The robber boss gritted his teeth, he didn ’t expect Qiao Xin to say something like this in front of him.

”Damn, threats don ’t work on them, what should I do now ” The boss robber looked confused by this, he didn ’t know how to get Li Jingyi and Qiao Xin out of their shelter anymore.

The array that Ye Chen set up was extremely powerful, these robbers wouldn ’t be able to penetrate it even if they used all their abilities.

”Xin, don ’t they look pitiful, how about we help them ” Li Jingyi felt sorry for the women being held captive by the robbers, he wanted to save them.

”Are you sure, you don ’t even know them, so why are you helping them? ” Qiao Xin said to Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi didn ’t even know all of them, so why would Li Jingyi bother to help them?

”It ’s okay, they ’re all still neighbors with us, so it ’s okay if we help them. ” Li Jingyi said that she wanted to help a neighbor who was in trouble.

”It ’s up to you ” Qiao Xin couldn ’t stop Li Jingyi, if Li Jingyi really wanted to do that, then Qiao Xin wouldn ’t stop her.

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Li Jingyi stepped forward, heading towards the robbers in the distance.

The robbers at the front looked very happy when they saw Li Jingyi approaching, they looked very happy about this.

”Come here ” the robbers were very happy with Li Jingyi arrival, they very well welcomed Li Jingyi arrival.

These people don ’t know who they ’re dealing with, they ’ve all been looking for a problem with the wrong person.

Li Jingyi remained as usual, she used a gentle smile towards the robbers in front of him.

Li Jingyi knew that these people were evil, even though she knew that these people were evil and dangerous people, Li Jingyi still gave these people a smile as usual.

Li Jingyi was getting closer and closer, he was already a few meters away from the robbers.

Several robbers couldn ’t stand the sight of Li Jingyi beauty, they all immediately rushed forward towards Li Jingyi who was a few meters in front of them.

They all stretched out their hands towards Li Jingyi, it seemed that they all wanted to reach out to Li Jingyi who was in front of them.

Li Jingyi charm was something that no man could resist, Li Jingyi appearance was very beautiful, after being moistened by Ye Chen several times, Li Jingyi was now more and more beautiful.

It was hard for a normal man to resist this, Li Jingyi was like a jewel that fell from the sky, which made everyone want to have it.

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Some of the robbers started to get so close they almost touched Li Jingyi body.

When they almost got Li Jingyi, they all felt something was wrong, they all couldn ’t reach Li Jingyi, they felt that their hands couldn ’t reach Li Jingyi.

”What happened to your hands? ” The robber in the back informed the people who were trying to reach Li Jingyi.

By the time they came to their senses, they had all lost the hand they had.

. ” the people who lost their hands started screaming in such a panic that they didn ’t know what was happening.

They don ’t feel any pain when they lose their hands, they don ’t even notice this, it ’s all so fast that no one notices that their hands are missing.

The robbers immediately retreated, they tried to retreat from Li Jingyi, they were all afraid of this beautiful goddess.

”Why are you all retreating, don ’t you want to arrest me? ” Li Jingyi asked all the robbers in front of him.

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