house ” Ye Chen said that he was the owner of this house.

”So you are the owner of this house, what a coincidence, quickly hand over the two women on the side.
. ” before the robber boss could finish the words he had, Ye Chen kicked the robber boss in the face.

Ye Chen kicked the robber boss ’s face so hard, it must be very painful.

The boss robber was kicked a few kilometers away, before hitting someone ’s yard.

The courtyard of this house was immediately destroyed when it was hit by the robber boss.

The men of the robber boss could only be silent when they saw this, again they were presented with an unreasonable sight.

Ye Chen turned his attention towards the robber in front of him, he started swinging his fist at the enemy.

”BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, ” Ye Chen landed hundreds of punches at the enemy, intending to cripple these people ’s cultivation bases.

Ye Chen originally wanted to eliminate these people, but on second thought, it was better to immobilize them so that they could experience the lives of normal people, that way they could know what it was like to be robbed and lose what they had.

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Ye Chen hit everyone there, very quickly they were all knocked out by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen cleaned his hands, he had already done business with these people.

”Wife, are you okay ” Ye Chen immediately went to Li Jingyi, he immediately went to see Li Jingyi condition.

”You don ’t have to worry, I ’m fine, they won ’t be able to hurt me ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi had high-level healing skills, so Li Jingyi wouldn ’t be afraid of getting hurt when fighting the robbers.

”Thank God, you ’re safe, I ’m happy to hear this ” Ye Chen was very happy when he heard this, he was happy to hear this matter from Li Jingyi.

”wife, we haven ’t seen each other for a long time, I really miss you ” Ye Chen hugged Li Jingyi, Ye Chen really missed his beautiful goddess.

” You are .
. ” Li Jingyi was overjoyed when she heard this, her little heart seemed to be overjoyed by Ye Chen ’s words.

. ” Qiao Xin suddenly came and interrupted the beautiful moment that Ye Chen and Qiao Xin had, she felt a little uneasy when she saw Ye Chen and Li Jingyi moment of togetherness, It ’s like Qiao Xin is being ostracized by the two.

”Oh, Xin, you ’re here too, apparently. ” Ye Chen had just realized that Qiao Xin was here too, he wasn ’t aware of Qiao Xin ’s existence.

”What do you mean here, don ’t you like me here? ” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen.

” no.
., no .
.., how can I not like it when I see a beautiful woman like Miss Xin at my house ” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

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Ye Chen tried to persuade Qiao Xin who looked angry with Ye Chen words, he tried to calm Qiao Xin to restrain her anger.

Qiao Xin was his woman, so Ye Chen had to treat Qiao Xin as best he could.

”Bastard ” The boss robber suddenly came in front of Ye Chen, with a face full of blood, he appeared in front of Ye Chen with a big sword in his hand.

”That ’s fine, you ’re still alive after receiving the attack just now. ” Ye Chen praised this person ’s strength, he was still able to survive after getting attacked by Ye Chen.

”Don ’t underestimate me, I ’m much stronger than you think ” the boss robber told Ye Chen that he was much stronger than he looked.

”Really, then go ahead, show the strength you have.. ” Ye Chen told this person to come forward and show the strength he had in front of himself.

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