ” Qiao Xin could only hope that Li Jingyi wouldn ’t be angry with what she did with Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin stretched her hand down, she started to touch Ye Chen ’s thing that was still behind the cage.

Ye Chen ’s body slightly trembled when Qiao Xin touched him, what Qiao Xin did was too sudden, this made Ye Chen quite surprised.

Qiao Xin became even more daring, she showing that she was not a shy woman and dared to do this.

Qiao Xin started to hold Ye Chen object, when Qiao Xin did that, Qiao Xin discovered that Ye Chen ’s was much bigger than she imagined.

”It really is a monster. ” Qiao Xin felt that if Ye Chen ’s was a monster, a normal woman would definitely not defend against Ye Chen ’s monster.

”Ye Chen, are you excited because of me? ” This time Qiao Xin whispered in Ye Chen ’s ear, she said while trying to tease Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin ’s words were the same as provoking Ye Chen, this woman was indeed worthy of being a young Succubus.

”You are still asking, whose fault is this really? ” Ye Chen replied to Qiao Xin.

He was like this because of Qiao Xin, so Ye Chen hoped that Qiao Xin would be responsible for what had happened.

”I ’m happy, I think I have the charm to make you like this ” Qiao Xin was very happy to hear this, her charm was still great enough to make Ye Chen excited.

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Qiao Xin started to look at the underwear on her body, what the shop assistant said was the truth, this could increase the passion of the person wearing it, Qiao Xin became even hotter and more seductive when wearing lace clothes like this.

The situation starts to get hotter, the two will soon enter even higher levels to achieve a real relationship.

”hey, are you still long, I ’ve been waiting for a long time ” when the two were about to enter a further path, from outside came a dissatisfied female voice.

It was obvious that this woman was very dissatisfied with having to wait a long time in front of the changing room.

Qiao Xin immediately realized that the two of them were in a public place, she was too carried away by Ye Chen ’s love to forget that they were currently in a public place.

Qiao Xin hurriedly pushed Ye Chen away, it wouldn ’t be good if he was found by someone outside.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed, even though the situation was very good just now, but even from the outside there were people who were disturbing them, this was very, very disappointing for him.

”Ye Chen let ’s go out ” Qiao Xin took Ye Chen out, it wouldn ’t be good if the two of them were found like this.

”Okay ” Ye Chen nodded, he will go out together with Qiao Xin, it ’s fine for Ye Chen to go out of this room.

Ye Chen used his ability to sneak out, with the ability that Ye Chen had, Ye Chen could easily sneak out without being noticed by others.

Qiao Xin was relieved when she saw Ye Chen go out, now she no longer needed to be afraid of being discovered by others.

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Qiao Xin again continued to try on the underwear she had taken, she wanted to see if the other clothes fit her well.

After a while Qiao Xin tried everything, some suited her, while some didn ’t suit her.

After getting a few suitable for himself, Qiao Xin went out of the booth, intending to go and pay for everything she had chosen.

”Bitch, you ’re taking too long ” outside was a woman with a pretty hot appearance and wearing very thick makeup, this woman complained to Qiao Xin who had been in the booth for too long.

”Is there a problem ” Qiao Xin looked at this woman with a sharp gaze, Qiao Xin gave off a quite strong killing aura on this woman.

The woman in front of Qiao Xin immediately fell to the floor, she felt trembling when she saw Qiao Xin.

This woman did not expect that Qiao Xin could be so terrifying like this, just now she felt that Qiao Xin could kill her at any moment.

Qiao Xin left this arrogant woman, she immediately went to Ye Chen to redeem all the things she had taken.

Ye Chen paid for everything that Qiao Xin took, he paid for everything because he had promised Qiao Xin.

After buying clothes, Ye Chen and Qiao Xin left the shop, the situation became a little awkward when the two left the clothing store, it seemed that the two of them didn ’t start a conversation like before.

Previously Ye Chen and Qiao Xin were very close, now the two of them seemed to be far away, it seemed that both of them were a little reluctant to act like before.

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What happened earlier still made the situation like this, Qiao Xin looked awkward with what had happened to her earlier.

”Xin, about the previous matter ” after a long time, Ye Chen finally decided to start a conversation.

”Ye Chen looks like we can ’t make mistakes like before, I don ’t like Jingyi ” Qiao Xin said that they shouldn ’t make mistakes like before, Qiao Xin felt bad for Li Jingyi.

”How can it be like that, I will still be responsible for what happened ” Ye Chen held Qiao Xin ’s hand, he said that he would be responsible for what happened earlier.

Qiao Xin saw the seriousness that Ye Chen showed, this man was very serious, he really intended to take responsibility for what happened earlier.

”Then what about Jingyi, she will definitely be angry because of this ” Qiao Xin asked about Li Jingyi, if Li Jingyi knew about this matter, then she would definitely be angry with Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin didn ’t want that to happen, it was better for her to give in than to anger Li Jingyi and most likely leave Ye Chen.

”You don ’t have to worry about it, I will persuade her ” Ye Chen said that he would persuade Li Jingyi.

Qiao Xin couldn ’t believe Ye Chen was willing to do this to her, this man was a thing, he even dared to persuade Li Jingyi about a matter like this.

Qiao Xin had to admit that Ye Chen was a real gentleman, he didn ’t even run away from a big responsibility like this, it was quite rare for a man like Ye Chen to live in this world.

”So what? ” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin, wanting to hear Qiao Xin ’s answer.

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” I.
. ” Qiao Xin was still confused in answering Ye Chen ’s question, she looked very confused about the answer she should give.

Qiao Xin took a deep breath, she prepared to give her answer to Ye Chen, Qiao Xin hoped that Ye Chen would not be angry with this refusal.

”Watch out ” Just as Qiao Xin was about to give Ye Chen an answer, Ye Chen suddenly hugged Qiao Xin ’s body and protected her from the incoming attack.

”Wushhh ” An arrow shot towards Ye Chen and Qiao Xin, this arrow was extremely fast and possessed quite a terrifying power.

Because of this, Ye Chen and Qiao Xin rolled on the ground, protecting Qiao Xin from the sudden attack.

In the attack just now, Ye Chen suffered a slight wound on his arm, luckily this injury wasn ’t so severe that it didn ’t cause any serious injury.

”Ye Chen, are you okay? ” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen ’s condition, she immediately saw the wound on Ye Chen ’s arm.

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