Ye Chen smiled evilly, he started to sneak into the bathroom, with the abilities that Ye Chen currently has, Ye Chen can easily sneak into the bathroom.

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The bathroom in this house turned out to be an ancient bath that uses the pool as a place to soak and cleanse the body, the small pool in the room contains warm water, it can be seen from the steam released by the water.

Water vapor filled the entire room, this made Ye Chen ’s vision slightly blurry.

”This house is great, I didn ’t expect that the bath in this house is a hot spring ” Ye Chen looked very satisfied, it seemed that he was not wrong when buying a house, this house is very great, this is the dream house that Ye Chen wanted.

This bathroom is quite large, it can accommodate tens of people at once.

Even though it wasn ’t as big as the one inside the fairy gate, at least the bathroom in this place could be said to be better than the one in Ye Chen ’s old villa.

Ye Chen started sneaking around this place, he started looking for Qiao Xin ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen took advantage of several small rock mounds in this place, this place looks very natural, there are some rocks that decorate around the pond.

Ye Chen looked for a suitable place for himself, after finding a suitable hiding place, Ye Chen tried to find out where Qiao Xin was.

It just so happened that Qiao Xin was currently out of the warm water, she had just swam in this warm water.

Qiao Xin is currently wearing a white dress that is quite thin, when this outfit is wet, Qiao Xin ’s sexy body is very clearly visible, her long wet hair is currently loose, this makes Qiao Xin look even more seductive.

Ye Chen was excited when he saw this scene, he was very excited about what was in front of him.

The scene ahead was too tempting, this made little brother Ye Chen wake up.

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”Qiao Xin is indeed very seductive, I like this kind of woman ” Ye Chen likes a very seductive woman like Qiao Xin, every move of Qiao Xin can make Ye Chen feel hot.

”Who is there ? ” Qiao Xin immediately looked at the rock where Ye Chen was, it seemed that Qiao Xin had already found where Ye Chen was hiding.

”Damn I got caught ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that he would be caught so easily, Qiao Xin was much more alert than Ye Chen thought.

Qiao Xin was a great former assassin, it wasn ’t strange that Qiao Xin could easily find Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

Plus Ye Chen was too conspicuous when he looked at Qiao Xin, this made it easier for Qiao Xin to find Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

”You want to come out or I need to force you to come out ” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen who was hiding.

Ye Chen was currently silent, himself trying to hide his whereabouts from Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen started to think of a way, he should not be found by Qiao Xin.

”I ’d better go inside  fairy gate , that way, he won ’t find me. ” Ye Chen had an idea, he would go inside fairy  fairy for a while.

Ye Chen rushed into the fairy gate, himself inside the fairy gate so as not to be found.

Seeing that the hiding person didn ’t want to come out, Qiao Xin was forced to act, Qiao Xin immediately went to the direction where Ye Chen was hiding.

”Where are you going to run? .
. ” when Qiao Xin went to look behind the rocks, Qiao Xin didn ’t find anyone, no one was hiding here.

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”That ’s weird, is it just my feelings ? ” Qiao Xin was confused by this, even though she had previously sensed someone was peeking at her, but when she went to take a look, Qiao Xin didn ’t find anyone else.

With a bit of confusion, Qiao Xin returned to the pool, she still didn ’t understand what had just happened, it was unusual for her to be wrong in responding to something like this.

”Maybe I ’m too wary, there ’s no way anyone would sneak into this place. ” Qiao Xin might be too wary, there ’s no way Ye Chen would sneak into this place.

Most likely Ye Chen was currently making out together with Li Jingyi, this was the only thing Qiao Xin could think of.

”Huft ” Qiao Xin sighed, she felt left alone again like before.

After feeling that the situation was safe, Ye Chen immediately walked out of the fairy gate, and peeked again at what Qiao Xin was doing.

When Ye Chen saw Qiao Xin, Ye Chen found something quite astonishing, Qiao Xin was currently comforting herself, she was touching her own body to get happiness.

”Ye Chen .
. ” Qiao Xin started to mutter Ye Chen ’s name, she started to imagine the kisses and touches that had happened when she dated Ye Chen.

The feeling of doing so was a very beautiful thing for Qiao Xin, Qiao Xin longed for it again.

Qiao Xin wanted to kiss and spend time with Ye Chen, she wanted to do something more with Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin touched her own body, she started playing with her own body for fun.

Ye Chen kept watching from a distance, he saw what Qiao Xin was doing.

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Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that Qiao Xin would do something like this, this woman must be so lonely to do something like this.

It seemed that Ye Chen had to help her, he couldn ’t let the woman he belonged to like this, he had to help Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen started to approach Qiao Xin, he started to hug Qiao Xin ’s body from behind.

Qiao Xin was quite surprised when she felt someone hugging her, Qiao Xin prepared to attack anyone who tried to hug her.

”Xin, are you looking for me? ” Ye Chen whispered in Qiao Xin ’s ear, he asked if Qiao Xin was looking for him or not.

”Ye Chen, is that you? ” After hearing the voice of the person hugging her, Qiao Xin finally realized that the person hugging her was Ye Chen.

”Of course it ’s me, who else can do this? ” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin tried to turn around and look at Ye Chen, when Qiao Xin did that, Ye Chen was indeed behind her.

Ye Chen smiled at Qiao Xin, Ye Chen ’s smile was very calming, this made Qiao Xin feel at peace.

”Wait a minute ” Qiao Xin immediately realized what was happening right now, she was just trying to comfort herself that meant Ye Chen saw what was happening.

Qiao Xin ’s face became very red, she felt so embarrassed by what had happened, she didn ’t expect that she would be seen doing something like this.

”Ye Chen, did you see what I did? ” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen.

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”No, I didn ’t see anything. ” Ye Chen smiled and said that he didn ’t see anything.

”You are lying, you must have seen it ” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen who was behind her.

”Hehehe, fine, I won ’t lie, I did see what happened: ” Ye Chen told Qiao Xin that he saw the scene just now.

Qiao Xin ’s face turned even redder when she heard this, her guess was right, Ye Chen had seen what happened.

It was really embarrassing when she showed things like that in front of the person she liked, Ye Chen must have thought badly of her.

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