”That ’s great, I didn ’t expect you to guess everything right ” Elder Bon Kairan praised Ye Chen ’s ability, Ye Chen ’s perception was beyond his reach.

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”So did I pass? ” Ye Chen asked if he passed or not.

”Tch, you certainly passed, you even graduated with the most perfect grades I ’ve ever seen ” Bon Kairan told Ye Chen that he passed.

Ye Chen ’s score was the highest, Ye Chen had succeeded beyond any imagination Bon Kairan could imagine, how could Bon Kairan say failed after seeing Ye Chen who had succeeded beyond his own imagination.

Ye Chen nodded, he immediately went to the next place for the third test.

”What a very interesting person, I didn ’t know that the Sect had such a great person. ” Bon Kairan didn ’t know that in this Sect there was such a great person as Ye Chen, he first saw someone who could guess the painting on the screen behind him.

Bon Kairan focused his gaze on the painting in front of him, trying to find the Golden Fish that Ye Chen said.

”Hi Kairan, what are you doing ” When Bon Kairan was staring at the painting, suddenly the Elder who was in charge of the first exam came to this place.

”That ’s Xei Vale, you just startled me. ” Bon Kairan said to the Elder who startled him.

”So what are you doing ? ”Xei Vale asks what is Bon Kairan doing right now.

”I ’m just looking at this painting ” Bon Kairan said to Xei Vale

”you ’ve spent a lot of your time looking at it, aren ’t you tired of looking at it? ” Xei Vale asked Bon Kairan.

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”I spent my life studying this, unfortunately I still can ’t learn everything in this painting ” Bon Kairan sighed, he was very disappointed because he couldn ’t learn this.

”Hahaha, that is indeed very difficult, even the patriarch would definitely not be able to learn it, so no one in the Sect is capable of doing that ” Xei Vale said to Bon Kairan.

This painting is something, even the patriarch cannot fully see the secret behind this painting.

”You ’re wrong, just now someone managed to guess everything in this painting, ” said Bon Kairan to Xei Vale.

”What? ” Xei Vale was shocked when he heard this, he couldn ’t believe what he just heard.

Someone managed to guess all the Golden Fish in the painting, it was unbelievable.

” who is that ? ” Xei Vale asked who managed to guess all the golden fish hidden in this painting.

”He is a participant who just arrived ” Bon Kairan told Xei Vale about the participant who had just passed.

”Oh you mean that man with a strange appearance, he has also broken my measuring device ” Xei Vale said to Bon Kairan.

”Really, I want to know the details ” Bon Kairan asked Xei Vale, he wanted to know about the details that Xei Vale just said.

”Well, how about we discuss it over tea, it ’s rare that we can relax ” Xei Vale invited Bon Kairan to drink tea, it ’s rare for the two of them to relax like now.

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Bon Kairan nodded, agreeing with Xei Vale ’s suggestion, the two of them rarely had this kind of time in the lives they had.



By this time Ye Chen had arrived at the deepest room, this was where the final test was held.

”Oh, finally someone has come to this place, are you ready for the final test ” Ye Chen was greeted again by an old man, this old man told Ye Chen that this was the last test.

”I am ready ” Ye Chen told the elder that he was ready for the final test.

”It ’s good that you are ready, I will explain how you pass this test. ” The elder began to explain how to pass this test.

This test is very easy, all Ye Chen needs to do is enter a special place filled with Magical Beasts, in that place Ye Chen must find a randomly hidden key, as long as Ye Chen can take the key and get out safely , then it is certain that Ye Chen will pass.

”Do you understand? ” Elder asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, I understand. ” Ye Chen said that he had understood, he had understood about the exam this time.

The test this time was to find an item, as long as Ye Chen managed to find the item and brought it out, then Ye Chen would pass.

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Ye Chen felt that this was very easy, Ye Chen might be able to get through all of this very easily, Ye Chen ’s confidence was very high.

”Alright, that ’s the entrance, you have 1 hour, after 30 minutes you will be forcibly ejected, don ’t waste the time you have, you better leave immediately ” Elder told Ye Chen not to waste time and immediately went inside.

Ye Chen completely agreed with Elder ’s words, he really shouldn ’t waste his time.

Ye Chen went straight into the door the Elder said, after Ye Chen entered, Ye Chen found that he was in a dark forest, not even a single ray of sunlight could penetrate into this forest.

Ye Chen looked around this place, when Ye Chen looked around this place, Ye Chen found that around this place there were a lot of magical beasts roaming around.

”I won ’t waste time fighting these magical beasts, I ’d better go find the key the elder said ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to waste the time he had to fight the magical beasts in this place, it ’s better Ye Chen focused on his goal.

”God Eyes ” Ye Chen used God Eyes to find the whereabouts of the key.

Using God Eyes, Ye Chen could easily find the whereabouts of the key he was looking for.

”I found it ” after searching for a few seconds, Ye Chen finally found the whereabouts of the key he was looking for.

The key that Ye Chen was looking for was inside a tree, meanwhile the tree was guarded by several Magical Beasts that looked enormous.

Ye Chen went closer, trying to get as close as possible to the item he was looking for.

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”Hehehe, I have a way to take this thing ” Ye Chen has his own way of taking it without the enemy knowing.

”Perfect Steal ” Ye Chen used Perfect Steal to take the key that was in the tree, using Perfect Steal, the key that was in the tree immediately appeared in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Hehehe, done, this is really easy ” Ye Chen smiled, he felt that this was very easy to do.

After finding what he was looking for, Ye Chen only needed to go back and report his findings, then Ye Chen had already passed this test.

Ye Chen returned to where he first entered, after arriving at the starting place, Ye Chen immediately came out to the original world.

”So fast, have you given up already? ” The elder asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know why Ye Chen came out so quickly, whether Ye Chen had given up so quickly.

”I have found what I was looking for. ” Ye Chen took out the key he had to find inside.

”What, how is that possible, it ’s only a few minutes ” The elder couldn ’t believe what he was hearing right now, what he was listening to was like an impossible thing to do.

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